• Get Probe to Body error Type in padslayout using vbscript

    Hi,   While assigning testpoints to the net using script in PadsLayout, sometimes it assigns the testpoint under the component body. So Im looking for how to get the Probe to Body error type objects using vbscri...
    created by venkateswaran.k
  • PADS VERIFY CLEARANE Not Reproductible

    I notices on differents PADS projects that verify/clearence doesn't give them same results over the same board.   I mean I make a verify , I got x errors. I don't change anything on PADS Layout project. I reve...
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  • PowerNET and OrCAD Capture 16.6

    PowerNET and OrCAD Capture 16.6   Slight change in using PowerNet with Capture 16.6-S001 in Windows 7:   1- msvbvm50.exe installed as mentioned in the PowerNet Readme 2- PowerNet.exe, Comdlg32.ocx, & ...
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  • GFZ landpattern

    Hi Guys does anybody would like to share their Samtec connector, GFZ serie footprint? thanks in advance   Massimo
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  • Pads is not suitable for E-mobility!

    With a round PCB and high current (e.g. for E-mobility), Layout or Router are not suitable !   - Working with polar coordinates - properties of some elements (component, via, shape, ...): the position were not s...
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  • Paste layer mods in decal

    Hi all, I've been attempting this off and on for quite some time now.  I think I know the answer to the question but am interested if there are some insights out there....   In decal editor I create a part...
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  • visEDATA Beta 2 now available for PADS 9.5

    To all current & potential visEDATA Beta users, there is now a new download available that is compatiable with PADS 9.5   Just visit the following visEDATA Beta web site http://www.mentorpcb-beta.com/index.p...
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  • Powernet and OrCad Capture V16.3

    I have been using PowerNet and absolutely love it.  However I just migrated to OrCad V16.3 and I find that these net-listers will not run anymore.  I have tried powernet.exe and PowerNETv2_0b02.exe.   ...
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  • Footprint shape problem in PADS Layout

    Hi All,   I am using PADS Layout software. I need to create a footprint for TPS51200 regulator. On the page 34 of its Datasheet (it is attached) an example board layout is shown. "Non Solder Mask Defined Pad" s...
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  • Moveable inspection dots in Pads Layout

    I noticed the latest Support Net offered how to place an inspection dot in a decal.  All that really does is put a copper filled circle in the decal that you have to enter decal editor to move anywhere. Is anyone...
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  • ROHS II Compliance

    I've been looking around and can't quite get an answer to this one:   Does ROHS I (2002/95/EC) documentation need to be updated to reflect ROHS II (2011/65/EU) compliance?   Just curious if anyone knows if...
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  • Castellated/Half-Via Mounting Holes - Design info request

    I'm looking for design and fab note information for making "Surface mountable modules with castellated mounting holes."  Anyone have links or sources for this info? Are there any IPC documents that cover design a...
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  • EULA Site Definition

    Just curious about the "Site Definition" as prescribed by the current EULA.   This 800 meter definition is rather draconian in this, the age of the cloud, IMO.   What if a company has a bank of servers in ...
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  • Mentor PADS-related job opening

    Do you know a PADS Layout Designer looking for work?   There is an opening for a Technical Writer to work on documenting the PADS software. Our ideal candidate is someone with PADS specific PCB layout experienc...
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  • Verify Design appears to have changed PADS Layout 9.3 to 9.4

    I have a part that needs to be located close to the edge of the board.  I have used this before (9.3) and with a few tweaks to the rules I could get the edge of board releated errors to go away.  This does n...
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  • DxDesigner to PADS 9.4

    Has anyone out there installed the latest DxDesigner/PADS?  We are looking at going ahead with 9.4 and are curious if there are any reasons not to.  I have read the release notes and highlights and it seems ...
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  • PADS 9.4 just came out ... with a bug already ...

    Hi,   I wonder if there is (are) other bug(s) that will pop-up in the next few days or weeks ... When looking at that new version 9.4, I see a few implemented ideas ... I would have expected a lot more to justi...
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  • Defining class design rules - Help!

    I am trying to define net class rules, but the option is grayed out.  Is there a list of which licensed options that is included on?   Thanks, Sean
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  • Routing simultanously

    Hi Folk, I am wondering if PADS Router allows the possibility of routing simultaneously : Is it possibile, for two router, to route in the same Layout simultaneously? THanks for your help. Regards,   Slim
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  • Application or Basic Script for GRS500

    Is there an application or Basic Script available for Pads Layout 2005 SP2 that will allow me to generate a "GenCad"  file which contains geometric information (Gerbers), IPC-D-356(Network  Information) plus...
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