• local symbol with same name in and out ports

    Hi there,    I'm using V.X.2.4.   Is there a way to have on the same symbol both in and out port with the same name? Let's say I'm not using globals and power and ground need to come into a symbol an...
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  • Central Library strange blocking of access to library

    Hello I have strange issue with my Central Library. I have created my own Central Library. I was able to access to library from DxDesigner via Tools-> PADS Pro Library Tools, but since today I am able to edit this...
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  • Place Multiple Symbol in one shot in xDxDesigner from DxDatabook?

    Hello, i am using Xpedition vx2.5, & i want to place multiple parts from DxDatabook in single attempt. rite now if i want to place 100 parts with same cell assignment, then i have to select on each part and pl...
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  • Change custom property without Part Editor

    Hi,   I need some detail about properties definition.   I want to create components which i can manually edit properties on the schematic and transfer on layout without adding values in the part editor. &#...
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  • How to add a menu in symbol editor to run an automation script?

    Hi,   i am currently trying to automate the process of symbol creation in the library a little. Therefore it would be usefull to add a menu for the automation scripts in the symbol Editor. In the documentation...
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  • Deselect all

    Hi, I cannot find a way to deselect all components in DxDesigner at once. Usage : I replace a couple of components (with same partnumber/symbolname)  and therefor select them over the whole project. After repla...
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  • Embedded  Logo moves

    I have a bit map of the company logo embedded into my border symbol in VX.2.2 Problem I have is that every once in a while in a project the logo tends to wander from its original position Now obviously its an OLE ob...
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      Thanks,   ~Randi
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  • Assign button is disabled in the PADS Decal Browser window in the DX Designer VX.2.1

    Dear all,   I can't assign a pcb decal to a local symbol using PADS Decal Browser in the netlist project in the DX Designer VX.2.1. Because assign button is disabled in the PADS Decal Browser window. How ...
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  • could not create pdf with sch2pdf System error

    Hey   I tried to use the sch2pdf.exe in the SDD_HOME\wv\win64\bin I send it with args -project prj_path -a output_path   I got some error messages: The code execution cannot proceed because locmap70...
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  • connector pins reshuffle after packaging

    Hi there,   When placing connectors made of 'loose' individual pins, I have noted that after I run the packager for the first time the pin order gets reshuffled (randomly?). This is quite annoying, especially...
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  • How to integrate a PADS Standard VX2.1 project in PADS Professional VX2.5

    Good morning, I need to work on a project realized by another company using PADS Standard VX.2.1. I am currently working with PADS Professional VX.2.5. They sent me the entire project and the databook with associat...
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  • what is contained in a .pcb file and can you generate project file/ schematic file out of it?

    Hello all, I am new to PADS software and only has a bit experience in the PCB Design. I have a .pcb file which I could open by using the PADs Viewer, and when I tried using the PADS designer to open nothing happens....
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  • Symbol Wizard not ending

    Hi all, I am facing with a strange issue in PADS2.3 while working on an integrated project (with central library settings as from the user manual)  I launched the library tools and started producing a new symbol...
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  • Sheet order for instantiated hierarchy blocks.

    I am seeing an issue where when I instantiate multiple blocks on a sheet, it isn't clear which subsequent sheet(s) apply to which instantiation. Example my block has two sheets A + B, I have 4 of the blocks on let's ...
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  • Hyperlink on Hierarchical Block enabled in pdf

    Hi everyone,   we are going to start hierarchical designs in dxdesigner, using pads flow. Today I added a new property to my prp-file, called "BlockDocLink". My intention is to write some kind of documentation ...
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  • DRC on symbol with pass-thru-pin

    Hello everyone,   one more problem I just encountered: I created a pass thru pin - symbol. The symbol has two pins (both having the same name, pin number and other properties). When I use this symbol, the net on...
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  • Spacing Between Characters, PDF, VX2.1

    Using DXDesigner VX2.1. When exporting a PDF there seems to be an abnormally large spacing between characters. When I switch back to VX1.1 the problem goes away. g Font settings, Fixed, calibri, scaled at 2. PDF Setti...
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  • BOM importing

    Can I import the BOM in schematic? Because some time I need to change the multiple parts attributes. So if BOM importing possible then we can changes done in text file & just to import it in schematic. 
  • Deleting system attributes (Part Name, Part Label, Part Number) - PADS VX Standard

    Hi everyone,   I got a problem that no one seemed to ask about since now. I have to premise, I'm quite new to Mentor world. I'm an old Altium user but, for now, I'm not feeling bad with PADS in this first month ...
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