• part in PADS Logic cannot be sent to PCB

    Something is VERY strange here. I built a part, connected it up to other parts in a schematic, and when sending it to the PCB, all but the mystery part is sent. In the schematic, nets are there, decals ok, everything...
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  • sch to edif

    Hi guys,   I want to convert my *.sch file into *.edif. Is it really possible using PADS VX.2.3? Thanks in advance.     Regards, Beben0303
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  • Converting PADS Logic and PADS Layout to DxDesigner and PADS Pro

    How do I go about converting our PADS Logic symbols and PADS layout decals to DxDesigner and PADS Pro? I haven't found anything posted on here.   Thanks,    M. McCord
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  • Steps for converting PADS Logic and PADS Layout library to DxDesigner/PADS Pro

    Are there instructions to Covert PADS to PADS Pro?
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  • Pin to Gates assignment: manually only?

    Hi everyone,   I got a problem. I'm creating a new part for an FPGA that I integrated in the design. Now, since the FPGA has 400 pins, I split it in many gates that now I'm associating to the same part. The poi...
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  • Pads Logic mouse Scroll with Ctrl key cannot zoom in and out

    Hi, I am using Pads Logic V2.2, the mouse Scroll with Ctrl key used to for zoom in and out, however suddenly it does not work. can someone help?   Eva
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  • Placement side as rule in Logic

    Hello,   is there a way to define for a component the placement side as a rule?   I have to ensure that components are placed on the definded placement side.     Joachim
  • Quick Search Value or Decal and Editing

    Hi I have a question.   In PADS Logic, is there anyway I can do a quick search for same "Value" or "Decal", and furthermore, edit or work with the found items?   I have included a reference from other tool...
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  • PADS Logic Update Message

    The following message is displayed in PADS Logic. This is the first message I see, does anyone know?
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  • Fast "all net names visible" option in Pads Logic schematic

    I need to have all 200 or so net names visible on my schematic in Pads Logic.   Is there a fast easy way to "select all" and turn on all net names?   Right now it's very tedious because I have to click on an...
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  • How to make a net's name visible on schematic?

    I have a schematic where there are some point-to-point nets that have net names (the net name shows up in the bottom left corner when I click on it), but the net name is not visible on the schematic.  How to I tu...
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    I am  new in PADS LOGIC and trying to edit an existing part symbol. While CAE decal works but, PCB decals showing Library locked and operation aborted. There is no way to get around but, kill whole job. While I r...
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  • Drag Move is very slow in PADS Logic.

    Selecting and dragging multiple objects in PADS Logic is very slow. By the way, disabling VGA makes this operation very fast.   Are there any settings available for VGA? If you disable VGA, some notebooks will ...
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  • Can't remove a bitmap from a schematic

    Hi,   Anyone know how to remove a somewhat hidden bitmap from a PADS Logic schematic.  It just appeared in the schematic one day (likely due to something the designer did by accident).  It doesn't show...
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  • Not seeing newly created power and ground off page types.

    Open an older schematic that has multiple power and grounds (+15V, +12V, +5V, -15V, -12V, -5V, dig gnd, gnd1, agnd, agnd2 using only two symbols (+5V, -5V) with different net names for power and ground (don’t as...
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  • BGA PCB decal "height"?

    I found the PCB decal for the FPGA that we are planning to use, but there are 5 of them, each with different last 3 digits, which seem to indicate the "height", as follows;   BGA672C100P26X26_2700X2700X242 BGA6...
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  • How to suppress component from BOM?

    How do you prevent a schematic component from showing up in the BOM?  Is there an option or an attribute that can be set?   I'm running Pads Logic 2.4.   I know it's possible--I have a schematic ...
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  • Need 3 different GND

    Hi there,   My application need to show 3 GND, but all should be tied with main GND. Take a look,     I know the link where the Off-pages are suggested to create, https://communities.mentor.com/mes...
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  • No components showing in layout after linking to logic

    Hi I'm trying to link my design in pads logic to my design in pads layout and am having some trouble. So far in pads logic I have clicked on tools, then pads layout and then went to the document tab in the pop up box ...
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  • How to create fractured symbol?

    Hi All,   I am very new in pads logic.For 400 pin connector(FMC HPC) ,i want to make symbol in three or four sub symbol. How i can make it ? Please help me .   Thanks & Regards, Kuntal
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