• PowerNETv2.11.zip

    The installation instructions are in the readme.txt file. When this is run from OrCAD when creating a netlist, you can select which attribute will be the PADS part name, and you can pass over any other attribute you w...
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  • Special shape board cutout

    PCB board has an asymmetric board cutout, how to copy and scaling
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  • 3D Content Sites.pdf

    Here is a list, some free, some partially free and others paid, where you can source 3D STEP (and other formats) models for your electrical/electronic components and parts.
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  • Rename Components for Logic schematics

    This is a basic script to resequence reference designators on a Logic schematic, starting on sheet 1. There are limited options for direction of the sequencing and which designators to include. I did not write this, a...
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  • Trace angle not changing in PADS 9.5 ??

    Hi everyone, i tried to change the routing angle as Diagonal but while i bring from the Pad entry the straight angle (Diagonal) trace not come.but i selected Diagonal but i could not bring the trace as diagonal mode.c...
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  • PADS to Inventor 2013.doc

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  • Pan and Zoom by Mouse

    There are a lot of guys migrate from other software to PADS, like Altium Designer(protel), me too. for these people like me, we are quite used to use mouse to pan(drag) and zoom the main window.    ...
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  • PADS 9.x Toolbar (Yet another PCBL Toolbar)

    Control Visibility of layers and other objects like Pads, Traces,... And switch layers. This tookit called PadsHelper, google PadsHelper to get it.          
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  • A simple way to customize PADS menus, toolbar buttons, shortcuts and modeless commands.

    Before PADS2007 we can not customize menus, toolbar buttons, shortcuts, and modeless commands, even after 2007 we still can not customize the context menus(Show by click right mouse button) and modeless commands. And ...
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  • Manage Attributes of Parts/Components

    Attributes of Parts  (Components) are often used in material management, these data are often used in the production. Therefore, we need a sofeware to help us manage the  attributes of parts, show the differ...
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        I use a basic scripts in powerlogic to generate the BOM for my designs, the scripts works well in PADS2005 and PADS2007. But when I update my pads to 9.0,It have a trouble with chinese fonts. ...
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  • DXF Export Test examples

    Simple DXF Export Test examples - One closed polyline, with ARCS, and Justified Text   ClosedRounded.dxf : export from PADS Layout, Std mode. ClosedRounded_Flat.dxf : export from PADS Layout, Flat mode.   ...
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