• Copy copper shapes attached to a net

    If a copper shape is attached to a net and the copper shape is copied and pasted in the design, the newly created copper shape is attached to a newly created net NET1, NET2 etc...   Is there a meaning attaching ...
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  • Pads 2.4 update 2 and problem with decals

    why after some time decal's pads in the library change coordinates by some decimal places ???! especially multi-ball BGA Anybody knows that issue? why is this happening?
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  • Why do I get 'X' when flooding copper with Thermal Relief

    I am using PADS 2.6 and when I went to flood the ground plane the tool puts up a bunch of white 'X' marks on many of my ground pads, including ground vias.       What does this 'X' signify? ...
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  • Extra silkscreen in 3d view

    I am seeing extra silkscreen in the 3d view that doesn't exist in the cams.  I have fixed this in the past but I don't recall what I did.   3d view, q6 and q8 have some copper showing up as silkscreen ...
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  • Anyone using the MCAD/ECAD Collaborator in PADS Standard now that is it included?

    Issues with getting mounting hole information from SMCAD into PADS via the PADS MCAD Collaborator tool when sending baseline file from MCAD. PADS says The object added cannot be found in the design. Chapter 27 of PADS...
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    Hi,   Is someone using the ECAD/MCAD collaborator tool with on EE side PADS layout and on ME side Creo?   If yes I would be more than happy if you could get in touch with me in order to know how do you set...
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  • Attributes not diplaying after creating pdf

    Hello !!! Greetings ;               After creating pdf in Pads Layout, when I open the pdf and right click on the component Some of...
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  • There are Pours which are not hatched in export to Cam350

    Hi   I have a problem exporting to cam file using the pads Layout using the Pads VX.2.5. It showing a error  " There are Pours which are not hatched" and the copper layer is not flooded in cam file. Any w...
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  • Output Gerber files are not Aligned

    Hi Everybody                      I am user of Pads 9.2,I designed 6 Layer PCB in this and i created gerber using ca...
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  • I need help with PADS VX.2.1 and ECO Compare

    I have a schematic in OrCAD 17.2, and I generate a netlist from there.  When I try to compare that netlist to the completed layout in PADS VX.2.1 it never works.  I found out yesterday that I need to manuall...
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  • Can't change or use new via type

    For the board I'm currently working on, I created a new via type called "ROUTING" with the following properties:   I created the via by following the standard procedure outlined in the help file and I selected...
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  • Exclude parts from placement file?

    Is there a way to automatically exclude parts (such as Mounting Holes and PCB-decals) from the placement file?    In the PADS Databook, I have set the property "Part List exclude" to value "True" for certai...
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  • What is a .pho.if2 file?

    Hi all,   I just generated a CAM output for my design and noticed that along with the usual .pho and .rep files there are now a bunch of .pho.if2 files.This is the first time I've seen files generated with that ...
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  • How to draw a rectangle/polygon using coordinates ?

    Greetings, The title basically sums it up. I'm trying to create a solder paste mask. I know there are several ways to do this but I'd like to start with a some rectangular polygons located correctly in space before I...
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  • CAM Plus

    Does anyone know how to make CAM Plus work in Batch Mode with a part.def file?
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  • Did Mentor fix the issue with the help system?

    I get an error using vX2.4 that says that Microsoft doesn't support .hlp files anymore and developers should use a different setup. I haven't installed vX2.5 yet, but I wonder if it's fixed.   I cant get context...
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  • Expedition to PADS layout translator

    I have an Expedition layout design, and need to translate it to PADS. I have both software tool installed on my PC: Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2.3 Pads Layout VX.1.2   Is there any translator tool available?
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  • Many Questions (Former Altium User)

    Hello Folks,   I have many questions:   How do I make all top (or botttom) layer surface mount pads display the color for that layer, regardless of their signal name? (Image 01.jpg)   How do I make a...
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  • PADS license One PC Consume 2 license

    Two PADS licenses are being used on one PC. The customer is experiencing a network license with two different features of the license version. We can not reproduce and only have a screen. SR3316039002. Customers ...
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  • Display list error

    Hi! I am new to PADS Layout and i encountered an error when importing my netlist from an .asc file. When importing a window pops up stating "Problems detected during Open PCB file. Show report file? - Yes -...
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