• Support contract renewal issues with Mentor/Siemens.

    I’m writing this note to gain support from the pads community and maybe someone at this company who can stand behind the pads users and all those other users who also understand the value of having a support agr...
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  • Quickly make net connections

    If you are trying to connect many gnd-nets and PADS have the option of not calculating the length information in real time, It seems to be able to connect faster. (Although there seems to be an option to hide real-tim...
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  • pcb alignment problem

    1.Teardrop then pads in the environment, but into the Router gone, and then back to the pads found a short circuit, you can ROUTER environment     2.For any angle version of the plate, sometimes l...
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  • 3D Content Sites.pdf

    Here is a list, some free, some partially free and others paid, where you can source 3D STEP (and other formats) models for your electrical/electronic components and parts.
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  • how to make panelized array in pads layout?

    hi...         how to make penalized array in pads layout? also, how to set multiboard (different design boards) in single panel?   thanks, Amit Siroya
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  • how to add image in PADS LAYOUT?

    hi..         i have pads layout 9.5. but i want to add an image in design so, how to add .jpg image in layout.?
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  • how to make gerber file of fab notes added through " insert new object"?

    i have a .docx file which contains all fabrication notes and i insert these all notes in drill drawing layer through "insert new object" option. its shown in drill drawing layer but when take CAM output its not shown ...
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  • How to change the origin of a drafting shape?

    In some cases the origin of a drafting item (keepout, 2d-line, copper/plane area shape) may not land on a point of that shape for ease of accurate positioning. The video tutorial in technote MG589331 describes the met...
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  • Creating Split Planes and Understanding how to Manipulate Thermals and Antipads

    For an in-depth look at split planes, including the method to control and calculate thermals and antipads see appnote MG581658: https://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.appnote&id=MG581658   The ap...
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  • problem in deleting layer in pads layout 2005 ??

    Hi everyone, our team did board 6 layer unfortunately  layer assigned from 1 to 8. i tried to delete the layer 7 and 8 it is not deleting i got some error.Please help any one to solve this problem ??  how to dele...
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  • Solder Mask and Paste Mask Over (Under) Size

    If you are looking to have better control over your solder mask and paste mask output in PADS Layout, including the ability to under size specific components then you should take a look at technote MG82305: http://su...
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  • PADS Constraint Manager: The Basics (Integrated Project)

    Are you learning to use the Integrated Projects in the new PADS VX.0 release, but need some help in using the Constraint Manager.  Please see the following technote which contains videos showing the steps for cre...
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  • How to update the library with out affecting routing in Pads 2005 ??

    Hi everyone, good morning,i have the queries about updated library that means i updated drill and pad size only.so i don't want do it ECO method.instead of i export the part library ascii file (.p) format. after that ...
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  • Updated decals can't see in Pads Layout ??

    Hi everyone, i am doing schematic in pads Logic 9.5.in my design SW15 parts decals i updated but it is not available in PADS Layout. PCB Net List Errors Report - FPGA programmer_20140508.sch - Tue Sep 16 21:54:45 2014...
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  • In which mentor tool will support to open (.JOB) pcb file extension

    Hi,   Iam using Pads layout tool version 9.4. I have a pcb board file having (.Job ) extension file. when i tried to open in pads layout its shows an error message as "Job not compatible with current version of ...
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  • Make Reuse is not active

    Hi All,   I am using PADS9.0.1 layout and i want to use the same section to be repitted so for that i want to use Make Reuse feature,for this when i select the design the Make Reuse feature is not active so i am...
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  • Decal rules do not override default rules!

    Hello,   i have a problem. I want to route some traces under a BGA-Decal (Pitch 0.65mm). Therefore i have set a decal rule (clearance=0.1mm) for this BGA-Package which should override the default rules (clearanc...
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