• How will the discussion posted so far be transferred after Community is merged?

    I would like to know, how the exsting discussion will be transferred to the new communitiy. Either: Does entering the old address automatically switch to the new address? Or Will the old address will be archived an...
    created by shuichiro_takada
  • Modelling heat dissipation between different temperatured water on Star CCM+

    I am attempting to model warm water exiting a pipe and flowing into a large body of water, ie sea, lake or river, on Star CCM+. I am doing this to analyse hot the temperature disperses in the body of water. I have nev...
  • Are my 2 e-mail addresses integrated when communities are integrated ?

    I have a question about "Mentor Communities To Be Integrated with Siemens Software Communities". Will my 2 email addresses (,one is @mentor.com and another is @siemens.com,) be integrated and treated as the equivalent...
  • if Valor Process Preparation 12.4 can output the stencil size of all part

    I need to know the total area size of stencil pad of one PCB,  if Valor can output it, and how to use it? Thanks!
    created by grace
  • How to change the profile email address?

    i want to set my personal email to this account but the field is grayed out, is there any workaround?
    last modified by vytautas.r
  • Searching in "Electrical Systems, Networks, and Harnesses" page

    I am not able to perform a search from the Electrical Systems, Networks, and Harnesses page. I thought this used to work and search through all of the sub pages? It is currently returning "Your search did not return a...
    last modified by rehender
  • MotorSolve BLDC Unipolar PWM Analysis

    Will MotorSolve BLDC allow for a PWM Analysis if I plan on using a Unipolar drive? Unfortunately I'm getting no help from my sales contact (Petty Stuckey) because I do not have a support contract. He has told me to as...
    last modified by j_raymond_rsvcp
  • Fix Username

    My username was replaced with a bunch of random numbers and letters (probably UID). Is there any way to change it back?
    Richard Morrell
    last modified by Richard Morrell
  • What does this DRC mean?

    Multicore OAS-XXXXX inner-cores contain no common section, cannot calculate length.   This is for an Overbraid.  The wires underneath the overbraid come up with lengths, but the overbraid does not.  Co...
    last modified by davidmp
  • Add colleague to community?

    Hi community,   I created an idea for a colleague of mine, now he want's to vote. (feel free to support us: Make bridge-in & bridge-out work in multiuser mode )   Somehow he can't sign in he...
    last modified by thomasle
  • Where is my personal progress?

    My personal progress level in my profile was lost(( This is temprorary issue?
    last modified by pbo
  • Buoyancy free surface FloEFD

    I'm attempting to model the forces on an object due to water falling onto its surface (using a transient and free surface analysis).  The object is in a container which fills up with water and FloEFD se...
    last modified by dccosserat
  • Fan with flying leads

    I have a fan with flying leads, what is the best way to place this on a logic diagram? Create a Device symbol with pins, which you wire too?
    last modified by paul_hough
  • How to calculate Gas Lower Heating Value_LHV in FloMaster

    Dear all,   I am trying to model a Gas system in the Flomaster version 9.1. The gas system use two different LHV(kJ/kg) gases and during transient case, both need to be mixed as per desired mixing ratio...
    last modified by taegyun2.kim
  • How do I get the Field to Factory Option?

    I should have “Field to Factory” as on option under "Browse Mentor Graphics Communities" --> "Electrical Systems, Networks, and Harnesses"   
    last modified by macase
  • What is this unspecified rebuild error?

    I've gone through and set up my project to simulate conditions my equipment would experience in normal operation.  I've incorporated standard and user defined materials and radiation surfaces, etc.  However,...
    last modified by bradp.
  • Flotherm PCB user guide

    Hi,   Do you have the FlothermPCB user guide? Thanks!
    created by yinhuang
  • Missing Icons/Images

    Was there an update made to the website? Or maybe the Jive Engine in the background? Because all the Icons and Images from the Badges, Missions and Quests are missing.   I am sure it is related to the Website...
    last modified by MuellerP
  • How to change default unit to customized unit

    Please advise how to change default unit to customized unit.   I select the customized unit by "Select session unit set" at every operation. However, the unit is always changed to default unit in the next opera...
    last modified by phantom
  • Characteristic operating time of check valve

    Please consider to automate to input characteristic operating time of check valve just by selecting check valve type (e.g. swing, lift, dual plate, axial flow) as it requires many effort to users. In addition, please ...
    last modified by phantom