• Opening schematic files

    Hello community. I am trying to open some existing schematic files. I assume that this has been done in PADS. The file extensions for those files are strange, they are ending in e.g. .10 for page 10 of the schematic, ...
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  • Change implicit power supply definitions on schematic level

    I downloaded the ODA starter library to begin playing around with xDX Designer in PADS VX.0 and noticed that most ICs consisting of multiple gates define the power supply and ground pins implicitly (e.g., a dual op-am...
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  • Change the default net name from xDX designer

    How can i change the default net name convention from $1234 to maybe norm$1234?
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  • xDX Designer Part Lister missing components

    Does anyone know how to fix a problem where the parts lister in the integrated DX Design flow outputs a .csv file with no components? I'm using the DefaultCSV file, changed the delimiter to a comma and then adjusted t...
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  • Import Altium files to DxDesigner?

    Hello,   Is there a tutorial on how to import files from Altium Designer to DxDesigner?   I am currently trying to import a project with multiple schematics. But, the Symbols and Schematic translator only ...
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  • Importing a .sch Schematic

    I am trying to import the attached schematic file into PADS. Has anyone been successful in do this?   The file represents TI's MSP-EXP430F5529. The file can be downloaded here also:   MSP430F5529 USB Laun...
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  • Part substitution by a custom property/attribute

    My company is looking into migrating to xDX Designer from PADS Logic. I have been assigned to translate company's libraries and schematics to the Integrated Flow. I have translated the old libraries to the Central Lib...
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  • Sheet based net class assignment

    I have attempted to setup sheet based net class in DxDesigner, but netlisting reveals this is being ignored. So I'll ask the community has anyone be able to set this up? PLease advise. Thank you folr your help and con...
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  • how to create custom off page symbol in pads logic ??

    i need to create custom off page connector symbol in pads logic and let me know what is mean by logic icon while creating library ??
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  • issue in Library part creation in pads logic ??

    Hi everyone, i created CAP part type which contain CAP_0402 and  Alternative part  is CAP_0603.For CAP_0402 symbol i assigned 0402_1 and For CAP_0603 symbol i assigned 0603 decal. while importing netlist i...
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  • Dxdesigner global ground issue

    Hi,   I'm having trouble connecting GND net across Hierarchy blocks. I'm currently using special component:gound to make every GND global (from the nets' properties they shows up as Italic) I attached an example...
  • When to Use Multi-Slot Device vs. Hetero Type 2 Device?

    Good day folks,   I reviewed the info at the Technote MG583318 and found it quite helpful, especially the videos.  I am using the DxDesigner with PADS 9.5 (the ES setup).   But, I am still not reall...
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  • Annotating schematic

    Hi everyone!   I am new and trying to learn to use PADS(DxDesigner). I somehow managed to figure out how to create schematic, how to create libraries and how to route PCB(all steps seperately, not together as I...
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  • About Pads VX.0 xDM Library Tools Problem!

           I on http://www.pads.com/downloads/pads-download-evaluation to download the trial version of 14 days PADSVX, install the software, I use xDX Designer open software included with the exa...
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  • DxDesigner to pads pinswapping

    First what is the .db file generated when I use the pcb interface for pads ?   Second I have PINWAP attributes set in symbols in the schematic. It seems the PINSWAP goes in the the .db file but not into the .P f...
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  • Adding new fonts to symbol editor in PADS VX.0

    Hi,   New to PADS and setting up our system to transition over from PCAD.  I have created new properties in the property definition editor (xDM Library Tools) and have associated the correct fonts with thes...
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  • Missing Symbol Libraries

    Every time I close out a given project and re-open it, the symbol libraries are missing and I have to reload them, which gets very tedious to keep doing over and over again.   Any suggestions? Version is DxD 9.5...
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  • Printing hierarchical designs in DxDesigner 9.1?

    I am having difficulty printing an entire hierarchical design in DxDesigner 9.1.   If I go to file->print->sheets, I can print any sheets that I like in any order that I like. However, several of those she...
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  • Live Verification - Ref Des

    How does one utilize the live verification tool without the reference designators resetting to a question mark? I need to keep the ref des's the same, while updating all the properties.
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  • how to implement hetero symbols across multiple sheets?

    Hi,   I'm new to Hetero device and setups. How do I implement multiple Hetero symbols across sheets?   I attached my sheet hierarchy setup. Basically I have splitted up a device by 6 parts, put each of the...