• Pads Std Plus Dx and Std Layout

    we buy those licenses(one china reseller recommend),  but now we can not use "Inergrated project" to  layout  PCB,just draw schematic. Can we use other method to resolve this issue but not buy new lic...
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  • Problem with PADS 2.4-2.6 using an NAS Drive - solved

    I have had a regular support agreement with Mentor for ages and have slowly kept up  by updating my installs, going back to good old 2004SP2 and well before.   I recently decided to jump from 2.3 to 2.6...
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  • .idx export problem with Pads V2.4 Collaborator Interface

    Hello all, We face problems when exporting .idx (prostep) files from V2.4 Collaborator to Circuitworks (Solidworks) and also to another PCB simulation program. There are no "pads", "traces" and "VIAs" visible. see:...
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  • Remove line number in dbc file

    Dear,   The dbc file of PADS Databook is a XML file. However, the name of each element contains the number of line (Example "CConfigAttEntry105") I suggest removing the number from the line in the name of each...
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  • Pads V2.3 V2.5 running in Demo mode

    After many years I have dropped my support contract. How can I get Pads V 2.3 or V 2.5 to run without going in to Demo mode. My license file is still on the computer and I have a green dongle Thanks Chris
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  • Pads standard ams cloud licence

    Hi all   It says on the ams sim description that licenced pads users get a free 1 year licence ?   What happens after that for current maintained pads user ?   Do we have to pay ?     Pete...
    created by cyionics
  • Pads Logic mouse Scroll with Ctrl key cannot zoom in and out

    Hi, I am using Pads Logic V2.2, the mouse Scroll with Ctrl key used to for zoom in and out, however suddenly it does not work. can someone help?   Eva
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  • "Library opened by another user" error

    Hello,   I'm using PADS Designer/Layout VX.2.5 and am having an odd problem with my library. I get a "The library is opened by another user" error whenever I try to open the library manager. This problem has per...
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  • How to set 1000 uF in Part Editor

    How to set the capacity value to 1000uF in the part editor. When I set 1000 uF in the Parts Editor, it automatically converts it to 1mF.
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  • Allegro to PADS?

     All,   Anyone have Allegro? I have an STMICRO STM32H743XIH6 eval board that I would like to use as a starting point in PADS. I don't have an access the Allegro to do the translation. File attached.  ...
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  • Logical-physical reuse block creation

    Can anybody explain to me how create and use and where store a logical-physical reusable block in PADS Pro Flow?
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  • Why couldn't even fix one of these obvious bugs for so long?Is PADS Standard Plus really not valued by Mentor?

    Why couldn't even fix one of these obvious bugs for so long? I've always been a loyal user of PADS, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I mentioned several obvious bugs from the year before last to the pres...
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  • Moving Union + traces

    Unions seem to function otherwise ok in Pads Layout VX2.5, but why don’t traces move with components when I move Union. I mean traces that are between components that belong to Union. If trace is straight line, ...
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  • PADS Professional Layout can't open projects from colleague

    I got assigned several projects from a colleague using the same version as me (VX2.2) but I get the error "Could not determine how this design was created. Expedition PE cannot be invoked on this design." when I try t...
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  • "Update from library" ignoring PCB decals

    I am trying to update the local "cached" Decal in a PCB Layout file with one from my library. Usually, I just select the decal in the list, click update and then it updates. Now the updater seems to "ignore" certain d...
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  • Show page number in hierarchical port or automatically link to page

    Is it possible to add the page number to where a hierarechincal connector is connected in the schematic? Or add the Jump To feature in the PDF to rapidly go to the page? It would be great to show the page numbers, s...
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  • Linking PADS Layout PCB to PADS Designer Project

    Hi, I would like to know the best way to do the following process:   1.- We have a PADS Logic + PADS Layout project (PADSVX.2.4) 2.- We would like to create a new PADS Designer project based in PADS Logic proj...
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  • Mapping Orcad Part Attribute to Logic/Pads Part Type

    I have an Orcad Schematic from a customer. Our PADS library uses their Part Number as Part Name. I've tried editing the mapping to no luck and just keep getting generic names for the Part Type after conversion.  ...
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  • PowerNETv2.11.zip

    The installation instructions are in the readme.txt file. When this is run from OrCAD when creating a netlist, you can select which attribute will be the PADS part name, and you can pass over any other attribute you w...
    David Ricketts
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  • VX1.2 Download

    In the "5 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of 3D Layout Webinar" Jim said it is NOW available for download from support net. I can't find it. Where is it located?
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