• Soldermask Clearance Check

    Hi All,   i am running a Soldermask Clearance Check and i get unexpected results.      According to this text it is checking between soldermask edges.     I have setup the parameters...
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  • HyperLynx DRC: Define a net by components pins

    Hi, I want to run the rule "Delay and Length Matching". Each net in the group of nets i want to use, splits in the middle of the trace by a via. I want to define new nets, end to end, maybe by the components pin...
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  • HyperLynx DRC Free Version

    Where can I download the free version of HyperLynx DRC? I recently downloaded a version of the software but I only had a 30 day trial and it has recently run out. 
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  • HyperLynx DRC Free activation email?

    How do I request an activation key for HyperLynx DRC Free edition? If I search the communities it says 'look in your activation email', well I never got one. There's no 'activation license' on my account center and ...
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  • HyperLynx DRC: How to associate two nets together separated by a series cap?

    Hi all,   I am beginning to use HyperLynx DRC and I am stuck with this question. There is a net (X) that has a series capacitor and so the same net section after the cap is named as (X_C) and my question here is...
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  • You'll need a new app to open

    Hello, During violation review if I go to Action ->Zoom to Violation and  I got message "You'll need a new app to open this about"  I am working  with W10., HyperLynx DRC 6.2.3 (64bit). How can I ...
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  • How do you delete or add a signal to the Radiation High Electrical Net

    After importing an Allegro.brd file into HyperLynx DRC, the Radiation High Electrical Net is loaded with signal nets. Some of the listed nets are board straps and would not be considered Radiation High. How do I edit ...
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  • How do I prevent differential pairs from being checked for single-ended impedance in Hyperlynx DRC

    When running rules on the entire design, the impedance checking for single-ended signals seems to understand that it should ignore net classes like power and ground (constant nets).  However it incorrectly checks...
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  • Changing CoeffAccountable parametr does not affect on results

    I want to check Net crossing gap rule. I have the next stuck up configuration: When i run this rule i have the next vialation: Why HyperLynx DRC define signal_10 as reference layer? Correct reference layer mus...
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  • How we can change reference layer for a trace ?

    How does Hyperlynx DRC identify a reference layer for a trace & how we can change reference layer for a trace manually. PS: see attached file for reference
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  • Problem with Trace.Layer properties

    Hi all   I try to use in my automation script (VBS) in HL DRC Layer properties and I receive error Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method Mytrace.Name  I can read w...
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  • Pin package length and delay

    Hi,   On a DDR4 interface we are trying to do delay matching in layout (VX 2.4). This is done using CES, however CES is giving us violations which we don't really have a clue yet on why we get these violations. ...
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  • Capacitor Value - HLDRC

    Hi , Good day   When i start verify the Design i couldn't find capacitor value? Plz Some one help.   Thanks, Mareeswaran K
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  • LtoW Ratio 0.5 & 0.49

    HyperLynx DRC has LtoW Ratio (rule- Metal Island, Long Stub) This value defaults to 10. If this value is 0.49, it will be checked as 10 which is the default value. WARNING: using default value for the LtoWRatio ...
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  • Drill hole on the pcb shows as a metal island error?

    I imported an odb file into hyperlynx and ran EMI simulation. The drill hole has no copper but not sure what is happening and need some help with this?
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  • Is HyperLynxDRC Impedance calculation accurate?

    Hi, Can anyone suggest if HyperLynx DRC impedance calculations are correct enough to use as regular DRC check? There is very minimal settings in the layer stackup and missing critical information. When I ran impedan...
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  • Hyperlynx DRC unable to upen .hyp file

    I do not see option to open .hyp file in hyperlynx DRC. Documentation says we should be able to do it but i did not find an option. I am using Hyperlynx DRC free version.   Thanks
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  • Suitable ODB++ ver for importing to HLDRC6.2.3

    hi all.   I would like to use ODB++ file to import PCB layout desing to HLDRC Ver.6.2.3. But I'm not sure what ODB++ ver. is applicable to this HLDRC ver. , because there is no information in any documents. So...
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  • Crosstalk Coupling without IBIS models

    I noticed IBIS models are optional for the Crosstalk Coupling rule. Does this just end up using the voltage swing, rise/fall time, etc defined in the Electrical Net Properties for each net?   If so, is there any...
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  • Activation of Hyperlynx DRC Free without Internet

    Hello,   I have downloaded the Hyperlynx DRC Free and obtained the Activation Key. However, the computer, I have installed Hyperlynx DRC, has no internet connection. In the discussions previously started, I h...
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