• How to connect two nets with different names in Mentor PADS

    I would like to know how to connect two nets with different names in a schematic...is there a special "Net Tie" symbol? How is this imported to the PCB?
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  • Schematic Design Review

    I would like to know what other people use for their schematic reviews? I'm trying to find a better way than our current method (lists on confluence). I'm thinking it would be most efficient if it were in a format tha...
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  • Reuse settings in a new design

    Hi all,   Noob question:   I finished a PADS design project several months ago and I just started a new one. Is there a way to easily reuse the settings (library paths, etc.) from that project in my new pr...
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  • What is the CNS file mean in the PAD designer?

              When I open my design in DxDesigner I receive a constraint message that reads "CNS file cannot be loaded".     Install Id: 1589080 Flow Id: PADS VX.2...
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  • DxDessigner ECO

    There are two methods for ECO. 1. DxDesigner: PCB interface - Run command line after processing 2. PADS Layout: Tools - DxDesigner link   However, both have limited functionality and must proceed twice. No. 1...
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  • Create a "dummy" PCB-pad in Designer

    Hi,   we use PADS VX.2.4, net flow. We need to make a direct wire connection to a board. So we need some solder points on the PCB. I know how to handle this in PADS by adding a component and make a connection o...
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  • Image "bring to back" not available

    Hello,   is it currently somehow possible to bring a bitmap image object to the background?   Let me describe a special but probably interesting use case: We would like to have a block diagram on the firs...
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  • Creating a Page Number File for Use with Cross Reference, Scout and xDX PDF using the @PRINTORDER Property

    This document explains how to create a page order file with the help of a script, and then how to use this file in conjunction with cross referencing and with PDF output.  It also identifies the limitations of th...
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  • part in PADS Logic cannot be sent to PCB

    Something is VERY strange here. I built a part, connected it up to other parts in a schematic, and when sending it to the PCB, all but the mystery part is sent. In the schematic, nets are there, decals ok, everything...
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  • Property duplicated

    Hi all, I just got a strange error: I opened a design, generated in PADS9.5 using now VX2.3 (netlist-flow). I moved, deleted and added some components like resistors, but no big deal. As I wanted to "Create Netlist f...
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  • Symbol Editor program location?

    Hi all,   After years of using Orcad for schematics and Pads for layout, I now get to use DxDesigner.  I'm currently running the PADS 9.5 flow.   I would like to edit a symbol.  I have a round-ab...
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  • Cannot find tutorial

    I have just purchased Pads.  In the package is a pads designer preview file.  Is this linked to a tutorial?  I have finished the PCB tutorial, but I am lost as far as the schematic capture end of this g...
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  • Where can I find information about live online and classroom training classes for PADS?

    Where can I find information about live online and classroom training classes for PADS?: http://supportnet.mentor.com/?do=reference.technote&id=MG590853&prod=C115-S153-G192-P10548&lang=en&snw_source=p...
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  • how to edit the border Property in Dxdesigner ??

    Hi everyone, i am new to Dxdesigner.Right now i am learning Dxdesigner.i added Border.i need to edit the property how to edit the property.is i possible to create custom border.Let me explain any one. i need to edit...
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  • Printing Variant schematic with mostly black and white

    Hello, I'd like to have my variant schematics all black and white, except red X's through the unplaced parts. Is there a good way to do this without messing witht he colors seen white editing the schematic? I found t...
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  • Second @PRINTORDER property added from "Update Other Objects..."

    I'm having odd behavior in a schematic with using @PRINTORDER. Note, that I am still just setting this up to work so maybe there is something broken. Prior, the @SHEET property was being used for our page numbers (eek...
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  • Power Pin isolated to an instance of a block

    Is there a way to have a power pin be a unique net within a given block. This is a two part issue. 1) Having a local power plane (puddle) per instance of the block. and 2) Having a more "global" power plane (puddle...
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  • sch to edif

    Hi guys,   I want to convert my *.sch file into *.edif. Is it really possible using PADS VX.2.3? Thanks in advance.     Regards, Beben0303
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  • dbc file sharing

    How can i share a dbc file with 2 designers in dxdata book
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  • Deleting system attributes (Part Name, Part Label, Part Number) - PADS VX Standard

    Hi everyone,   I got a problem that no one seemed to ask about since now. I have to premise, I'm quite new to Mentor world. I'm an old Altium user but, for now, I'm not feeling bad with PADS in this first month ...
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