• Why does layout produce 274D when I specify 274X?

    I recently installed VX2.7.4 and I open an existing file in layout. Set Gerber output in CAM as 274X, but I get 274D files. It never did this before, so I am not sure if I (or one of our engineers) has changed a setti...
    created by gary22pcb
  • cells height in a PCB

    Hi there,   I'm using VX.2.4.   how do I export the cells height property in a PCB? I want to export in a BOM style report the height of every cell in my PCB. Note that I am not referring to the system '...
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  • ODB++ Design translation failed!

    Hi, I'm using PADs VX.2.1 and trying to translation the layout file to the ODB++. But I always got the massage "Error: Design translation failed!". How to fix this error?   Regards, Basu
    created by bkustagi
  • ordinate dimensions

    How do I set up pads to use ordinate dimensions?
    created by ken.craft
  • Problem selecting via type

    Although I have been an occasional PADS layout user for many years, all my previous projects used netlist flow. My current project is my first attempt to use DxDesigner with the integrated flow to PADS layout.   ...
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  • Edge castellations

    I'm using PADs layout to create an edge castellation, the process being used at the moment is to place a via on the board edge and then have the via cut in half to give a plated arc. The problem I'm encountering is th...
    last modified by d_circuitt
  • Can't Import Protel99-SE .DBB file into PADS Layout VX2.1

    I have and old Protel99-SE design which I tried to import into PADS.  I don't get any error messages, but no design opens in the PADS window. PADS created several files, including "Layout.pcb".  Layout.pcb ...
    last modified by ral
  • How to remap STEP files for 3D Viewer?

    Does anyone know how to either remap a step file or delete the step file mapping once it has been mapped to a decal?  I made a mistake mapping a file and I'd like to remap the correct step file or remove it and h...
    last modified by rob@nal
  • CDO File extension

    Hello, My boss dumped a .cdo file in my lap and instructed me to find out about it. It appears to be a DOS-era CADSTAR PCB file, but I have no way to access it. If anybody out there knows how to read and/or convert i...
    last modified by brian@dmtz.com
  • Max PCB size?

    Hello all, I'm trying to import a DXF file with a board outline that is about 18" square. Every time I try to do the import (using both DXF import functions) it throws me an error and won't import it. I'm thinking ...
    last modified by Wayne
  • Best way to connect multiple balls with same net in a bga with fine pitch?

    What is the best way to connect to multiple balls belonging to a common net on a bga type socket? I've tried creating planes but flooding does not reach the pads inside the grid. The pitch is 0.8mm and the drill size...
    last modified by l.muela
  • components placed at 45 degree increments have issues

    Hello all, So I have a narrow board and I've placed a processor at 45 degrees to aid in the breakout.  The bypass caps and 4 other pulldown resistors are also at 45 degrees (or multiples of 45). All the parts t...
    last modified by Wayne
  • PCB translation EIF

    I have a very old design from Cadnetix that did have a set of EIF files output. I believe these files can be used to translate this design into PADS. What translator do I need? Looking at support site downloads &...
    created by wolferm
  • How do I get my vias to show up in the padstack for all my boards?

    I just recently upgrade to Pads 9.5, I went into setup/padstack and added all my vias.  How do I get them to show up in the stack for all my PCB's?
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  • ODB++ export

    This may be a bug. ODB++ export doesn't output the Solder Mask pad of a thru pin which has associated copper with it. Only copper is produced.   I've opened up a service request, thought of posting here to see...
    created by vinayarora
  • "vias not enabled for routing"

    I've been using PADS since October, so I know it pretty well.  I've been working on a complex layout for a few months.  I just updated my via sizes to match what our manufacturer will implement.  All I ...
    last modified by doug.mckenney
  • Importing Gerbers to PADS DX Designer

    Is there a way to import gerbers files into PADS layout? Specifically, I am trying to import a GBL and a GTL file
    last modified by lancebantoto
  • Border Decal - Multiple instances of one parameter

    Hello,   How does one create two instances of one border property?
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  • unroutes shows even after plane poured

    I have a ground plane (AGND) and power plane (+6V). After layout, I can see the thermal reliefs in these two planes. The "Verify design" also tell me everything is connected. However, all the AGND nets and +6V nets ...
    last modified by hans@sensorwise.com
  • PADS 3D Background Color

    Hi,   we just started using the PADS 3D function with version VX2.1. Is there any option to set the background color of the 3D View?   If the 3D design get exported as GIF/JPG/BMP... the background is gre...
    created by m.seitz