• PADS 9.0 user library transfer instructions

    I am using PADS 9.0. My old computer is being replaced and I need to transfer the USER LIBRARY from the old PC to the new PC. Can I copy and paste a folder that contains the USER LIBRARY or its more complicated t...
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  • how to export decal as dxf file format ??

    Hi everyone,   I have the Footprint I need to export the footprint as dxf file format. I could not find the export option in pads layout. I can able to see the import option. I tried some other option like place...
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  • Highlight all NETS without Testpoints

    Does anyone know an easy way to highlight all nets without testpoint.     I can't find a way to do this.     joachim
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  • Remove created reuse

    Hi,   I added on one project a reuse file by select of all and save the reuse file. Now I pushed the button on the origin layout to use make reuse. It got insert as it should. But now I deleted the reuse file ...
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  • PADS Layout to pdf export

    Hi, is it possible to generate a pdf with the netnames visible on the pads and/or the traces from PADS Layout-Tool? During IFT this would be a real saver.  Thank a lot, kind regards, Georg
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  • Unable to load design , The layout file is missing .lyt

    Dear All,   As I proceed with the layout, after DRC the layout suddenly stops and then I cannot open the file  I get a msg saying  Unable to open the layout ,The layout .lyt is missing  please ...
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  • power logic no specific decal check box

    Question is when I place a schematic part in power logic and go to attributes then pcb decal, no specific decal is unchecked. I would like that to be defaulted to being checked so that the pcb decals always come ...
    created by joep19
  • How do you display dill holes in PADS Layout?

    Somehow all my drill holes disappeared in PADS Layout.  I can see traces and rectangular SMT pads, but not the round pads for through hole components.  I must have hit the wrong button, or typed a mode-less ...
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  • Virtual pins through automation

    I found out that Virtual Pins are actually vias which are converted to pins. I can find them through automation Pins object query where their name is VP<number> e.g. "VP23"   But how i can access the via p...
    created by kimmo.lindholm
  • Getting 'DaveNavigator.ocx failed' error during installation?

    Anyone else seeing this issue? Versions: PADS VX.2.x on Win10. We have a rather large PADS Installation in our company. Our IT dept. are using Microsoft SCCM to install software on our computers. It normally works ...
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  • Copy copper shapes attached to a net

    If a copper shape is attached to a net and the copper shape is copied and pasted in the design, the newly created copper shape is attached to a newly created net NET1, NET2 etc...   Is there a meaning attaching ...
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  • Pads 2.4 update 2 and problem with decals

    why after some time decal's pads in the library change coordinates by some decimal places ???! especially multi-ball BGA Anybody knows that issue? why is this happening?
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  • Why do I get 'X' when flooding copper with Thermal Relief

    I am using PADS 2.6 and when I went to flood the ground plane the tool puts up a bunch of white 'X' marks on many of my ground pads, including ground vias.       What does this 'X' signify? ...
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  • Extra silkscreen in 3d view

    I am seeing extra silkscreen in the 3d view that doesn't exist in the cams.  I have fixed this in the past but I don't recall what I did.   3d view, q6 and q8 have some copper showing up as silkscreen ...
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  • Anyone using the MCAD/ECAD Collaborator in PADS Standard now that is it included?

    Issues with getting mounting hole information from SMCAD into PADS via the PADS MCAD Collaborator tool when sending baseline file from MCAD. PADS says The object added cannot be found in the design. Chapter 27 of PADS...
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    Hi,   Is someone using the ECAD/MCAD collaborator tool with on EE side PADS layout and on ME side Creo?   If yes I would be more than happy if you could get in touch with me in order to know how do you set...
    created by vbaud
  • Attributes not diplaying after creating pdf

    Hello !!! Greetings ;               After creating pdf in Pads Layout, when I open the pdf and right click on the component Some of...
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  • There are Pours which are not hatched in export to Cam350

    Hi   I have a problem exporting to cam file using the pads Layout using the Pads VX.2.5. It showing a error  " There are Pours which are not hatched" and the copper layer is not flooded in cam file. Any w...
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  • Output Gerber files are not Aligned

    Hi Everybody                      I am user of Pads 9.2,I designed 6 Layer PCB in this and i created gerber using ca...
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  • I need help with PADS VX.2.1 and ECO Compare

    I have a schematic in OrCAD 17.2, and I generate a netlist from there.  When I try to compare that netlist to the completed layout in PADS VX.2.1 it never works.  I found out yesterday that I need to manuall...
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