• Support on sample c# code development using FM

    hi, from where i could get support for technical development using FM libraries?
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  • ifdef

    I have ifdef in a module. If I define it in the top level, it doesn't see it. If I define it in the same module where it's used, it works fine. Why it doesn't see it if it's defined in the top level? I use Questa 10...
  • Not receiving any notification by e-mail

    I have set my preferences as below:   But I am not receiving any e-mail notifications ... what am I doing wrong ?   Michel D.
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  • Component Creation

    i have to create a new component in flowmaster, Is there any document which can guide me to do the same?
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  • Unable to enter new service request

    I am unable to enter a new service request.  Tried chrome, firefox, IE on win7; all same result.  After filling in all info and pressing "open service request" button on page, windmill spins forever.  T...
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  • Potential ModelSim bug

    I have found a potential bug in ModelSim PE Student Edition 10.4a, revision 2015.03 from Apr 7 2015. How can I report the issue to Mentor Graphics?
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  • Changing display name

    How can I change display name on my all posts ?
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  • Rookie User - Library question

    I am making minor modifications to an existing design.  Our work environment uses PADS VX.0 with netlist flow.  I have copied the schematic and layout files but when doing an ECO compare to implement my mi...
    created by rocky&bulwinkle
  • database error

    Running release 2015.1.SP1608.31, we haven't used analysis since we upgraded back in November, 2016.  When I try to edit the analysis model of the symbol I get the following error: This happens for every symbo...
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  • Font size for Modelsim ASE 10.1d on linux

    Hi, I'm using Modelsim ASE 10.1d on linux (Lubuntu) and the font size is too small (I'm visually impaired and I have problems to read) but I can't make it bigger. Do you know what I could try? Thanks.
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  • How can we use scan_shift clock and edt_clock as same clock from tester ? What is the additional circuitry involved in design?

    I would like to share a single pin at chip for my scan shift clock and edt clock. How can I do that with additional circuitry inside the design.
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  • Unroll compound signals in TCL/Modelsim (eg.: VHDL records)

    Just wonder how to examine all subelements of a VHDL record when I don't know the attribute names. One could parse the output of describe <signal_name> to get the attributes/subelements but maybe there is a bet...
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  • I get an error, when I try to submit an Idea :-(

    Hi all,   why  I get this message when I click submit ?  
  • What is the max size of a document attachment?

    What is the max size of a document attachment? can it be changed for a specific document to enable a 13MB file?
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  • About 3 mesh level - FloTherm XT

    Hi all, I have one question need ur help What's difference  b/w 3 mesh level in FloTherm XT? And which case should I use each one for? Thanks
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  • Mentor Ideas for PADS Layout missing?

    The link /community/ideas/pads-ideas/content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D%7Ecategory%5Bpads-layout%5D have stopped workning. Can this be fixed?
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  • No email alerts for areas I'm following

    I've been trying off and on for years to get email alerts in my Outlook email when people post questions and other activity in the Mentor Communities. This is what my basic settings look like:     I went ...
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  • Merge Profiles on Communities/Ideas

    Since the profile on Communities/Ideas is locked to an e-mail address I get a new profile if I change employer. It would be great if it was possible to merge with my old user profiles.
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  • How Do I Increase Non-Electrical layers

    I have 30 layers now.  I have used all of my available non-electrical layers.  So I need to add a few more but I can't find a way to do this without going to "max layers".  This will make 250 layers!...
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  • Automation and Scripting Feedback

    You last 5 years worth of content.  The latest post is from 5 years ago:^(
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