• Printing Variant schematic with mostly black and white

    Hello, I'd like to have my variant schematics all black and white, except red X's through the unplaced parts. Is there a good way to do this without messing witht he colors seen white editing the schematic? I found t...
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  • Second @PRINTORDER property added from "Update Other Objects..."

    I'm having odd behavior in a schematic with using @PRINTORDER. Note, that I am still just setting this up to work so maybe there is something broken. Prior, the @SHEET property was being used for our page numbers (eek...
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  • Power Pin isolated to an instance of a block

    Is there a way to have a power pin be a unique net within a given block. This is a two part issue. 1) Having a local power plane (puddle) per instance of the block. and 2) Having a more "global" power plane (puddle...
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  • sch to edif

    Hi guys,   I want to convert my *.sch file into *.edif. Is it really possible using PADS VX.2.3? Thanks in advance.     Regards, Beben0303
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  • dbc file sharing

    How can i share a dbc file with 2 designers in dxdata book
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  • Deleting system attributes (Part Name, Part Label, Part Number) - PADS VX Standard

    Hi everyone,   I got a problem that no one seemed to ask about since now. I have to premise, I'm quite new to Mentor world. I'm an old Altium user but, for now, I'm not feeling bad with PADS in this first month ...
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  • BOM importing

    Can I import the BOM in schematic? Because some time I need to change the multiple parts attributes. So if BOM importing possible then we can changes done in text file & just to import it in schematic. 
  • Why does DxDesigner Ver. 9.x refresh the schematic window so often ?

    Hello,   we are DxDesigner and PADS users for many years. During evaluation of the new 9.x releases we discovered a visual weakness: The schematic window refreshes as a whole for almost every small activity, l...
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  • Spacing Between Characters, PDF, VX2.1

    Using DXDesigner VX2.1. When exporting a PDF there seems to be an abnormally large spacing between characters. When I switch back to VX1.1 the problem goes away. g Font settings, Fixed, calibri, scaled at 2. PDF Setti...
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  • How to edit the title in PADS 9.5 or Vx.x version ?

    Hi everyone,   i need to edit the title with respect to customer requirement. i need to add customer logo and project Name and code everything. if add the customer logo in OLE object format. i could not able to ...
  • DRC on symbol with pass-thru-pin

    Hello everyone,   one more problem I just encountered: I created a pass thru pin - symbol. The symbol has two pins (both having the same name, pin number and other properties). When I use this symbol, the net on...
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  • what is contained in a .pcb file and can you generate project file/ schematic file out of it?

    Hello all, I am new to PADS software and only has a bit experience in the PCB Design. I have a .pcb file which I could open by using the PADs Viewer, and when I tried using the PADS designer to open nothing happens....
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  • Hyperlink on Hierarchical Block enabled in pdf

    Hi everyone,   we are going to start hierarchical designs in dxdesigner, using pads flow. Today I added a new property to my prp-file, called "BlockDocLink". My intention is to write some kind of documentation ...
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  • Sheet order for instantiated hierarchy blocks.

    I am seeing an issue where when I instantiate multiple blocks on a sheet, it isn't clear which subsequent sheet(s) apply to which instantiation. Example my block has two sheets A + B, I have 4 of the blocks on let's ...
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  • Symbol Wizard not ending

    Hi all, I am facing with a strange issue in PADS2.3 while working on an integrated project (with central library settings as from the user manual)  I launched the library tools and started producing a new symbol...
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  • Pin Sequence Numbers in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library

    I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept of "Pin Sequence Numbers" in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library and it doesn't make any sense.  I put my thoughts and findings in attached PDF document....
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  • migrating from Logic to DxDesigner

    Hi All.   I've been a long-time Logic user and have grown to love it after getting settled into its methods and madness.  I've only recently started getting up to speed on a new release, having spent much o...
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  • Rookie User - Library question

    I am making minor modifications to an existing design.  Our work environment uses PADS VX.0 with netlist flow.  I have copied the schematic and layout files but when doing an ECO compare to implement my mi...
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  • start PADS layout from DxDesigner, using PADS9.5

    I'm using PADS 9.5 and was wondering if It is possible to start PADS Layout from DxDesigner? Could I edit the PCB interface file to automatically start the layout tool once I run the Assign Reference Designators or Cr...
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  • Linking Different Standard Reference Schematic to Single Schematic

    Hello All ,   We are using PADS 9.2 and we want to link different schematic to single schematic . Is it possible ?   Suppose we have a standard reference schematic for every circuit diagram with the standa...
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