• Error while creating netlist (dxdesigner) with Reuse_block

    I am trying to generate a netlist with a reuse_block symbol (TOPLEVEL). And using this as symbol block in schematic1. I want to use Refdes prefix as S1, S2 (for two TOPLEVEL symbols). Also refdes inside S1 n...
    created by shafqat
  • Performance and "Enhancements"

    Hi all,   today I am frustrated again, because after updating the EDM library from VX2.3 to VX2.6 we get now a window to login to EDM each time when we open a design: opening a schematic: Login to EDM needed, o...
    created by deborah.frommer1
  • ECO to PCB very slow

    Is it normal that the ECO from sch to pcb or pcb to sch take 20 to 30 minutes?  why it takes so long?  is there a configuration setting that could speed up the process? I am using PADS LOGIC VX2.7  wit...
    created by rgomez
  • Error 329 in PCB layout and DxDesigner schematic comparison

    When I tried to compare the DxDesigner schematic with PADs layout, the system reports the error log file below:   viewbase: Error 329: Error - Duplicated port: VCC viewbase: Error 329: Error - Duplicated port: V...
    created by f_lu_clzcw
  • Testers Wanted for PartQuest Beta

    Dear Customer,   Siemens invites you to test out a new PartQuest website at beta.partquest.com. The site look and feel remains the same as the current production partquest.com website, however, new back-end clo...
    last modified by caleigh_gold
  • What is the purpose or functionality of VRM in Decoupling analysis in VX2.7?

    Hi All,    I noticed that in some archived on demand tutorials, there was no VRM setting in decoupling wizard. It looks like it's added in the decoupling wizard in VX2.7. Despite I know that VRMs work at ve...
    created by t_peng_4gngl
  • How I can rename the existing project?

    Hello,    I want to change or modify the whole project name ( Schematic name and Layout design file name.  If I will modify both names manually then I get the error. How I can rename the existing pro...
    last modified by yasht
  • Hyperlynx SI/PI via barrel plating thickness

    In Hyperlynx SI/PI, there is a global setting that specifies the via barrel plating thickness but this affects all padstacks.  Is it possible for Mentor to add functionality to allow the user to selectively modif...
    last modified by henryh
  • add/delete symbol to Databook

    how to add my "local lib" schematic symbol to Databook standard library? VX 2.6 netlist flow. sorry guys we just lost our Librarian due to RIF, very basic question but I could not find anything at the forum.
    last modified by nalfaro
  • Slow DDRx Batch Simulation

    Hi,   I'm working on the simulation of Post layout DDRx batch simulation in LineSim. But is very slow. I'm simulating with 1 driver and 4 memory devices (16bits). Is there any way to increase no of core or CPU i...
    last modified by asad_rehman
  • Getting an error when using xpedition library

    Does anyone have an idea of whats going on? I just downloaded the student edition and am beginning a new project soon.
    last modified by atraindavis35

    Is there a file that tells me what is changing (Backward/Forward Annotation) before I sync the lights? I would like to know if I accept the change before I implement it.   TIA, Patrick
    last modified by stratman55
  • Is there a way to launch PADS VX 2.7 over Remote Desktop?

    With this COVID-19 stuff causing my office to work from home as much as possible, I've run into a snag. At home I VPN to my office network, and remote desktop to my office computer (where PADS is installed, node locke...
    last modified by ba721
  • Pyxis -Eldo Error

    In Pxyxis Schemtic while doing simuatlion , i am getting error 2 - Eldo closing . Earlier environment was fine and everything was working fine. Kindly give solution
    last modified by sree
  • Request for an example of ODB++ file with stackup information

    I need an  example of ODB++ file with stackup information.   Reason: I am a distributor for Flotherm and FLOEFD an CAE tool. These software have function to import ODB++ file and produce 3D model of ...
    created by iijima
  • See pin name in free Layout Browser VX.2.6?

    Is it possible to get pin info in Layout Browser VX.2.6?  I can see net properties and padstack properties, but I don't see in the net properties even the names of the attached pins.   Thanks, Matt
    last modified by mattc
  • How to check whether does an ODB++ file have information about stackup of layers

    Could you tell me the format specification of ODB++ about stackup information of layers?   I searched below material, but I could not find it. https://www.odb-sa.com/wp-content/uploads/odb_spec_user_v8_aug.pdf&...
    last modified by iijima
  • Expedition Start Page and Recent Projects

    When I go to my Start Page and choose Recent I can only see six projects. If I add more projects some of the current ones drop off. Is it possible to expand the recent option to show ten recent projects?
    last modified by kirbstone

    Is MCAD Collaborator a function of the EDM software? I have it greyed out in Expedition. THanks In Advance
    last modified by stratman55
  • How to create Mentor keyin netlist from Orcad 16.6

    I am using Orcad 16.6 schematic and Expedition layout 2007.9.3 Version. I want to create mentor keyin netlist from Orcad.
    last modified by Rapport