• Problem temperature fluid out,

    Dear, I have ran a calculation on FloEFD, but the results I have obtained is not correct. I have verified it by i basic formulation: mCpDT. I have verified my boundary conditions and I think there are no problems o...
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  • Problems of temperature results

    Dear, I have ran a calculation on FloEFD, but the results I have obtained is not correct. I have verified it by i basic formulation: mCpDT. I have verified my boundary conditions and I think there are no problems o...
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  • How to modify the Steinmetz coefficients when considering a bulk conductivity?

    Hi everyone!   I am using MagNet and I need to make iron loss calculations for my model. I am wondering how to modify the Steinmetz coefficients if we consider a non-zero conductivity for the iron?
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  • How do I mark a document as helpful?

    I see how to "like" it, but not how to mark it as helpful. I can only mark comments as helpful.   Thanks,   Jeff
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  • T3Ster Golden Reference

    How do one use the "golden Reference" for the T3Ster System? Is there a manual explaining how the calibration works with this reference or atleast an information Sheet?   Any Knowledge about this would be help...
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  • Electrical System Design and Harness Engineering Feedback

    Search does not appear to be working.   Regards, Pat
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  • [Motorsolve] Cannot solve motor thermal analysis

    Hi Pals,   I tried to build a BLDC halbach servo motor with related KB article reference. I can run regular motor performance and field analysis, but I found that I cannot run thermal analysis. A error window wi...
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  • Figures and using geometry to project

    Hello, just installed Cadra 23. When installing a figure into a view, I cannot use the geometry to project to other views. It gives me the warning "no valid selection". On Cadra V22, I did not have this problem. Is t...
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  • Tables on drawing generated using Plug in  gets disappear when user makes any change in Design.

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  • change of community "credentials" (username, reference email ...)

    Dear Community / Community Admin,   how do I change my username, or reference email ? Is there any way to do so ?   I went through a few quick Start guides (*.docx) posted in this Forum, but nothing. ...
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  • ok i give up...how do i get the origin axes off my screen? 

    once you start a flow analysis, a bounding box representing the fluid domain appears.  it has green x/y/z axes at its origin.  these axes will not go away
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  • Inability to attach a file to an Idea comment or reply

    When I initiate an Idea or Discussion, in the lower right corner of the editor, I have the ability to attach files.  And, if I reply to a Community discussion or question, I have the option to use the advanced ed...
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  • How can I change the Log In person on my computer?

    My Manager logged in on my computer and now it automatically logs in as him.  How can I change or clear his log in so I can log in with my credentials?   Thank You!
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  • 【Solved】'Send Message' and 'Share' webforms request to remove users even if they are Friends

    Background: For some reasons, I cannot send message or share contents with some of my Friends in the community. Below screenshots show that : 1. I have been added as MikeS’s and guosiyi’s friend 4 days ...
    Fabien Launay
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  • Infolytica DXF import for IM

    Hi Infolytica Team,   I am preparing a demo case and try to import an IM rotor design from a DXF file. The DXF file was imported well, but after choosing the components, press OK, I got an error message about "...
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  • Workaround to 4K display GUI issue of FloMaster FE8.1

    4K screen (3840X2160) becomes more popular recently. However, a lot of softwares are not compatible to this high resolution display and have the interface issues. I installed FloMaster FE 8.1 on my laptop with 4K disp...
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  • My idea is out of scope

    I posted an idea about creating surface without changing CAD in a Floefd model for creo. This idea is mentionned as out of scope. I don't understand why because this possibility will help us in applying conditions and...
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  • Not authorized to view Ideas

    I cannot view any ideas and when my contacts attempt to share ideas with me they get messages which state I'm not authorized to view ideas.  Are there any settings that need to be changed so that I can view ideas?
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  • Flowmaster 6.5 - Add pump high pressure trip

    I want to add a high pump delivery pressure trip to a transient flowmaster model.   I have tried using the pressure switch and can get it to change output from 0-1, however I'm not sure how to link this to a rad...
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  • How to change the receiving Notifications email in my profile ??

    Space: Member Resources and Feedback | Mentor Graphics Communities   Hi everyone, how to change the receiving email notification in my profile. i need to keep my personal mail id for email notification furthe...
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