• .idx export problem with Pads V2.4 Collaborator Interface

    Hello all, We face problems when exporting .idx (prostep) files from V2.4 Collaborator to Circuitworks (Solidworks) and also to another PCB simulation program. There are no "pads", "traces" and "VIAs" visible. see:...
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  • PADS VX.2.4, how is it?

    I see that PADS VX.2.4 has been out long enough now for Mentor to have released Update 1 for it. If anybody has been using PADS VX.2.4, I'd be interested to your thoughts about it, positive, negative or neutral.  ...
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  • Automated Rule Checking Webinar

    Open video

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  • Multi-plow Auto Finish behavor

    When I want to use the auto finish (F5) feature, the algorithm completes the trace with adding VIA to the second layer: although everything can be easily routing (manually) on a single layer:Does anyone know where yo...
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  • Does your current design solution include design analysis?

    If your current design solution doesn't include design analysis that identifies electrical rule violations that affect design integrity and performance DRC’s -  chances are you are spending more time and mo...
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  • Export Odb++ error

    Hi all,   I'm trying to export the ODB++ format for manufacturing. I first generate the CAM files (I just used default files from the Auto Define button), then go to File --> Export and change the format to ....
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  • Mirror a decal.

    I have a decal that's drawn with "bottom view" on top layer (so it's mirror). Can you mirror the decal or move it to bottom view without flipping?
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  • Ref Des Help!

    Hello, Let me start by saying I am new to PADS. I just finished my board design and was wondering if there is an easy way to transfer the Ref Des from the electrical layer to the Silk Screen? I can't find any info o...
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  • Update Symbols doesn't update pin numbers

    This is something I saw in PADs 9.5 and now again in VX2.4. If you have a placed part on a schematic and you alter the library symbol such that you keep the same names but update the pin #, when you do an "Update Sym...
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  • External Tools (9.5PADS to VX2.4?)

    I'm would like to make something that I did in 9.5 under the External Tools to aid with our flow. We use perforce for our revision control and I had some custom menu commands that I would like to redo in VX2.4 so that...
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  • Cannot connect Nets to Hierarchy block ports (solved)

    Solution below.. Something seems to have happened to my hierarchy block and I cannot connect nets to the ports. When I drag the net to the port pin, the connection shows the asterisk like it is going to connect, then...
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  • Many visible x's with all layers of in Viewer VX.2.4

    I am in a new job that outsources PCB design, we use the viewer to check and investigate the PCB.   I am also new to Pads.  I have an existing PCB that I am trying to look at.  However when I turn off ...
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  • Did you watch the ECAD/MCAD Co-design webinar?

    Join John McMillan and Brent Klingforth, the presenters of the ecad/mcad co-design webinar for an ‘after the webinar’ Q&A session. Listen now: Spotify: https://lnkd.in/eZdTEts iTunes: https://lnkd.i...
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  • ODB++ Export in Pads VX2.2 version

    I face issue in exporting ODB++ in Version VX2.2, When the layer count is more than 40 , When the boards are with dense components and When the boards has minimum copper width (2mils-- for fine pitch BGA). Do you guy...
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  • Via defenitions in Library Tools

    Why new icon is not active on Via Defenitions tab in PADS Library Tools>Setup>Setup Parameters ?
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  • Reduce Design Time Using Routing Automation

    Do you want to reduce time using Routing Automation? Learn how by joining Brent Klingforth and John McMillan on Feb. 20th as they discuss :   Why every designer should be using routing automation regardless of h...
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  • Drawing Editor: How to create a side view of a board?

    Please tell me the process of creating a side view of the Board in the Drawing Editor.
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  • The via under pad setting is not saved

    When editing a footprint through the cell editor in Library Manager, I allow via under pad feature then save the changes and when I re-open this cell checkmark disappears. Who faced such problem? I'm use PADS Pr...
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  • After the webinar podcast

    If you attended the ECAD/MCAD Co-design webinar, then I'm sure you're interested in getting your questions answered! John McMillan and Brent Klingforth answered all of the webinar Q&A's in the 'After the Webinar' ...
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  • Why couldn't even fix one of these obvious bugs for so long?Is PADS Standard Plus really not valued by Mentor?

    Why couldn't even fix one of these obvious bugs for so long? I've always been a loyal user of PADS, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I mentioned several obvious bugs from the year before last to the pres...
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