• PADS logic v2.2 crash

    Hi all,   PADS logic v2.2 always crashes when we launch it. We only have trouble with this program. Do you have the same problem? Thank you!
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  • In win10,the Pads logic VX.2.2 Options dialog UI bug!

    In win10, the pads logic Options dialog box is display incomplete, so that I can't click OK or cancel. This problem has existed for a long time, and no one has ever solved it ! Do you happen to have this problem?
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  • Logic VX.0 - "Schematic file not compatible with current version"

    Hi,   I'm trying to load some PADS schematics I found in a project archive ZIP file from many years ago, and am encountering this error message in Logic:   Schematic file not compatible with current versio...
    created by philpem
  • Query Related to TimeStamp while updating Part Type in PADS LOGIC

    Hello All ,   Please provide guidance for the timestamp message generated while updating part type in PADS LOGIC .   Find the attached picture for the same .   Best Regards , Parth Sutariya Hardware C...
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  • Migrating symbol From PADS logic to DX designer

    Am importing the PADS logic component symbol am unable to edit PIN name of the symbol (import symbol from PADS logic).   regards, Ravichandran.
  • Pads LOGIC: how to escape from Tools-Customize Menu

    Hi, I entered into Customize Menù (under "Tools")...but now I'm not able to go out from this function. The only way that I find it "CTRL+ALT+CANC" :-( Can you help me? In the PADS LOGIC GUIDE is not Write !...
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  • how to remove the Read only access in Library??

    Hi everyone, i have the Library file. i could not edit the library.i got some error message ,How to remove the Read only access from library.     Thanks and Regards, K.R.Kabaleeswaran.
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  • Edit PADS template file for .pho files

    let me start by saying I am new to PADS and did not create the original PCB. I am trying to edit what appears to be a template. Typing "template" into the help menu yields "Working Folder Browser Dialog Box" totally...
    created by gking
  • Rookie User - Library question

    I am making minor modifications to an existing design.  Our work environment uses PADS VX.0 with netlist flow.  I have copied the schematic and layout files but when doing an ECO compare to implement my mi...
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  • PADS Logic : 0 gates in the Library

    Hi All,   I have created a schematic 2 months back, during this time everything was fine. Layout is created using this schematic.   Now I need to update some section in schematic, but I am getting below er...
  • Sample .CSV file for import pin list in PADS Logic ??

    Hi everyone,   i am looking for .CSV file which contain pin list format. please post any one .CSV file for pin list format. i made it .but it is not working  
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  • PIN DECAL <PIN> not found

    Dear All,   I am newbie to Pads. While creating a new part I get an error.  Please advise. Attached Image     Akshay
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  • Designing 1-825433-4 header in pads logic.

    Hello, Similar to xdxdesign, I wanna make a header as follows, take a look .     In Pads logic, I have go through, Tools>Part Editor then File>New, It shows,   I have selected "connector" ...
  • Can we use PartQuest Symbols in pads Logic?

    Hi Gray,   I am using both xdx designer and Pads logic (vx1.2) & I use part quest (Digikey) for downloading components in xdx, So, is there any option to download part quest digikey Symbols/components in t...
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  • Help me in reference design

    Hello, Take a look this view and let me know how to generate this power node/bus/terminal in PADS logic. Sorry, it might be a silly question.
  • Error opening schematic

    Hi, Does anyone know what to do if this error pops up?
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  • Logic VX1.2 BOM not sorting in order

    When in clipboard view, select "Reference" to sort by RefDes. Previous versions sorted alpha numerically, VX1.2 sorts single digits first, then double digits after. e.g. C1, C4, C7, C11, C14, C16, then.... C2.  ...
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  • How to edit templates in Pads Logic?

    I have been trying to edit my templates in PADS Logic with no success.   I can see all of the templates in my database but I cannot edit them. If I go to File>>Library>>Lines it will show the differe...
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  • 'Create pdf' in Pads Logic

    Hi,   I've created a schematics in PADS Logic VX1.1 running on window 8.1. After using the command ' create pdf', the text is being stretched. Left side of the picture below is the result against the original ...
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  • library terminal overlap in symbol during symbol creation

    Does anybody know how to prevent a terminal been accidentally overlap with another terminal during library creation? Is there any script to verify library. The current Check part is not able to capture such error.
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