• Sharing library - PADS Designer

    hi, whether it is possible to share the library in Pads designer for a few users creating elements at the same time?
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  • Problem with PADS 2.4-2.6 using an NAS Drive - solved

    I have had a regular support agreement with Mentor for ages and have slowly kept up  by updating my installs, going back to good old 2004SP2 and well before.   I recently decided to jump from 2.3 to 2.6...
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  • EDX interface in PADS pro

    Hello Folks, I need a confirmation that I can not get from the website and the documentation: Is it true that the EDX interface has been removed from the latest version of PADS Pro. I remember testing it in PADS PRo...
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  • Report Writer in PADS Pro?

    Hi   Where is the Report Writer in PADS Pro VX2.7? I can't find it.   Thank you. Regards Moreno
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  • Variants Question

    Hello, I have a question about using Variants Manager in PADS Designer VX2.4 Integrated Flow.    Our company has setup Central Library but maybe not in a complete way.. Central Library has all unique s...
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  • Exporting a Netlist form PADS designer without constraints

    Hi, I am using PADS Designer (VX.2.6) with PADS Layout (VX.2.6) in the traditional workflow (using netlists, not integrated). I need to make a modification to an existing design that I did not do myself. This design ...
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  • Circular Soldermask Keepout in Footprint

    How can I make a soldermask void in a footprint like in this inductor: https://katalog.we-online.de/pbs/datasheet/744043101.pdf    I basically want a soldermask keepout that is a circle, radius 1.8mm from ...
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  • Xpedition Library -> PADS Library

    Hi all   We want migrating from Xpedition VX.2.7 to PADSPro VX.2.7   What I have to do?   Translate the Library? I don't know how. If anyone knows how? Should I have to edit some files?   Tra...
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  • Keepout Ring

    Is there a way to create a keep out ring. See attachment
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  • class rule change to default setting revert from router to layout

    Hi, I using pads vx2.5 (pads logic, layout and router) Once I complete the autorouting in router for classA, I revert back to layout and check the classA layer biasing and via setting. These rule change to default set...
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  • How can I export a PADS Netlist Flow or Professional project to PADS Vx 2.7 Free Layout and schamatic viewers?

    I received a PADS Netlist Flow project that I would like to export to a given format that people could read the schematics and cross reference to the layout using Mentor PADS Vx 2.7 Schematics and Layout viewers (or s...
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  • How to add the back-drilling vias in PADS VX1.1 version layout?

    Hi All, Kindly provide your suggestions for the below queries related to mentor graphics PADS VX1.1 version layout tool. 1) How to add the back-drilling vias in layout. Is there any script to do this? 2) How to gene...
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  • Changing net properties & target lengths units

    Hello all,   I've been matching traces within lengths for a long time, but higher speed signals require matching in time instead of length because of the different trace delay in inner and outer layers. However,...
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  • Pads Std Plus Dx and Std Layout

    we buy those licenses(one china reseller recommend),  but now we can not use "Inergrated project" to  layout  PCB,just draw schematic. Can we use other method to resolve this issue but not buy new lic...
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  • .idx export problem with Pads V2.4 Collaborator Interface

    Hello all, We face problems when exporting .idx (prostep) files from V2.4 Collaborator to Circuitworks (Solidworks) and also to another PCB simulation program. There are no "pads", "traces" and "VIAs" visible. see:...
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  • Remove line number in dbc file

    Dear,   The dbc file of PADS Databook is a XML file. However, the name of each element contains the number of line (Example "CConfigAttEntry105") I suggest removing the number from the line in the name of each...
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  • Pads V2.3 V2.5 running in Demo mode

    After many years I have dropped my support contract. How can I get Pads V 2.3 or V 2.5 to run without going in to Demo mode. My license file is still on the computer and I have a green dongle Thanks Chris
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  • Pads standard ams cloud licence

    Hi all   It says on the ams sim description that licenced pads users get a free 1 year licence ?   What happens after that for current maintained pads user ?   Do we have to pay ?     Pete...
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  • "Library opened by another user" error

    Hello,   I'm using PADS Designer/Layout VX.2.5 and am having an odd problem with my library. I get a "The library is opened by another user" error whenever I try to open the library manager. This problem has per...
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  • How to set 1000 uF in Part Editor

    How to set the capacity value to 1000uF in the part editor. When I set 1000 uF in the Parts Editor, it automatically converts it to 1mF.
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