• Drag Move is very slow in PADS Logic.

    Selecting and dragging multiple objects in PADS Logic is very slow. By the way, disabling VGA makes this operation very fast.   Are there any settings available for VGA? If you disable VGA, some notebooks will ...
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  • Can't remove a bitmap from a schematic

    Hi,   Anyone know how to remove a somewhat hidden bitmap from a PADS Logic schematic.  It just appeared in the schematic one day (likely due to something the designer did by accident).  It doesn't show...
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  • Not seeing newly created power and ground off page types.

    Open an older schematic that has multiple power and grounds (+15V, +12V, +5V, -15V, -12V, -5V, dig gnd, gnd1, agnd, agnd2 using only two symbols (+5V, -5V) with different net names for power and ground (don’t as...
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  • BGA PCB decal "height"?

    I found the PCB decal for the FPGA that we are planning to use, but there are 5 of them, each with different last 3 digits, which seem to indicate the "height", as follows;   BGA672C100P26X26_2700X2700X242 BGA6...
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  • How to suppress component from BOM?

    How do you prevent a schematic component from showing up in the BOM?  Is there an option or an attribute that can be set?   I'm running Pads Logic 2.4.   I know it's possible--I have a schematic ...
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  • Need 3 different GND

    Hi there,   My application need to show 3 GND, but all should be tied with main GND. Take a look,     I know the link where the Off-pages are suggested to create, https://communities.mentor.com/mes...
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  • No components showing in layout after linking to logic

    Hi I'm trying to link my design in pads logic to my design in pads layout and am having some trouble. So far in pads logic I have clicked on tools, then pads layout and then went to the document tab in the pop up box ...
    created by joey_minnella
  • How to create fractured symbol?

    Hi All,   I am very new in pads logic.For 400 pin connector(FMC HPC) ,i want to make symbol in three or four sub symbol. How i can make it ? Please help me .   Thanks & Regards, Kuntal
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  • Translated Schematics

    Using Logic VX.2.4 I was able to translate an Altium 96 page schematic.  The problem is that it creates individual pages and I'm able to view each page I've tried so far in Logic.  But, how can I merge all t...
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  • how to do the Schematic level  DRC checking in PADS logic Vx2.1

    Hello   Can anyone help me on steps involved to do the Schematic level  DRC checking (net connectivity, floating nets identification) in PADS logic Vx2.1.   Thanks
  • .prj to .sch to ASCII .txt?

    Hi all,   I've inherited a PADS Designer project .prj that has a bunch of schematic sheets. I need to obtain .txt ASCII files from the aforementioned schematic sheets. The only way I've found to do it seems to b...
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  • Importing Altium .schdoc into PADS Logic VX

    I get netlist errors when I import an AD17 schematic into VX-revision PADS Logic.  The actual netlist generated by PADS Logic appears to be correct, but PADS' .ERR file is full of comments like those shown below....
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  • How to change default text sizes in PADS Logic VX2.1

    Is there a way to change the default text sizes on a schematic in PADS Logic? For example, I would like all my net names to be size 6. I can go to Tools > Options > Text and change them all to size 6, however, o...
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  • PADS Logic - Selection jumps upon mouse move

    When I select a group of gates and nets and then attempt to move them, I find the selection always jumps in a nonsensical way. I have struggled endlessly to work around this vexing productivity killer. I make frequent...
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  • PADS logic links to PADS layout

    Hello, I'm trying to link the schematic in pads logic to pads layout.  First, I import the OrCad Capture schematic (.DSN) design into PADS logic.  I have no problem at this step then I click on pads layout ...
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  • How to convert PADS schematic to DXF format

      I used to get away by creating PDFs from schematics for documentation. Now, a new customer wants the PADS schematics in DXF format. Any suggestions on how to do this will be appreciated.     Tony &#...
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  • PADS Logic Schematic Symbol Pin Visibility

    How do I make the pins visible?  I don't see any settings in the tool and didn't find anything in the user guide.  
  • PadsLogicVx2.2 part information display Bug

    There are many versions of PadsLogic, including the current V2.2, there will be a lot of display problems, such as the following:
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  • PADS LOGIC V1.2 on Windows 10 Fatal error when launching Basic Scripts

    I have a user who had Mentor Graphics 2.1 and 1.2 loaded on his Windows 7 PC. Every time he launches Basic Scripts or script editor it crashes. He upgraded to Windows 10. I had him remove all PADS products and we just...
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  • Pads Logic lags on Windows 10 after long period of usage.

    Hi   Does anyone experience Pads Logic VX lags after continuous usage for about 6 hours? It lags by not having a slow response during zooming in and out and moving from sheet to sheet. It solves by restarting P...
    created by leejunguan