• Difference between copper and plane area

    Hi,   I am new to PADS software.   I need to know , what is difference between Copper and Plane area.   I know that the plane area is to connect particular nets using copper.   what is copper??...
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  • I am new to  Mentor graphics

    hi......       i am college student.i am very eagar to study about this software,i know somewhat only.i want start from its basic,so please referrence any site or pdf for me.
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  • how to Change part type in batch using script

    actually,I wanna change the part type of all the components in the logic schematic  using  new lib. so I need find one command to realize this function automatically.   does anyone know how?   T...
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  • Problems encountered using VALUE property with brackets in DA

    Hi All,   This request is on behalf of one of our customers. This customer uses Classic Board Station Flow. The customer is facing an issue in downstream tools like Fablink due to an issue that has its roots in D...
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  • Did You Know @MentorPCB is Now on Twitter?

    We recently launched our Twitter feed. Follow us for the latest PCB product releases, news & events, and blogs! Follow us @ http://twitter.com/mentorPCB
  • help with CAMCAD Professional 4.7

    I am trying to open some CAM file through CAMCAD Professional 4.7. but It is showing Error “problem launching ECADParser.dill”. can anyone help me to resolve it. Though it doesn’t seems to have any l...
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  • Project Paper About PCB

    Hi, may I know how to get the operation manual or user guide for PADS or Expedition? Because I am doing a project paper to compare different PCB layout software   Thanks!
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  • PCB Designer – Hardware Design - Austin, TX [National Instruments]

    Position Overview & Responsibilities                NI’s PCB Design team is involved in the design and layout of almost all of NI’s shippin...
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  • Bring Back the Monthly PCB Conference Calls :)

    We hated to see the abrupt ending of the monthly confernce calls for Expedition PCB and the Library Manager. Not only was it a good chance to hear about future aspects of the tools and to directly speak to Mentor AE's...
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  • Xtreme PCB need without RSCM / iCDB Srvr

    Hi All, Happy New Year!!!   I have suggestions on Extreme PCB vs RSCM Server, In EE2007.8, Extreme Session requires RSCM server to be enabled. I feel Extreme should independent property for Expedition Users. T...
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  • Reference Designators

    Hi,   It'll be my fortunate if anyone share these pages from IEEE . ANSI Y32.2/IEEE Std 315, Section 22- "Standard Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipments.   Regards, ...
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  • CAM350 netlist verification errors

    Hi, I am kind of new to CAM350 and having trouble with doing the netlist  verification. I am using CAM350 v8.6.2 I have imported the Gerber files into CAM350 (using  File/Import/AutoImport). Run the...
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