• "Part 'xxx' with symbol 'yyy' has different pin names assigned to a gate" part pin mapping error

    Hi,   I am migrating a component of PADS Logic + Layout a PADS Designer (an lmc) and I am having the following problem (it is a component with multiple symbols): 1.- I have migrated the part, the symbols and th...
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  • Problems opening Part Editor. Partition "read-only"

    Hi,   I´m having problems when opening part editor. I have the following message: It is funny because I am that user. to check if there was a problem of concurrency or duplicated server licence running...
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  • PADSVX.2.4 Logic to PADSVX.2.4 Designer library & Databook  migration

    I´ll try to explain myself. We´re using PADS Standard Plus Vx.2.4. Recently we created a complete library from PADS Logic and I would like to know the process to migrate correctly this library (multple *...
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  • Best practice for drawing title block?

    Hi All,   We've been using PADS for years without changing much. Currently, we use a 2D Line drawn title block (lines set to All Layers), which shows up when we make PDFs of the CAM photos for review and documen...
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  • How to use VX2.3's 3D function

    Hi, How to use VX2.3's 3D function? can you give me some suggestion? Thank you very much.
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  • Network library 

    Please tell me how to organize a network library for PADS Standard with a connected database (Excel or Access).
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  • .idx export problem with Pads V2.4 Collaborator Interface

    Hello all, We face problems when exporting .idx (prostep) files from V2.4 Collaborator to Circuitworks (Solidworks) and also to another PCB simulation program. There are no "pads", "traces" and "VIAs" visible. see:...
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  • Forward annotation behaviour

    Premise: I work in integrated flow with a CL, PADS VX.   Ok, now. Let's say... I want to preserve an already done layout design, but at the same time I need to change the pin numbering of a component, for examp...
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  • QBuild CADLink ERP BOM interface

    Anyone using QBuild CADLink ERP BOM interface? I have some questions for you.   https://www.qbuildsoftware.com/cadlink/
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  • Many visible x's with all layers of in Viewer VX.2.4

    I am in a new job that outsources PCB design, we use the viewer to check and investigate the PCB.   I am also new to Pads.  I have an existing PCB that I am trying to look at.  However when I turn off ...
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  • Creating a Notch in the Board Outline

    What would be the best way to create a notch in the board outline? Why am I doing this? I am creating a PCIe x16 slot on my board and it requires a notch.   So far I've tried using the Board Outline and Cutout t...
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  • Pin Renumber is locked out doesn't work

    I am trying to edit the pin numbers but the options are always greyed out. What do I have to do to simply swap pin numbers?? No matter what I do the option is greyed out.   Is there some lock on the pin numbers?...
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  • PCB Decal Pads with no Soldermask or Pastemask openings

    Can anyone tell me how to create a pad on a PCB decal that can be tied to the GND net but which has no soldermask or pastemask openings?  Much appreciated.   Mike Kaszynski Stillwaterm, MN
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  • PADS VX.2.4, how is it?

    I see that PADS VX.2.4 has been out long enough now for Mentor to have released Update 1 for it. If anybody has been using PADS VX.2.4, I'd be interested to your thoughts about it, positive, negative or neutral.  ...
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  • Automated Rule Checking Webinar

    Open video

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  • Multi-plow Auto Finish behavor

    When I want to use the auto finish (F5) feature, the algorithm completes the trace with adding VIA to the second layer: although everything can be easily routing (manually) on a single layer:Does anyone know where yo...
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  • Does your current design solution include design analysis?

    If your current design solution doesn't include design analysis that identifies electrical rule violations that affect design integrity and performance DRC’s -  chances are you are spending more time and mo...
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  • Export Odb++ error

    Hi all,   I'm trying to export the ODB++ format for manufacturing. I first generate the CAM files (I just used default files from the Auto Define button), then go to File --> Export and change the format to ....
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  • Mirror a decal.

    I have a decal that's drawn with "bottom view" on top layer (so it's mirror). Can you mirror the decal or move it to bottom view without flipping?
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  • Ref Des Help!

    Hello, Let me start by saying I am new to PADS. I just finished my board design and was wondering if there is an easy way to transfer the Ref Des from the electrical layer to the Silk Screen? I can't find any info o...
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