• Performance and "Enhancements"

    Hi all,   today I am frustrated again, because after updating the EDM library from VX2.3 to VX2.6 we get now a window to login to EDM each time when we open a design: opening a schematic: Login to EDM needed, o...
    created by deborah.frommer1
  • Testers Wanted for PartQuest Beta

    Dear Customer,   Siemens invites you to test out a new PartQuest website at beta.partquest.com. The site look and feel remains the same as the current production partquest.com website, however, new back-end clo...
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  • Hyperlynx SI/PI via barrel plating thickness

    In Hyperlynx SI/PI, there is a global setting that specifies the via barrel plating thickness but this affects all padstacks.  Is it possible for Mentor to add functionality to allow the user to selectively modif...
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  • Did none of you tried to add a Plating layer in the StackUp Editor?

    #StackUp #Plating
    created by alicia
  • DC Drop Analysis

    Hi, what interpretation we can draw if current density fails?
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  • Z-target Lumped vs Distributed

    Is the calculated Z-target for a lumped AC decoupling analysis different than for a distributed AC decoupling analysis?   The distributed AC decoupling analysis uses currents per pin (assume 1A, 1 out of 10 pins...
    created by m3lg4ng
  • DxDesigner Trial

    Hello, I am looking for a software to use in PCB design in my company.   I would like to know if there is any way to download a trial or an evaluation version of the DxDesigner?   Thank you.
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  • PCB Tech Talk Podcast

    Check out all the archive episodes of PCB Tech Talk, and follow this thread to get notified of the latest episodes as they come out! Looking to get new episodes faster? Subscribe to PCB Tech Talk on iTunes: PCB Tech...
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  • Easter eggs on your PCB or chips?

    In honor of the upcoming holiday, John McMillan's latest post on the PADS Blog celebrates our favorite kind of "Easter eggs"—the kind that creative designers enjoy leaving on their PCBs. Check it out (it's worth...
    created by erin_gowdy
  • Last chance to submit a design to the Technology Leadership Awards

    Hey everybody,   Just wanted to send out a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for submissions to the TLAs. If you need a bit of help filling out a last-minute application, be sure to check out Vern's guide ...
    created by erin_gowdy
  • Creating a winning entry for the 2015 Technology Leadership Awards

    You've likely read about the upcoming 2015 Technology Leadership Awards, and you may have already decided to submit a design to the competition (if you haven't, you should consider it!). If you're unsure about the nex...
    created by erin_gowdy
  • Announcing the 26th annual Technology Leadership Awards

    Entries are now being accepted for the 26th annual Technology Leadership Awards. Learn more and plan your entry!
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  • Technology Leadership Awards '15 — submissions open soon!

    Be among the first to know when the submission window opens for the 2015 Technology Leadership Awards by signing up at our TLA page on Mentor.com. You won't want to miss your opportunity to submit a design to this pre...
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  • Announcing the winners of the PCB Forum survey participation drawing

    Here are the winners of our drawing among all the PCB Forum survey participants worldwide:   Ticket    Winner 53          James Hood, Echostar, Denver...
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  • TLA - Behind the Design: Visteon®, India

    This is the thirteenth post in a series showcasing the winners of the 2014 Technology.   Runner up in the Transportation & Automotive category: Visteon, India.   http://www.mentor.com/pcb/blog/post/b...
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  • Congratulations to the 2014 winners of the Technology Leadership Awards!

    Mentor Graphics would like to heartily thank everybody who submitted their designs to the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards. We're proud to announce the winners in each category:   Category: Best Overall Design C...
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  • New Blog Post: 3D Printers for Printed Circuit Boards

    John McMillan has just posted on the PADS Blog a fascinating overview of some of the progress made in 3D printing PCBs, noting that "items like wearable electronics, paper circuits and even printed computers have been...
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  • How to stay updated on the PCB Systems Design communities

    Hello, and welcome to Mentor's updated community space!   The new interface is quite different from the old one. One of the useful new features is the ability to "follow" the communities whose content you're int...
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  • Announcing the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards!

    Mentor Graphics is pleased to announce the opening for submissions to the 2014 Technology Leadership Awards (TLA)! All users of Mentor Graphics PCB design tools are welcome to submit designs to this prestigious compet...
    created by erin_gowdy
  • New U2U Automotive 2014

    created by cameron_quast