• Put a bunch of components on Grid at once?

    Hi, after changing the Grid from mil to mm (for some special reason) I want to put my Components on the new grid. But the only way i found is to move them one by one. It's a bit tedious so  I wonder, if there is ...
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  • Break Reuse

    Hi, I got a design (I think it was originally made using Version 9.5 ) opend in VX2.3. I access Eco Mode and want to delete some parts, bus I get this answer from PADS-Layout: "Reuse elements cannot be modified. Bre...
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  • PADS Router VX2.3 pad unconnected not shown ir error

    Hello I am using PADS Layout and Router.   When verifying the routed board there is a SMD pad unconnected to AGND because is surrounded by some tracks. Is there any way to detect this kind of unconnected pad? ...
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  • Adobe Create

    My top layer from PADS Layout doesn't show up in the composite view. It appears fine in Top View.
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  • Corners of paste mask shape associated to pads

    Greetings, I have a question about paste mask associated to pin (pad) in decal editor. After standard procedure for creating paste mask polygon for large or oddly shaped pins Siemens Support I ended up with sha...
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  • Can't change or use new via type

    For the board I'm currently working on, I created a new via type called "ROUTING" with the following properties:   I created the via by following the standard procedure outlined in the help file and I selected...
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  • DRC Fail?

    I am using PADS Layout VX2.5 and trying to have copper to trace clearance of 35mil on my net, but it does not do it near the vertex of my highlighted trace. That green corner is too close. I know the workarounds, but ...
    created by gary22pcb
  • Opposite Side is equal than bottom side? Library

    Hey Pads, community. Hoping you're very good.   I have a doubt regarding a library/decal creation. I'd like to create a library at the bottom and top side.  But, I was wondering if to create a bottom pad i...
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  • Assembly drawing with layer 1 dimmed

    Is it possible to create that kind of assembly drawing where layer 1 can be seen dimmed at background. Similarly bottom layer if there are components at bottom side. Pads layout VX2.5
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  • How Improve (Slow) Pads Router Performance?

    I work with a Dell Laptop   Specs CORE i7 - 8650U @1.9 GHz - 2.11 GHz  VPro  8th Gen System: Windows 10 (64 bits) RAM: 8 Gb HD: 240 Gb   Graphic Card specs Intel UHD Graphics 620 @ 300 Mhz ...
    created by arturo
  • Integrity test problems

    Hi, Using Pads Layout VX 2.3. Every time I open layout I receive the following warning in the status window. Any ideas how to remove this warning. The hot key "I" for integrity test does nothing that I can see. ...
    created by djefferson
  • IPC356 export fatal error

    When I try to export to an IPC356 file I get the following error: "Fatal error occurred while exporting design. Operation aborted" This happens for both IPC-D-356 and IPC-D-356A choices. This happens for all of my...
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  • Copper thieving

    Does PADS have an automated way to place copper thieving to unused PCB space, similar to copper pour?
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  • PADS LAYOUT - ROUTER - Copper connection error

    Hi, sometimes, in some projects I have some "fake" errors on COPPER AREA (not planes area) that are marked as not connected by the verification tool in LAYOUT and in ROUTER. I don't understand this error and can't re...
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  • How change Pads Library language to English

    Hello    I have a small question about Pads library tool. That is how to change the display language to English?   Appreciate your reply, thanks a lot.  
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  • How to Tent Vias for Solder Mask

    I am using VX.1.2 pads layout and am trying to have a solder mask that has thermal tented vias under the heat slug for helping for cooling.  I didn't originally and the solder would just get sucked through the vi...
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  • In PADS vx.2.6, visual style cannot be saved

    In PADS vx.2.6, when visual style changes to one of Microsoft office 2007 Aqua, Microsoft office 2007 Blue, Microsoft office 2007 Black, and Microsoft office 2007 Sliver, visual style automatically changes to Microsof...
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  • PADS 9.0 user library transfer instructions

    I am using PADS 9.0. My old computer is being replaced and I need to transfer the USER LIBRARY from the old PC to the new PC. Can I copy and paste a folder that contains the USER LIBRARY or its more complicated t...
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  • how to export decal as dxf file format ??

    Hi everyone,   I have the Footprint I need to export the footprint as dxf file format. I could not find the export option in pads layout. I can able to see the import option. I tried some other option like place...
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  • Highlight all NETS without Testpoints

    Does anyone know an easy way to highlight all nets without testpoint.     I can't find a way to do this.     joachim
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