• Image to Layout (Logic)

    I was trying to use the good old bmp2asc program to import a bitmap into Layout. But I couln't figure out a way to make it working under Win 7 x64. So I gave up bmp2asc and I wrote my own script which can be run fro...
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  • Running scripts in Decal Editor

    This is a tip and an observation.   In Pads Layout you have a Tools/Basic_Scripts option, but when you edit a decal, the decal editor only offers macros.  I don't understand why this is because scripts work...
    created by dcox
  • Text fonts & 2D line thickness

    Is there any easy way to change all the fonts & 2D line thickness in a layout without making the changes in the library. I mean everything related to each decal too. I realize doing a library change is the it pr...
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  • Change default settings in decal editor

    Hi all, I would like to know if there is a way to change the setting by which pins are defined by default. I would like to add a pin that has already set the soldermask and pastemask layer without having to set up l...
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  • RF design, PADS Layout and Keysight ADS

    From researching the Mentor site, I understand that Xpedition supports a dynamic link for Keysight ADS from this datasheet: http://s3.mentor.com/public_documents/datasheet/pcb/rf-ds.pdf   And also that there is...
    created by hitec100
  • FREE electrical rule checks - never any charge!

    Did you know you could own HyperLynx DRC with eight electrical rule checks for FREE? Find problems like nets crossing gaps. Check for metal islands. You'll save hours of manual inspection time with these free rules fo...
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  • Enquiry - pads layout viewer V9.2 - layer

    Is there a way to select what layers to display?   I tried to find manuals at Mentor Graphics and tried clicking through the menus of the software, but there is nothing helping.
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  • PADS Layout Customize Toolbar Dialog Box Missing - Off-screen - Dual Monitors

    This is a fix for a problem we encountered in PADS Layout 9.3.1 when used with Dual Monitors.   This is a cross-post to an unanswered 2014 post in the Schematic section.   One of my guys has lost the "Tool...
    created by dgroen
  • PADS 3D export

    Through hole components holes do not get exported into step files PCB assembly (PADS 3D export). Mounting holes do show up in model Is there a fix for this?
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  • Existing text becomes invisible after dxf import

    I just ran into this today.  In my company title block, the company name is changed to the Calibri font. This font suddenly became invisible. I could change it back to the native pads font, but when I went back t...
    created by dcox
  • DFF errror

    I have a plane that when I run verification on gives me errors on the 90 degree corners of every rectangular cutout  on it. The error is: "DFF Error:Sliver on Power Inner Layer 3"   I have attached a scre...
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  • "2500 PCB Designs and Counting"

    Andrew Ferencz of Andrew Ferencz Consulting is the latest to share via our Customer Stories feature on PADS.com how PADS has helped him efficiently design boards for over 25 years. You can read about his experience wi...
    created by erin_gowdy
  • Assign via on Net using vb script in Pads Layout

    Hi, I have requirement to assign a via on the nets which has without any via points. So i have written automation script using vb to assign via on net here the issue is not assigning any via on net.  I appreciate...
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  • Having trouble drawing Paste Mask

    Hello, I am currently trying to create a solder paste stencil using PADS 9. I draw the copper outlines on the Paste Mask Top layer and reduce the line width to 1. After this to fill in the selected area I decrease th...
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  • A request...

    As a long-time former Listserver member, one thing we did there that often doesn't seem to happen here is an acknowlegdment of when an answer has helped (and of course, when one doesn't).  Just a little common co...
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  • stitching vias and associated copper

    I'm having a problem with stitching vias.  I have a device (an RF oscillator) which is packaged in a metal case with four mounting tabs (right-angle metal with a hole).  My decal has four terminals for the f...
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  • Plane thermal option not available

    Using Pads 9.2.  I've created a new part, but when I click on Pin Properties, the Plane Thermal box is greyed out and won't let me select it.  I've got DRC turned off.  I had one of the pins associated ...
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  • Adding Planes

    Hello All,   This isn't so much a PADS question, more layout in general.  I'm adding various power planes, some go thru the board on all layers, some do not.  For the ones that go thru the board, is it...
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  • Designing a PCB with thermal relief

    We have a new PCB that has 10 layers. There are plenty of gnd and power planes. I have had to do some modifications to this board, including removing and replacing components. I have plenty of experience with solderin...
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  • I would love to have "Photo Realistic" PDF check documents like these

    I create these by generating a PDF per layer from the gerbers, then importing them into photoshop, layering, flood filling, cropping, etc. All this is at 1200 or 2400 DPI so the end product is nicely zoomable.   ...
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