• See pin name in free Layout Browser VX.2.6?

    Is it possible to get pin info in Layout Browser VX.2.6?  I can see net properties and padstack properties, but I don't see in the net properties even the names of the attached pins.   Thanks, Matt
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  • How to check whether does an ODB++ file have information about stackup of layers

    Could you tell me the format specification of ODB++ about stackup information of layers?   I searched below material, but I could not find it. https://www.odb-sa.com/wp-content/uploads/odb_spec_user_v8_aug.pdf&...
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  • Expedition Start Page and Recent Projects

    When I go to my Start Page and choose Recent I can only see six projects. If I add more projects some of the current ones drop off. Is it possible to expand the recent option to show ten recent projects?
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    Is MCAD Collaborator a function of the EDM software? I have it greyed out in Expedition. THanks In Advance
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  • How to create Mentor keyin netlist from Orcad 16.6

    I am using Orcad 16.6 schematic and Expedition layout 2007.9.3 Version. I want to create mentor keyin netlist from Orcad.
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  • How can I change the local path variable for a project?

    Hello, when I try to open the ProjectBackup I got the following error. Different Project file already diefined for the Project. Client XXX (me) is trying to set different project file.   The problem is probabl...
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  • How to use Auto Router for Fanout of BGA's with a Microvia in Pad and a blind Via on Layer 2

    Hello, After placement of the components I would like to add Microvias in combination with Blindvias to my components. I thought with the Auto Router it would be possible, but either the Fanout only creates one micr...
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  • Vutrax to Xpedition

    Hello, I have been asked if we can translate a design from Vutrax into Xpedition? I cannot find anything on the WEBsite or a google search so just thought that I would post this question. Many thanks   Regard...
    created by andyc
  • Is there a means to import a Eagle .brd file into Pads for editing?

    Hello Forum,   Im trying to help out a friend who has a Eagle board file.  Im running VX 1.1 and I dont see much in the way of import tools to help out with this.  It looks like the newer versions may ...
    created by rupertm
  • How to change the default font size in a border title block?

    I can change the font size of a title line in the border block, but when I update the border, the default font size is too big and overruns outside the border. How can I change the default font size?
    created by powerguy
  • Find attached components to a selected component in Flotherm

    This feature enabling in Flotherm will help in finding the attached components and also help in avoiding interference to unwanted components. In a way reducing the debug time in Flotherm. Right now this feature is mis...
  • Is there a way to generate a smart PDF from a PCB Layout.

    I would like to generate a smart PDF from Xpedition Layout. I want send a PDF file to our software team so they can search for components for trouble shooting. I don't want to install VisECAD on their machines.
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  • Any angle & Curved trace push&shove

    Does anyone know how to activate the push&shove feature for any angle & Curved trace?
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  • How to set the Design Process Wizard for xPCB layout integrated Launch Valor NPI

    I would like to control the steps and stages which are used by the design process wizard when I start Valor NPI from within xPCB Layout ( Output --> Valor --> Launch Valor-NPI). The process wizard configuration...
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  • Did none of you tried to add a Plating layer in the StackUp Editor?

    #StackUp #Plating
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  • DxDatabook or a CentLib if we want part information in an ERP?

    We are updating to the newest Mentor version at our company. At the same time we will set up a new library. We have used a central Library till now. In the future I would like to have the properties in a ERP system. I...
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  • When OpenDatabase CellEditorAddin.CellEditorDlg script crashes in VX2.4

    Hi, I had updated my script to support VX2.4 for Cell editor but the script fails when opendatabase is called.i have attached the screen shot and some peace of code.Kindly have look and help me.   Thanks & ...
    created by vasanthitcs
  • Unable to generate gerber

    Hi, I am updating my script to support VX2.4 to generate Gerber but i had the issue while generating ,below are the few lines where script is stopping   oGerberEngine = CreateObject("MGCPCBEngines.Gerber") oG...
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  • Text Issue on Export PDF Output

    I'm running into an issue where the export pdf output has the text of any notes on the schematic shifted out of place such as text interfering with each other, text out of tables, etc. Attached is an example of how a ...
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  • EEVX 2.5 and windows 10 rev 1903

    Hello folks,   is EEVX2.5 working with Windows 10 Rev 1903? Any know problems?   In the system requirements the only requirement is "Windows 10 x64", but I have not seen any specific requirements for the d...
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