• Re-Use block in DxDesigner 2.7 problem / question

    Hello dear reader(s),   I have a question about re-use block usage and how to transform a schematic into a re-usable block. I am working on a specific design, that later will be used as a part of "bigger design"...
    created by marcin.kuchta
  • Special Components Window

    How do I view it? From what I recall either the default or classic window contained the pop up "Special Symbols" window, but it's disappeared and for the life of me, I can find no documentation to lead me to how to o...
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  • Rename nets connected to Bus PADS Designer

    I want to rename several nets that I have connected to a bus, and this bus is connected to another bus.   The main bus has multiple nets and this bus that is called EBI0_DQ[0:15]. I want to rename it EBI0_DQ_[0:...
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  • How to translate DxD to PADS Logic

    How to translate DxD sch to PADS Logic VX2.4?
    created by ericzhao
  • How to add text which will stick to a symbol

    I have a xDX Designer VX.1.1 schematic converted to PADS Pro Designer VX.2.7. In my old schematic there was Arbitrary Text to some symbols. This Text was sticked to the symbol. How can a create this in PADS Pr...
    last modified by wim.creyghton
  • DxDesigner Package

    Hi, I'm using Xpedition VX.2.6. I had an error when i package in DxDesigner like picture below: Could anyone help me to fix it? Thank you.
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  • Tittle Block Company Logo missing

    Hi,   I created a A3 Sheet layout and also attached a logo. But after updating the library the logo is not appearing and after restarting xpedition Designer VX2.7 the logo seems to be appearing. But if I archive...
    created by sujin
  • How to turn on Ref designator C?/R? before packaging in PADS Designer?

    Hi could anyone help me how to turn on/make visible ref designator with "?" before packaging? When I place component from CL or databook I can see designator, it will appear only after packaging. Any recommendation wh...
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  • DxDesigner - meaning of "Symbol contains uncommited changes"

    Do anybody know what the comment "Symbol contains uncommited changes" at a block symbol means? Additionally the block symbol is marked with a red star.
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  • How to add a menu in symbol editor to run an automation script?

    Hi,   i am currently trying to automate the process of symbol creation in the library a little. Therefore it would be usefull to add a menu for the automation scripts in the symbol Editor. In the documentation...
  • Windows 10 and DxDesigner? Where should we go from here....

    We've been running DxDesigner 2005.1 for ten years, and with each new version of Windows things have been getting harder. At Windows 7 we moved to a floating license server when our IT department locked out USB ports...
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  • xDESIGNER - Sheet open

    Hi, on PADS VX 2.6 xDESIGNER, are there one shortcut or more rapid method thath one at time, for opening all the project sheet with one command?   Many Thanks,   Fabio
    last modified by boscfab

    Hi, on PADS VX 2.6 with Central Library, what's the correct method to define an FIDUCIAL component? Actually my FIDUCIAL are composed by SYMBOL whitout pin and DECAL with only one pad. The problem is that Verify Des...
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  • PADS VX2.6 - Verification tool

    Hello to all, I have some problems with the VERIFICATION function of the "SEARCH TOOL" of PADS VX2.6.4. During the verification phase, it found as an error the components that have "European notation", for ex. "4u7" i...
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  • xDESIGNER - Verify settings

    Hello, I have difficulty understanding where the preferences of the Verify Design tool are saved in VX2.6.4 xDX. As you can see from the image below, it seems that the preferences are saved in three different files, o...
    created by boscfab
  • xDESIGNER 2.6 - NET Rename

    Hi, I am an user of PADS STANDARD PLUS integrated-Flow VX 2.6.4. I want to identify the best method for renaming entire NETs in the project. At this time, i select the desired NET, then i do "Load on Search", then i ...
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  • Via span to rule area

    I am doing a flex design with 16 layers and from the main rigid section there are 3 flexes on top of each other which requires 3 different via spans 1-7, 10-16 and through. To make it easier for the manufacturer ...
    last modified by matsk
  • Is it possible to create a hierarchical symbol for multiple sheets?

    I'm using PADS Standard Plus. I have a large board with a lot of duplicated logic, including large FPGAs. The FPGAs of course do not fit on one sheet. Is it possible to create a hierarchical symbol for multiple sheets?
    last modified by dgrimm
  • Why doesn't the tools menu in Designer vx.2.3 provide the reference designators option?

    Why doesn't the tools menu in Designer vx.2.3 provide the reference designators option?
    last modified by sancundao
  • Migration from PADS Logic to xDX Designer with new properties

    Hello,   I am trying to migrate our old projects from PADS Logic to xDX Designer VX.2.5. We also want to use new properties and skip the old ones. The Central Library and Databook were already migrated/build. Th...
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