• Unable to add text to top silkscreen

    I added a top silkscreen layer to an existing design but I can't add text to it. When I click to place the text it simply disappears. I tried adding text to a different design that had an  existing top silkscreen...
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  • Land pattern creator not exporting to library

    Hi All,   Last week i was usuing the land pattern creator and using the wizard to export them into my pads library. Ive tr5ied again today and its complaining that powerpcb server is not running   Any tips...
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  • Why is PADS VX2.4 connection error only?

    In PADS VX2.4 Copper will output a Connectivity Error. I would like PADS VX2.4 to have no error as before. PADS VX2.3 and PADS VX1.2, There is no error.   Attach the test file and the Scrrenshot.   ...
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  • PadsVX.2.4 visual style cannot be saved!!! (in win10)

    In win10, the PadsVX.2.4 visual style cannot be saved. For example, I set the visual style to Microsoft Office 2007 Blue, or some other type, but when I restart the software, the visual style will automatically chang...
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  • pads vs xpedition

    Where I work there are existing files in pads and board station. I have more than 20 years experience with pads and am very comfortable with it. Some people here have been told by Mentor that xpedition is their flagsh...
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  • LP-creator Land size calculation method

    Hello everyone.   I received simple question from my customer, but I don’t have clear answer for it. So please give me your help. My customer is using LP-creator to make cell ensuring quality due to comp...
    created by nobuakitanaka
  • Centroid Part List Report

    One of my clients wanted a different format than the Excel Part List Report provided in PADS because of a FAB House requirement.   I came of with this script to do the job and have successfully used it for that ...
    created by davedouthettrb
  • pcb: Error 5709: Could not open schematic

    Hello, I was just trying to update my board layout from the schematic and I got the above error. Any ideas on how I can correct the problem? Thank you
    created by mgabutti
  • Schematic to Layout to PCB Roadmap?

    Hi all,   Another Noob question from me: Is there a document somewhere that describes the entire schematic to layout to PCB (Gerbers) process?   I know the evaluation lessons are sort of a roadmap of the e...
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  • Rule Area in xPCB Layout VX2.1

    I have defined a new Rule in Setup => Constraint Manager than I draw a Rule Area (Draw => Rule Area). I am not able to find the new Rule name in Rule Area properties as shown in attachment. I am wondering how to...
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  • TO-204 AA Package

    Hello,   I am wondering how to find TO-204 AA package in mentor format which can be imported to the central library of xDX Designer VX 2.1. Is there any database on the mentor website where one can find differe...
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  • Trace Loop Created Dialog Box do not popup

    PADS VX.2.2 Trace loop Dialog do not pop up it work on pin 2 do not work on pin 3 of connector. Try Net Protect problem is top layer route do not want to complate.Can Community please help? 
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  • PADS to PDF files ~ is there any way to keep text as text?

    We're exporting DXF files for assembly dwgs from pads which are essentially worthless as no one can read the tiny text (even with a magnifying glass) once we've converted them to DWG's and PDF's. Does anyone know if...
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  • Component placement

    Hi all, I search since many days but i never found a solution, so maybe you can help me about it. I would like to know if there is a way to place all symbol of a PART without to click every symbol one by one in DxDe...
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  • Trace width for toner transfer etching

    I am making my first attempts at DIY PCB manufacture using toner transfer.  The default trace dimensions (KiCAD 4.0.7) are clearance = 0.2 mm, trace width 0.25mm.  Sadly this does not result in reliable trac...
    created by vagulus
  • Platting balance

    Is there a way to add plating balance to layers in PADS VX . Have a 4 lyr brd with nothing on the bottom and want to add balancing.
    created by davidb0753
  • Migrating a project from VX 1.1 to VX 2.1

    Hello, I have a finished PCB Layout in PCB Xpedition VX 1.1 from last year. I have installed VX2.1 recently and made some more PCB layouts in VX2.1. I discover that I need some changes in the PCB design from last ye...
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  • Changing Ground Plane to Pin Pattern

    Hello,   Is it possible to change ground plane to ground pin pattern in VX 2.1 PCB Expedition ? In attachment there are four connections from ground pin to ground plane. Is it possible to widen these connections...
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  • Exporting Assembly Information by DXF

    We may be outdated in our approach to creating PCB assembly drawings?   We export DXF for component outlines Reference designators and Board outline to our drawing office to create assembly drawings, add notes, ...
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  • Back annotate not changing Refdes in Dxdesigner

    I have a design in DxDesigner (PADS 9.5) and after renumbering the components when doing a back annotate, the REFDES are remaining the same on the schematic, however the other properties of the symbol are changing. Fo...
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