• PADS viewer not responding

    hi, I am using pads viewer PADSViewerVX.2.7 to check the layout from outside layout house. but I have a very strange problem. Every things goes well. I can select components, zoom in/out ,etc using mouse. But when I ...
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  • IPC356 export fatal error

    When I try to export to an IPC356 file I get the following error: "Fatal error occurred while exporting design. Operation aborted" This happens for both IPC-D-356 and IPC-D-356A choices. This happens for all of my...
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  • Placement outline to placement outline violation

    Hello, I would like to ask you on one problem with Placement outline to Placement outline violation in hazard explorer. When I place two parts (in picture are two LEDs) too close to each other (for example 0...
    created by m_rehak_xcyjw
  • Support contract renewal issues with Mentor/Siemens.

    I’m writing this note to gain support from the pads community and maybe someone at this company who can stand behind the pads users and all those other users who also understand the value of having a support agr...
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  • Is it possible to check clearance between two tracks in multilayer board?

    I want to check clearance between two particular tracks in multilayer board. Is it possible to do in design verify? Currently I am using vx1.1 version   Thanks,
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  • PADS Layout Report SMT components quantity on Top and Bottom Layer

    From PADS Layout/Router is it possible for it to list the number of SMT components  on the top and bottom of the board?
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  • Pan using middle mouse button

    Many cad packages have standardized on using the middle or right mouse button to pan by dragging. Is there a way to use this style of panning in pads layout vx2.3?   In the pads keybinding report there is "pan t...
    created by marksc
  • VM <-> Layout

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any solution to link the “Unplaced” property of variant manager to the PCB file? I hope to highlight all components in layout which are unplaced in the VM. Is it possib...
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  • Design reuse with copper pours

    Hi all,   I would like to use the design reuse feature to copy a layout and I noticed every time I select Make Reuse that the copper pours in my layout get deselected. Is there any way to use design reuse and in...
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  • alternating selection

    Hi all,   A question for PADS layout. I have two copper pours that are located on top of each other. When I try to select one, it always selects the pour on the bottom layer, not the top layer. I would like to k...
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  • Clarence to plane

    Hello, Is it possible to change the plane clearance for already routed traces ? I know we can set the plane clearance in constraint manager but can we change it after finishing routing ? 
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  • Speeding up PADS

    Hi all,   I'm a month in to this program and I am wondering if there are any general tips for speeding up the program. My computer is not slow, but my working style right now is often click-wait-click-wait-click...
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  • Exporting Assembly Information by DXF

    We may be outdated in our approach to creating PCB assembly drawings?   We export DXF for component outlines Reference designators and Board outline to our drawing office to create assembly drawings, add notes, ...
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  • Component placement

    Hi all, I search since many days but i never found a solution, so maybe you can help me about it. I would like to know if there is a way to place all symbol of a PART without to click every symbol one by one in DxDe...
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  • PADS to PDF files ~ is there any way to keep text as text?

    We're exporting DXF files for assembly dwgs from pads which are essentially worthless as no one can read the tiny text (even with a magnifying glass) once we've converted them to DWG's and PDF's. Does anyone know if...
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  • Trace Loop Created Dialog Box do not popup

    PADS VX.2.2 Trace loop Dialog do not pop up it work on pin 2 do not work on pin 3 of connector. Try Net Protect problem is top layer route do not want to complate.Can Community please help? 
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  • Schematic to Layout to PCB Roadmap?

    Hi all,   Another Noob question from me: Is there a document somewhere that describes the entire schematic to layout to PCB (Gerbers) process?   I know the evaluation lessons are sort of a roadmap of the e...
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  • Centroid Part List Report

    One of my clients wanted a different format than the Excel Part List Report provided in PADS because of a FAB House requirement.   I came of with this script to do the job and have successfully used it for that ...
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  • pads vs xpedition

    Where I work there are existing files in pads and board station. I have more than 20 years experience with pads and am very comfortable with it. Some people here have been told by Mentor that xpedition is their flagsh...
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  • PadsVX.2.4 visual style cannot be saved!!! (in win10)

    In win10, the PadsVX.2.4 visual style cannot be saved. For example, I set the visual style to Microsoft Office 2007 Blue, or some other type, but when I restart the software, the visual style will automatically chang...
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