• Where do you go to ask questions or get help?

    User communities are a great place to ask, discuss and share problems or ideas with industry peers. But where else do you go when you have an issue, question or get stuck?
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  • What schematic capture tool do you use?

    I think it would be interesting to have an idea what PADS users are using for their schematics.
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  • ODB creation Error message in PADS 9.4

    When I create ODB I m getting error message saying that " get-112062-Requested netlist does not exist or has no points" Please refer the attached screen shot. Please let me know anybody have that solution for this.Th...
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  • Do you use LinkedIn for PCB Design News, Articles or Discussions?

    In April of 2012, Printed Circuit Design & Fab published an article entitled “PCB Designers, Rev. 2”, this article provided the annual PCB designer survey results that revealed that “the average...
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