• Default settings for the Part Lister?

    Hi all,   When using the Part Lister, I noticed that there's no way to save my settings so that you can use them in all future design projects.   Is there a way to actually save default settings or do I ha...
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  • How to manage schematic revisions?

    Hi all,   This is the first time I'm revising a design from 00 to 01 in PADS.   Does Designer have some sort of revision control or should I manually create a new subdirectory (in this case rev01) for the ...
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  • Pads VX.2.5 PCB interface concern

    Our flow is using DxDesigner schematic PCB interface to Allegro PCB.  But lately we want to use the PAD VX.2.5 (upgrade PC also to windows 10).  We encounter concern on during PCB interface. We notice that t...
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    When i run the pin mapping tool i can't create a pin mapping since the right part of the panel is empty without the pin list of the new part:
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  • TO-204 AA Package

    Hello,   I am wondering how to find TO-204 AA package in mentor format which can be imported to the central library of xDX Designer VX 2.1. Is there any database on the mentor website where one can find differe...
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  • Back annotate not changing Refdes in Dxdesigner

    I have a design in DxDesigner (PADS 9.5) and after renumbering the components when doing a back annotate, the REFDES are remaining the same on the schematic, however the other properties of the symbol are changing. Fo...
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  • Pin Sequence Numbers in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library

    I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept of "Pin Sequence Numbers" in PADS DX Designer VX.2 Integrated Library and it doesn't make any sense.  I put my thoughts and findings in attached PDF document....
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  • Why does DxDesigner Ver. 9.x refresh the schematic window so often ?

    Hello,   we are DxDesigner and PADS users for many years. During evaluation of the new 9.x releases we discovered a visual weakness: The schematic window refreshes as a whole for almost every small activity, l...
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  • DxDessigner ECO

    There are two methods for ECO. 1. DxDesigner: PCB interface - Run command line after processing 2. PADS Layout: Tools - DxDesigner link   However, both have limited functionality and must proceed twice. No. 1...
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  • how to edit the border Property in Dxdesigner ??

    Hi everyone, i am new to Dxdesigner.Right now i am learning Dxdesigner.i added Border.i need to edit the property how to edit the property.is i possible to create custom border.Let me explain any one. i need to edit...
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  • PADS Designer - Highlighted Color

    Hi, Is there any solution to change the highlighted color in the Library tools? When I search a component in a partition, it appears with a soft grey and this is not simple to find it. I got the same problem in the...
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  • DxDesigner - Very slow start up and slow page load, application goes unresponsive for minutes at a time.

    As per title, I'm suffering these performance issues. If I wait long enough it usually goes again but it's really slowing me down at the mo'. Does any one have any tips on what are common causes of these issues? Reg...
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  • Grid Display in DxDesigner

    Hi, I'm using Vx2.7 and have an issue with the grid changing. Actual Setting is "Lined" and when i change it to "Dotted" I see it changed for 1 second and then disappearing. When I then close and reopen setting window...
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  • How to connect two nets with different names in Mentor PADS

    I would like to know how to connect two nets with different names in a schematic...is there a special "Net Tie" symbol? How is this imported to the PCB?
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  • Renumbering Reference Designators in DX Designer

    Hello, I have an 11 page schematic with numerous duplicated circuits. I'm simply trying to start with page one and relabel each component type to start with a REF DES of 1 and continue in a logical manner from th...
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  • Symbol Editor not starting

    Have a situation that is perplexing. We are setting up PADS VX2.4 Netlist flow.  Everything seems fine expect now when I try to launch symbol editor, it attempts to start, never displays, and the Output window in...
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  • Re-Use block in DxDesigner 2.7 problem / question

    Hello dear reader(s),   I have a question about re-use block usage and how to transform a schematic into a re-usable block. I am working on a specific design, that later will be used as a part of "bigger design"...
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  • Special Components Window

    How do I view it? From what I recall either the default or classic window contained the pop up "Special Symbols" window, but it's disappeared and for the life of me, I can find no documentation to lead me to how to o...
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  • Rename nets connected to Bus PADS Designer

    I want to rename several nets that I have connected to a bus, and this bus is connected to another bus.   The main bus has multiple nets and this bus that is called EBI0_DQ[0:15]. I want to rename it EBI0_DQ_[0:...
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  • How to translate DxD to PADS Logic

    How to translate DxD sch to PADS Logic VX2.4?
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