• Have you checked out PCB Tech Talk?

    PCB Tech Talk, the top-rated podcast, is back! Follow this thread to find old episodes and get notified of new episodes as they're released.   Looking to get new episodes even faster? Subscribe to the podcast on...
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  • What's coming in the next release of HyperLynx?

    There's lots to like about our upcoming release of HyperLynx! There will be new capabilities across the entire HyperLynx product family, including SI GHz, PI, DRC, and Advanced Solvers. To request access to the beta a...
    created by cathy_terwedow
  • Understanding the DDRx Design Methodology

    I just delivered a webinar on this topic. In case you missed it, here is the link: Understanding the DDRx Design Flow Using HyperLynx - Mentor Graphics   In this post, I would like to follow up on some of the q...
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  • PCIe Design Kit and webinars

    I thought I would let people know that I'll be posting a link for downloading the PCIe design kit soon at this location.  I expect it will be ready within a week.  However, if you need it sooner than a week,...
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  • Contain the EMI Beast

    Hi everybody!   We have a new blog series from Patrick Carrier on the PCB Blog. In the three-part series, Patrick will discuss PCB design EMI reduction. You can read the first part of the series here: Contain th...
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  • HyperLynx Alliance Accelerates High-Speed Design-Ins and Verification

    Mentor Graphics today announced its new HyperLynx® Alliance developed with key industry partners (including Altera, PMC-Sierra, Samtec, Inc., and eASIC), integrating tools, data, and methodology to accelerate new...
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  • Mentor Graphics' Mr. Nitin Bhagwath at DGCON 2014

    For those whom may be interested, Mr. Nitin Bhagwath from Mentor Graphics will be presenting at this year's DGCON, Israel's SI/PI conference for hardware design, which will be taking place on November 24th and 25th. N...
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  • Flotherm Query (transient)

    how to create the transient condition if i have to record the temperature of a whole PCB after 30 mins..Initially at t=0s no current is flowing.
    created by indu.bala
  • New Blog Post: DO Sweat the Small Stuff

    Hey everyone,   Check out Patrick Carrier's latest blog post on the PCB Design Blog, where he discusses how a well-meaning adage, "Don't sweat the small stuff," doesn't quite apply when talking about 10GHz seria...
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  • v_switch

    Hi   I want simulate circuit RC with on and off voltage source vdc but i have problem with switch voltage controlled . How to define switch pins parametrs please show me. What am I doing wrong, all other is good...
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  • EE flow 7.9.1 - RF designs

    Hello all, my colleague ask me about RF simulation. He heard that mentor has an RF module and ask me about ability to simulate some RFID circuit. So, I have a look on support net and found out that there is not many...
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  • HyperLynx 3D EM SSD - Design Kits

    Hello all, does exist some Design kits for this software as for HyperLynx SI/PI exist? Especially I'm interesting for design kit for a dipole antenna.   Many thanks Martin
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  • Error: Model NOMODEL is not found in all library search paths $1I188

    Hi,   I have succesfully used DxDesigner with HyperLynx Analog for doing Spice simulations. However, for a circuit which worked OK before, now when I try to generate the netlist I get this message:   Err...
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  • generate rf signal

    i need help in generating rf signal..since am a new user in this software..what should be the input to generate rf signal to our system/circuit? thank u
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  • How to create magnetic transformer models in HLA?

    I want to use PC40 in HLA for simulation. But I couldn't find the right models. Can I translate the PC40 model from Accusim to HLA?   Regards! HuangJie
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  • Calling all Designers: Tell me what do you like about PSPICE!

      Hello,     Please allow me to introduce myself. I have recently joined Mentor Graphics in SDD Business Development, working initially with HyperLynx Analog.     I have many years of exper...
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  • HyperLynx Analog Examples: Simulation Setup

    Read the associated Blog                                 Feel Free to post your own Video Blogs. (Even if you are using another...
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  • Waveform Analysis Tutorials: The EZwave

                      The complete Blog       I have an idea, why don't you share your feedback through a Video Response? If you are interested leave me ...
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  • frequency for Address getting halved why ?

    Hi Everybody,   For DDR3 having data rate of 1600MT/S   DDR 3 1600MT, Fclock=800MHz DATA =800MHZ Address/Command=400MHZ@ 1T timing and =200MHz@ 2T timing Control = 400MHz whatever 1T timg or 2T Timing  ...
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  • Video for Hyperlynx 3DEM quick start

    Hi experts Is there any Video for Hyperlynx 3DEM quick start? Document also could help? Thanks a lot!
    created by linsheng.chen