• Is PADS Maker still available

    Is PADS Maker still available? I can't find it on Digi-Key.
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  • How do you open the ODB++ viewer without generating new ODB++ files?

    I would like to open the ODB++ Viewer in PADS Maker free version without generating new files.  Is this possible? - Craig
    created by craigjb
  • Generating a DWG fab drawing

    I have designed a board using PADS Maker (free version).  I sent the ODB++ files to a PCB house but they then wanted the Gerber and DWG fab drawing files.  I figured out how to generate the Gerbers but I can...
    created by craigjb
  • PADSMaker can not open PADS .pcb files

    Is this a bug or is PADSMaker not compatible with PADS .pcb files?     My source files are from the latest fully licensed version of PADS Layout, yet maker can't open them.
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  • Using PartQuest parts downloaded for Designer in PADS Maker

    Setup PartQuest for PADS Maker by going to your Partquest profile and selecting PADS Maker as your default flow. Download some parts to either Dropbox or Direct Download Dropbox Parts- Go to your Dropbox/Apps/PartQu...
    created by beth_beck
  • Upgrading from Designer to PADS Maker

    Users that purchased Designer 1.0 or 1.1 licenses will receive a free upgrade to PADS Maker Schematic and Layout. Prior to installing PADS Maker, users should uninstall Designer products. 1. Uninstall Designer Schema...
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  • PADS Maker free crashing immediately

    My coworker and I both installed PADS Maker (the free version), received our licenses via email from Digikey, and attempted to run both the layout and schematic programs.  Both will crash before even loading the ...
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  • Footprint of 516-2185-ND digikey is not available in PartQuest.

    Hello   The footprint of 516-2185-ND is not available in the partquest . When I am downloading the file in PADSMaker, I am not getting the footprint. Is it possible to design the PCB without the footprint of th...
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  • Open PADS maker Schematic and Layout file in to PADS logic and PADS layout file or vice-versa...

    Hello,   Currently i am working on PADS maker Schematic and layout Version 2.0. my one of client use PADS logic and PADS layout Version 2007. my question is can i open PADS maker Schematic and Layout file in to P...
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  • Early versions of PADs

    I have many legacy designs from versions up to 2007.2. It would be be useful if a couple of these could be loaded into Maker. Is there a conversion program to do this please?
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  • Reference Design for BeagleBone Black

    BeagleBone Black is a low-cost, open source, community-supported development platform for ARM Cortex-A8 processor developers and hobbyists. BeagleBone Black ships with the Debian GNU/Linux™ in onboard FLASH to s...
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  • Pads Maker Schematic 2.0 doesn't start but Layout does. Any thoughts?

    After installation, I am able to enter the license codes successfully into Pads Maker Layout 2.0 and it runs just fine. Schematic is another story. When I try to launch it, nothing happens. No error codes, no activati...
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