• error while simulating PCIe signals

    Hi,      I am trying to simulate eye diagram for  PCIe(gen2), between 2 FPGA's(XC7K410T-2FBG900C) on separate boards. There is a driver(DS80PCI402SQ/NOPB) on one board for the PCIe signals. O...
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  • Meshing error in Full Wave Solver

    Hi,   I am facing this issue while meshing Error: Invalid mesh.  : Connection with empty termination All the ports have 50 ohm termination assigned by the tool itself Mesh Validity check had passed. Ca...
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  • LPDDR4 Monotonic Failure

    Hello, I'm running LPDDR4 DDRx batch simulation and seeing a monotonic failure for the Differential pair in slow corner  .The waveform looks good to me, please see the attached .     Thanks
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  • Intel CPUs DDR Simulation

    Hello,   We want to make DDR simulation using Intel CPUs however Intel does not provide full IBIS models for CPUs. It provides DDR package model with .sp and .inc files. Are there any available document / guide...
  • Adding Parasitic Resistances

    Hi,   I have been using the PI tool for a little while, and it would be very helpful if there were an easy way to assign parasitic resistances to the inductors on my board.  Is there anyway to do this in Hy...
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  • Some power nets getting disconnected when running DC Drop Simulation for Multiple Nets

    When I run Simulate PI->DC Drop for Multiple Nets with Combined Ground Currents with a ground net and all of its associated power nets selected, the pins on some of the power nets appear as DISCONNECTED on the resu...
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  • Export S- parameter

    We have a schematic, with 3 s-parameter models in it.  Its a differential Channel and the s-parameter models are 3x 3D differential Via models interconnected by diff pair traces.  an IBIS driver and an IBIS...
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  • Flight time compensation in hyperlynx VX_2.3

    Hi,   I have a query regarding addition of flight time compensation while doing timing analysis using batch mode simulation. I can find the option to add the flight time compensation in the batch mode wizard of...
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  • Understanding difference between lumped and distributed decoupling analysis with simple R-L-C or S-parameter model

    Dear Experts, I try to simulate PDN by lumped and distributed analysis with simple RLC and S-parameter model for the capacitor. Please see the result in the picture below:   my Ztarget = 0.93 * 0.05 / (0.5 *...
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  • Issue with Clock / Address / Command Group in DDR3 Simulation

    I am currently using Hyperlynx Boardsim X.2.4 to simulate a DDR3 design with an iMX6 processor connected to two DDR3 ICs. The routing topology is with a single T branch for address control and clock. The differential ...
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  • Mixed signal/plane layer setting

    According to https://support.mentor.com/en/knowledge-base/mg564105 there are times that you might need to change the layer setting based on your simulation scenario and how the reference planes should be recognized.&#...
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  • HyperLynx Vx.2.3: How do I delete a component (or mark unpopulated) on an imported board?

    I'm using HyperLynx vx2.3.   I would like to be able to mark a component as depopulated, or delete it entirely, on a board I imported from CR-5000 board files.   I successfully imported the board and can r...
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  • DDRx Wizard analysis: Bad signal?

    I am trying to understand what "bad signal " means and how to fix this error?   Thank you.
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  • Important note: Multi-user environment and localized settings with centralized installation.

    As for bsw.ini, its local copy can be perfectly specified through HYPERLYNX_INI for each user. But what about other ini files? For example, when invoking Touchstone Viewer (File > Edit Touchstone Models), the Touch...
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  • Multi-user environment and localized settings with centralized installation.

    We have HyperLynx VX.2.3_Update2 installed in a centralized location (/opt/...) with multiple users to be able to run from there. I have a couple of set up questions for each new user (all of these defaults each time...
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  • How to convert .dll file into .ibs ?

    I have a IBIS model in .dll format. And not be able to assign that as a ibis model in Hyperlynx. Any idea how to do that ? I need it for SI simulation. Vendor provided me .dll file instead of .ibs file
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  • Hyperlynx Thermal Simulation Case and Junction Temp Ambiguity w.r.t. Ambient Temp

    Dear Team, I am doing PCB Level thermal simulation. I am keeping initial temperature as 35 deg C and Casing wall Temperature (Ambient Temperature)  as 70 deg C. The system is a closed system with single board wi...
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  • Selecting a LVDS Model

    Hello, I'm a newbie with HyperLynx and am trying to run a simulation on an LVDS clock. Can anyone suggest what model from the libraries should I select?   Thanks, Joe
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  • DDRx Batch simulation results

    Hello all, I am using DDRx Batch simulations to simulate Alliance memory's AS4C512M16D3L-12BIN DDR3L with NXP's processor T1042.  I am applying some sweaps to check which terminations resistors should I use and w...
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  • Sumilate the splits plane and gaps effect on SI, PI and EMC ?

    Dear Mentor Support Team,   I am very interested to know and find a solution to simulate the effect split plans and gaps in Signal Integrity, Power integrity and EMI. I would like also to know if there is a sol...
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