• Adding a html page under a new menu bar in library manager

    Hi,   I want to Add a new menu bar and add a html page as a new menu under the new menu bar. I want to add in library manager either sandbox opening from DMS or stand alone library manager.  Can anyone help...
  • Xpedition: Clearances are read only

    Hello Guys, I have Clearances are read only, where is the way to change them?   And where could I find the rule (clearance?) to enable EN line go between the pads:
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  • Tune LVDS signal

    I am wondering how to tune one signal in LVDS pair ? The "Interactive Tune" option tune both LVDS signals while the option "Manual Saw Tune" can tune only one signal in LVDS pair with saw pattern but what I am looking...
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  • Has anyone heard about the Mentor Service Client?

    I only have a couple of screenshots but no more information about this tool. Has anyone heard of this?  
    created by pbo
  • inner layer keepouts in pads layout

    Hello,    I'm using Pads layout 2.5 to design my 4-layer PCB. I want to place increasingly larger circular keepouts in each of the layer. The drafting toolbar for placing keepout shows options for...
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  • TOF traces matching - Via delay calculation

    Hi,   We have a design with DDR4 with address/command group splitting on 3 layers (L2, L3 and L14 on a 16 layers hdi PCB). We are ready to adjust the traces propagation delay within ±8ps.   I'm concer...
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  • ASCII Symbol Format

    Does anyone have an explanation of the ASCII symbol format? I would like to compare an old symbol to a new one, but I don’t know the basics of how the file is structured.dxdesigner-symbols
    created by jack.geraghty
  • Extraction of PCB Footprints from ODB++

    Hello,   What is the easiest way to extract a PCB footprint from an ODB++ file and then store this in the central library?   Kind Regards, Rajan.
    created by louise
  • Is it possible to add the Japanese text in my Xpedetion PCB ?

    Is it possible to add the Japanese text in my Xpedetion PCB ?  #hatano.masakazu  
    created by praaksh
  • Netlist Importing

    Hi Anyone can help to how to import netlist in project integration in xpedition pcb Vx 1.2? I tried to import it. but  when i open netlist window the type is in disable mode where i need to change the type to ne...
    created by rajkumar.r
  • How to export a .cee file with full thermal details from Mentor Graphics Expedition to FloEDA Bridge (Flotherm XT)?

    Hi! I'm currently using FloTHERM XT to do some thermal simulations. I've successfully imported the .cee file and set all powers and thermal resistances (2Resistor Model Type) individually on the compone...
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  • Pyxis -Eldo Error

    In Pxyxis Schemtic while doing simuatlion , i am getting error 2 - Eldo closing . Earlier environment was fine and everything was working fine. Kindly give solution
    created by sree
  • Renaming net after DC to DX translation

    After  DC to DX translation the net names automatically changed. To each local signal (except  the bus signals) added the name of the page/block on which the signal is located. In Layout all vias and polygo...
    created by pbo
  • How do I create local library (.lmc) from design created from a Central Library

    I would like to make a self contained design pointing to its own local Library.lmc file that only has the parts that are in this design. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? Thanks.
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  • SMD pad marked with an X

    Hello, I am new to Xpedition Layout and have come across what is shown in the attached photo. An SMD pad is marked with an X and does not have net lines coming out of it like I expect. In this case the SMD pad should...
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  • Plane Shape 의 Fill 형성 최소 Size 변경 문의

    안녕하세요. Plane Shape 의 Fill 형성 Size 문의드립니다. 일정 크기 이상이 되어야만 Plane Shape에서 Fill 이 형성됩니다. Plane Shape 에서 Fill 이 형성되기 위한 최소 Size 를 변경하려면 어느 메뉴에서 변경을 해야 하는지 문의드립니다.
    created by sungsikjung
  • User who reporting the bug at first time should get paid

    I used to take much times to let Mentor support guys to understand the bugs. To avoid time wasted, so I began to stop reporting bugs from years ago. last month, one of my collegues requested me to help to trobleshoot...
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  • Far field radiation pattern for a PCB

    Hi, I am working with a Shielding effectiveness issue and I need far field pattern for a stacked PCB. Is it possible to use Hypelynx to simulate far field pattern for such scenarios. I have Hyperlynx 9.4.1 installed ...
    created by dip_00
  • Any problems known with Nvidia Tesla P40 GPU and Pads Pro in Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure?

    Hello,   our IT System will be changed to a citrix virtual desktop infrastructure and the question is now if anyone knows or has any problems with the combination of the Tesla P40 GPU and Pads Pro. Also any oth...
    created by susannem.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Rigid-Flex PCB Design

    You better think twice, PADS Professional provides all the correct-by-construction design technology required to simplify the creation process of rigid-flex circuits, allowing you to focus on optimized form factor and...
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