• Is HyperLynxDRC Impedance calculation accurate?

    Hi, Can anyone suggest if HyperLynx DRC impedance calculations are correct enough to use as regular DRC check? There is very minimal settings in the layer stackup and missing critical information. When I ran impedan...
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  • Hyperlynx DRC unable to upen .hyp file

    I do not see option to open .hyp file in hyperlynx DRC. Documentation says we should be able to do it but i did not find an option. I am using Hyperlynx DRC free version.   Thanks
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  • Suitable ODB++ ver for importing to HLDRC6.2.3

    hi all.   I would like to use ODB++ file to import PCB layout desing to HLDRC Ver.6.2.3. But I'm not sure what ODB++ ver. is applicable to this HLDRC ver. , because there is no information in any documents. So...
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  • Crosstalk Coupling without IBIS models

    I noticed IBIS models are optional for the Crosstalk Coupling rule. Does this just end up using the voltage swing, rise/fall time, etc defined in the Electrical Net Properties for each net?   If so, is there any...
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  • Activation of Hyperlynx DRC Free without Internet

    Hello,   I have downloaded the Hyperlynx DRC Free and obtained the Activation Key. However, the computer, I have installed Hyperlynx DRC, has no internet connection. In the discussions previously started, I h...
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  • Problems with HL DRC Free License Key

    I have downloaded and installed the Hyperlynx DRC FREE edition. But , Iam getting the error which says "not able to retrieve the license", even after entering the license key. Kindly help in resolving this issue. ...
    Marty Fouch
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  • Unable to activate HyperLynx DRC

    I recently downloaded and installed the Free version of HyperLynx DRC on Windows 7. It seems to have installed fine using administrator privileges, but fails to activate using the activation code I received. I tried r...
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  • why can't activate the Hyperlynk DRC.

    After i installed it successfully, and receive the email of 16-digit activation key. but when i invoke the hyperlynx drc from the Windows Start menu, it just flashed and no any window come out to let me key in the 1...
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  • Hyperlynx DRC crashes

    I have just started to assess Hyperlynx DRC and I keep suffering from the tool crashing when I run Execute Rules. I have attached the crash dump if anybody can make use of it.   Hope someone can help.   Re...
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  • HyperLynx DRC activation key

    Dear, I have installed a free version of HyperLinx DRC. When tried to run it asked for a activation key. Please suggest. Thanks, Dragan
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  • Hyperlynx DRC Stackup Issue? Or a bug?

    Hi, I'm working with Hyperlynx DRC Free Edition 6.5.1 and obviously I'm running into an issue when working with an imported layer stackup. The import command loads successfully my PCB stackup: But when I save the ...
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  • Install is successful but software won't run

    I have been able to successfully install and verify the DRC software, but when I run it I get an error saying it has stopped. No other info is provided but the option to send a report is given, which I have tried. Thi...
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  • Minimum impedance question

    I would think that the minimum impedance is the actual trace impedance on that layer when matched. I set the diff rule to 80 ohms. The clocks below were set to 82 ohms differential but HL DRC is displaying 92.77 ohms...
    Marty Fouch
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  • From which layout tools can I translate design data into HyperLynx DRC?

    HyperLynx DRC can import layout data and files from the following tools and formats: Generally, data does not need to be translated into Mentor’s Xpedition format. If your layout tool is not on this list, use...
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  • Problems installing and running HyperLynx DRC Free version

    Our Tech Support team received a question about installing and running the HyperLynx DRC Free Edition. We’d like to share our response here in the community for everyone to see. The customer reported the followi...
    Marty Fouch
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  • HyperLinx DRC saving project error

    I get a text box saying "An unknown error occurred while accessing C:\Users\JOHNHO~1\AppData\Local\Temp\hldproj27581.tmp when I try to save a project. The folder location has these .tmp file in it O.K.
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  • False positives for the crossing voids rule

    Used HyperLynx DRC Free on one project and got lots of false positives for the crossing voids rule between layers 5 and 6 on a 6 layer board. Also saw a peculiarity with the diff impedance calculation; i.e. difference...
    Marty Fouch
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  • Can I use Netscape to download HyperLynx DRC?

    No. Netscape is not a a supported browser on Support Center. To take advantage of Support Center’s features, one of the following internet browsers is required: • Internet Explorer 11 • Microsoft ...
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  • HL_DRC_FAQ.docx

    This comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about HyperLynx DRC ranges from licensing and how-to's to import questions and reporting. Each question is also posted individually in the community.
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  • How do I translate PCB layout data from PADS Layout to HyperLynx DRC? Do PADS Layout and HyperLynx DRC have to be installed on the same machine?

    PADS Layout and HyperLynx DRC do not have to be installed on the same machine. To open a PADS Layout design in HyperLynx DRC, simply point to the PADS Layout *.PCB file. Alternatively, you can export a *.HYP file from...
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