• migrating from Logic to DxDesigner

    Hi All.   I've been a long-time Logic user and have grown to love it after getting settled into its methods and madness.  I've only recently started getting up to speed on a new release, having spent much o...
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  • Anyone else migrating from Logic to xDxDesigner?

    I have resisted for years making the switch, there was just too much Logic legacy here.  I didn't want to maintain 2 libraries and design flows.  The VX release changed the xDx library structure, we purchase...
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  • PADS Logic VX.1

    Company received email from Mentor that dual licensing for xDX Designer and PADS Logic was being removed with new part number for Logic and to request new license file. This is in order for Mentor to more accurately t...
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  • Pads Logic - locks up when deleting wire from converted Capture schematic

    I converted an Orcad Capture schematic using the Mentor utility, and that was fine. I have been fixing library inconsistencies, and I'm on the third page. There is a wire that, when I delete it, locks the program up....
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  • Design corruption with DxDesigner 9.2

    I need some help with a strange PADS/DxDesigner 9.2 problem. Multiple parts in one of my schematics are being repeatedly corrupted. The VALUE and PKG_TYPE fields seem to get swapped between two sets of components. Unf...
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  • New Blog: PADS Logic vs. xDX Designer ? - When YOUR Use Case Changes

    Hello there,   I've just posted a new PADS Blog entitled: PADS Logic vs. xDX Designer ? - When YOUR Use Case Changes   Since the release of PADS VX there have been some great questions regarding the inte...
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  • Why does Mentor not listen to its customers regarding it DX Designer database files system.

    Hello   I have one question Why does Mentor not listen to its customers regarding it DX Designer database files system.     Mentor Royally messed up Dx Designer with the messed up database file system ...
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  • xDX Designer (DxDesigner) VX release highlights

    For those interested in seeing what's new in the PADS VX release of xDX Designer the release highlights can be found here:     http://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.technote&id=MG585786&l...
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  • Special characters

    Just a small contribution, because I tend to take from PADs communities more than I give.   So far, all the supportnet queries on using special characters I've seen are misleading.  One says that after PADS...
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  • Pads 9.3 - Can't create or modify 2D lines. Mouse pointer not visible in drawing area

    Recently began having problem with Pads Logic. Whenever I attempt to create or modify 2D lines the mouse poiinter is not visible in drawing area. Playing around I am able to accomplish this if I right-click first in t...
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  • visEDATA Beta 2 now available for PADS 9.5

    To all current & potential visEDATA Beta users, there is now a new download available that is compatiable with PADS 9.5   Just visit the following visEDATA Beta web site http://www.mentorpcb-beta.com/index.p...
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  • PADS 9.5 No Logic Updates?

    I thought I read being able to re-annotate schematic was coming along with other improvements. Is there a list of possible updates coming in the next year for future updates. The PADS idea site is great to post idea...
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  • DxDesigner Webinar on November 13th. Register soon!

    Have you tried the new 7.9.4 release of DxDesigner?  Learn more about Aspen and other features by attending the Nov. 13 webinar http://go.mentor.com/2hhu7. Read Gary Lameris' latest blog, Introducing Aspen. The...
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  • Infinite wisdom

    I think MG should make all the small PADS file icons identical.  That way we can never tell which application we're trying to open until we've already wasted our time opening the wrong one.  Oh wait... they'...
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  • Test

    As an option to the PADS listserve, this place is very quiet.  Just checking to see if I'm set up correctly.
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  • DxDesigner burns me again.

    In creating a net-list generic or Pads in the config file there is a  little item called repack. What it does is it Reslots or Re-redes's all your Slotted symbols. If you have a large connector that you are usi...