• Generating Planes

    I'm trying to generate multiple planes on my top layer (which I want to duplicate on the bottom layer) and have created a square plane in the middle of my board on layer 1 (28V). I have created a larger plane using t...
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  • PADS Design Archive - Vault Supported on Linux?

    Hi,   We want to deploy the PADS Design Archive tool for Sub version Management in our company. Our Vault will reside on a Server. Which Server Operating Systems are supported?
    created by charl.peters
  • PADS Router VX2.3 pad unconnected not shown ir error

    Hello I am using PADS Layout and Router.   When verifying the routed board there is a SMD pad unconnected to AGND because is surrounded by some tracks. Is there any way to detect this kind of unconnected pad? ...
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  • Compatibility between PADS ES Suite and PADS pro

    Presently we are using PADS ES Suite (PADS VX2.1), netlist flow for our multilayered designs. But now a days as most of the designs have a requirement of Backdrilling and Antipads, PADS ES suite does not have any feat...
    created by ritu
  • Pads Professional Realistic Time To Productivity Learning Curve

    Hello again, I'm still plugging away at learning Pads Pro's wonderfully super charged user defined variables, and the software's capabilities. What I find daunting is the biblical proportions of the documentation for...
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  • Can PADS layout files be imported to PADS PRO? If yes, how?

    Our company just bought PADS Professional. Going through the tutorial is not fun, or intuitive, or thoroughly explained. I keep getting hung up on small things like "once I place a mounting hole, it's impossible to mo...
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  • SELECTION Window - How do you get rid of it?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete this selection window. I was playing around with different functions, and realized that I can drag a selection window around anything, and delete it, move it, etc....
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  • Using Orcad with PADS Professional

    I'm just learning to use Pads pro - switching over from PADS standard. Our Engineers here however, will continue to use Orcad until next year sometime (Date TBD).   I found this video which is horrible and has...
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  • DXF Title block and text from PADS stnd. to PADSPro ~

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a template from the data I pulled in.   I've got our company Title block/Logo/associated text visible and all placed onto one layer. Is there an easy way to sim...
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  • How to add multiple via's to a single pin

    Hello all,   I've been running into this quite a while now, sometimes I get it working, sometimes I don't. I'm working with PADS Professional VX2.3 update 10. My problem is the following:   I want to add m...
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  • Single ended impedance in Stack Up

    How to calculate single ended impedance in stack up editor ? Please see in attachment I have defined the copper top and bottom thickness and also the substrate thickness and solder mask thickness. Is there any thing m...
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  • Problem: Importing project from Expedition to PAD professional, it changes all Refernce Designator.

    I use Dx Designer with Pads professional VX.2.1 Upd 4, and i need to import an old project maked with Expedition PCB. The procedure is OK, but all the reference designator are changed. Is a big problem, because the...
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  • about backup strategy in PADS professional

    Dear expert, I am migrating from PADS 9.5 to PADS professional. After reading "project backup" section on PADS professional evaluation guide and some test, I found that in PADS DX Designer, there is no "save" operati...
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  • Can PADS professional Layout outputs .asc data?

    Hi there, I previously use PADS 9.5 for layout, it can export .asc file for Cadence Sigrity for simulation. I have noticed that PADS professional Layout cannot export .asc file, am I right? Thank you
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  • Is PADS Professional the same as ES, but includes the AutoRouter??

    Is PADS professional the same as ES, but includes the AutoRouter??
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  • How do I create a new design from an existing design in Pads Professional

    I have a new design that is 80% the same as an existing design. I want to copy that schematic and layout, and give the new DX project a new name (we use PCBA part number) and also give the pads professional layout a n...
  • Fail to translator Cadence to PADS Professional

    There are some Problem about translating Cadence to PADS Professional: (1)Successfully translating Orcad Schematic to PADS DX Designer; (2)Successfully translating  Allegro PCB to PADS Layout; (3)Fail to synch...
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  • OLE?

    Does PADS Pro support OLE? Xpedition vx2.1 does not and we're trying to decide if Xpedition is still the right tool Thanks, Carl
    created by cgoldenbus
  • Space Components Evenly

    Is there a way PADS Pro Layout to space a bunch of placed components evenly/equally?
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  • Pin mapping error dialogue

    Pin Mapper has never been the most helpful tool, but now I'm trying to map 100 pins. If you make the slightest mistake or diversion during mapping, you get a most unhelpful error message.   If you've mapped a pi...
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