• New Login Process

    So, I've noticed, with the new Siemens login, that there is no Remember Me check box, and in fact, that I have to login every day, which did not used to be the case if I did not specifically logout.  What up with...
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  • OrCAD 17 .BRD File Translator

    We have run into issues with the latest version of OrCAD PCB Editor 17 and their new .BRD file types. This new file type does not appear to work in ANY known translators from PADS to Altium and more. OrCAD 17 files ca...
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  • Voting Writes For Ideas

    So, near the top of every idea, there are two buttons labeled "Vote Up" and "Vote Down".  On occasion, an idea for which I have previously voted up no longer matters to me.  However, there does not seem to b...
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  • Is the points system still working?

    Community_Admin, is the points system still working?  I seem to be at the same amount of points for past 3-4 weeks
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  • New fresh design

    For several weeks we have a new design now for the pages here in the communities. Ideas, Discussions, Documents, ...   I really like it
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  • Ideas Site Content Filtering Suggestion

    When displaying content on a Mentor Ideas subspace, it would be helpful to filter out all ARCHIVE and OUT OF SCOPE items, which seem to get tagged in bulk with a recent date, resulting in pages and pages of items no o...
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  • supportnet access via  issue ''Download Authorization Codes''

    Hi all, i have supportnet access issue via ''Download Authorization Codes'' . i can access normally to spportnet site. thanks
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  • Electrical System Design and Harness Engineering Feedback

    The serach engine within Communities is very poor.  I know documents exist on Communities but if I search for them using key words that exist within the title or the content of the docuemnts the search returns wi...
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  • How to re tag a post?

    Hi, there are a number of posts in one of my sub-spaces that would benefit from some additional tags so that people can find them.   How can I add them to a post?   Thanks
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  • Member Resources Feedback

    I don't understand why the communities page now appears half in English and half in another language.  Surely, if you have decided that it should be in a particular language, why only change half of it?   S...
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  • PCB Systems Design Feedback

    Hello,   if you open community and follow the threads, in the new page you have no indication if any thread has been answered or commented. In the first attached picture you see that in MGC this info has to be ...
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