• Importing Schematic and BOM Info Problem

    Has anyone imported a schematic and tried creating a BOM from the imported schematic?   I have imported a schematic into Mentor Graphics Designer (which is similar to PADS). When I generate a BOM from Designer, ...
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  • Hyperlinks from "view pcb" not working

    Hi,   I am trying to get the referance numbers in my schematic design. I have some pages of imported from orcad. So I am getting errors but, when I click the errors, it is not taking me to that component. Find t...
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  • *Bad *CONNECTION* ascii data format, nets must contain more than one pin.

    Hi,   I am using a preliminary license of pads with xdx desiagner. I was not naming the nets initially and the dx designer created netlist properly. But, when I cleaned up the design with proper namings on net I...
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  • Schematic net missing from pin in layout

    Using PADS VX.0 Flow Schematic: xDxDesigner Layout: PADS VX.0 (July 8 2014 23:35:32)   I am using a heirarchical schematic.   I have a fuse holder that uses four through hole pins - two per side of the fu...
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  • Variant manager for multiple PCB in one project

    Hello, I'm currently using xDX designer VX1.2 and trying to use the variant manager.   First of all, I have 5 boards in one project and the variant seems to not allows that. Indeed, when I open the variant man...
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  • Problem with importing pins from CSV file.

    Hi there,   I am having trouble getting the "File -> Import Pins" operation to work in the DxDesigner 9.3.1 Symbol Editor.   I have created a CSV file, attached, but when I do the  "File -> Impo...
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  • xDX Databook - disabled features : Live and Hierarchical verifications

    Hello, I'm using xDX Designer with xDX Databook and I would like to start a live verification but the button is grey and it is impossible to click on it. How can I enable this feature ? Same thing for the Hierarchic...
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  • map.cfg question

    In the supplied map.cfg file from Mentor, there are 6 lines that I'm wondering what they are there for. They are:   "" \= "Block Name" "" \= "Instance Name "" \= "Internal Name" "" \= "PARAMETRIC" "" \= "Pin...
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  • ECO file input location.

    I am using DXDesigner with Pads netlist flow. I made a simple eco ascii file to rename several nets in pads, no issues. I imported and got the results I expected. Now I am trying to use this same eco in DXDesigner. I...
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  • Delete Non-Commmon property tool question

    Wondering if anyone has setup the Delete Non-Common property tool to run a series of updates (ex: a script that promotes symbol properties, then deletes and renames of list of properties, then deletes a different list...
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  • Controlling DxPDF export

    Hi, Started trying to use DxPDF export instead of printing to PDF to use some of the additional features like imbedded URL's.  Had to change our DxDatabook entries for Datasheet to use / and not \,  that wor...
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  • How to Convert DxDesigner schematics from PADS 2007 to PADS vx1.2?

    I have old schematics designed using DxDesigner PADS v2007. I am trying to open them in DxDesigner PADS vx1.2 however when I try to open them, it opens up as a notepad file rather than a schematic file. Does anybody k...
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  • Exporting Attributes to Pads Layout

    I'm using DxDesigner 2007 and PADs Layout 2007 to maintain an older design.   My goal is to get the height attributes from my schematic components (DxDesigner) -> PADs Layout (pcb file) -> export them in a...
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  • Migration stopped because of problems with WIR files generation

    hello everyone, i'v download a schematic project from xilinx. they provide this schematic project in dxdesigner format. i installed pads9.3 and use it to open the project. the new dxdesigner tells me to upgrade the ...
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  • Schematic readonly mode

    When I try to assign ref des in VX1, "schematic is in read only mode" dialog comes up. How do I get out of this mode?
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  • Magic script button to create an .ASC, Partlister and PDF at the same time

    Hi All,   I was asked an interesting question that sounds plausable but would like to verify it and if it is possible how would I set it up? Is it possible to use the "customize Tools Menu" to create a button t...
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  • How do I copy and rename a PADS VX Integrated Project

    How do I copy and rename a PADS VX Integrated Project?
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  • Sending BOM directly from PADS Logic/DxDesigner to SAP?

    Hi   Is anoyne sending BOMs directly from PADS Logic/DxDesigner to an ERP system - such as SAP? If yes - how do you do it? What interface program are you using?   Currently we are looking at a program ca...
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  • xDM Library is not assigning symbols

    Hi,   I've been trying out the PADSVX.1.1 standard plus for a couple of days, trying to create a new part in the xDM library, everything seems find except the symbol I created is not assigned to the part:  ...
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  • Migration from Netlist based design to Central library based

    Migration from Netlist based design to Central library based is proving to be impossible , mostly because of the packager related errors.   Starting from square one, dancing around the issues would be easy BUT!!...
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