• xDX Databook filters

    Hello to all, I would like to know if is possible to save the filter options in the Databook database searching fields. Whenever i enter in Databook window and i change the component group, the filter state return to ...
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    In the symbol editor of this new version of PADS i noticed that when i select a pin from the "Pins" table automatically a Zoom to selection is done. The result is that i can see only the selected pin and not the rest ...
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  • How to launch mgcmd.exe with parameter

    I want to open the PCBBrowser.exe file inside the MGC EBS CMD environment.   Is there a way to create a link or .bat file to open the mgcmd file passing the pcbbrowser as parameter?   Thanks
    created by nicola.fiorucci

    I tried to link an old pcb to a new schematics.   I receive the following error:   Problem encountered with connectivity data for root block xxxxxx. Block does not exist (Block not exists) Block xxxxxxxx c...
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  • Is it possible to create a hierarchical symbol for multiple sheets?

    I'm using PADS Standard Plus. I have a large board with a lot of duplicated logic, including large FPGAs. The FPGAs of course do not fit on one sheet. Is it possible to create a hierarchical symbol for multiple sheets?
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  • Change all fonts of a Ref Des

    Using PADS Designer VX.2.4.3 Update 2 and having a hierarchical design.   My schematic has inconsistent fonts for reference designators (font not size). I need a means to select and change the font of all REFDES...
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  • Symbol Editor reverting changes?

    I am seeing odd behavior in Symbol Editor where I have changed the symbol. It is in the schematic with the changes, the file has changed. However, when I try to do an edit symbol the symbol appears in the symbol edito...
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  • Add links to block diagram cover sheet

    Hello, I am using PADS Designer VX.2.4. On the first page of my 48-sheet flat design, I would like to build a graphical block diagram as an overview of the schematic.   I need to be able to: 1.) Create v...
    created by tech_grunt
  • Trace width definition and layer info for pcb

    Hi I have been migrating to xdx designer from logic and its been a very frustrating and difficult process.   I almost gave up after several days of struggling.   I finally have a design going over as Netli...
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  • Long Strings for "Hetero" in the Component Library

    I need to create a heterogeneous component with 25 gates. DxDesigner parameters do not accept long strings, so I cannot make "hetero" parameter contain all my gates. What is (and is there) a workaround?   PS. ...
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  • Renumbering all Reference Designators automatically

    Hi, I am a new user of Mentor Xpedition. In other eCADs like KiCAD it was easy for me to quickly erase and renumber the Reference Designators of all components in the Project, automatically, with the number growing se...
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  • How could I create differents blocks for the same component?

    Hi there,   My name is Javier, and I am very noob in PADS Designer. I am trying to create a symbol component in different blocks and them put these blocks in differents schematics. It is a FPGA with a lot of pi...
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  • Shortcut(s) to easily label nets?

    Is there a shortcut to label nets rather than tediously selecting and right-clicking each net to label them?   And is there a quick way to label nets incrementally, e.g. A1, A2, A3, etc.?   Thanks in advance.
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  • Automatically update PDF_TITLE property with sheet name

    Hi, is there a way to automatically update the PDF_TITLE property of a sheet symbol by using the sheet name in the Navigator?   This property is used to name the sheet in the PDF output file   Thanks
    created by nicola.fiorucci
  • Mapping Multiple Physical Pins to a Single Logical Pin

    Moved to Ideas: Mapping Multiple Physical Pins to a Single Logical Pin 
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  • Cannot change PKG_TYPE in Symbol Editor

    Hi all,   To create a new symbol, I copied a symbol and edited it, but I can't change the PKG_TYPE property for that symbol. Each time I try to edit and save the new PKG_TYPE property name, I get this message: &...
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  • DX Designer to Pads Logic Conversion

    Can I convert a schematic from DX Designer VX2.1 back to Pads Logic 9.5?  If so, how?
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  • How to connect a hierarchical port to a global net?

    Hello everyone,   I am using PADS (DX) Designer VX.2.5 (standard) Update 2 in netlist flow. Pictures are shown below of the schematic and issue in question:   Image 1: toplevel hierarchical block. The port...
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  • Symbols in SYM folder not showing in VX

    I have added a downloaded symbol to my library folder (SYM folder) but It never shows up in VX. I have tested for and hour or so but nothing helps (refresh libs, restarting and so on).   I'm looking PADS Databoo...
    created by implor
  • How Do I Deal With Libraries?

    I am able to edit single schematic library symbols by right-clicking then selecting Symbol> Edit Library Symbol. It seems I can edit individual symbols via an end-around but not open, edit or manage any library, it...
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