• Cannot change PKG_TYPE in Symbol Editor

    Hi all,   To create a new symbol, I copied a symbol and edited it, but I can't change the PKG_TYPE property for that symbol. Each time I try to edit and save the new PKG_TYPE property name, I get this message: &...
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  • DX Designer to Pads Logic Conversion

    Can I convert a schematic from DX Designer VX2.1 back to Pads Logic 9.5?  If so, how?
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  • How to connect a hierarchical port to a global net?

    Hello everyone,   I am using PADS (DX) Designer VX.2.5 (standard) Update 2 in netlist flow. Pictures are shown below of the schematic and issue in question:   Image 1: toplevel hierarchical block. The port...
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  • Symbols in SYM folder not showing in VX

    I have added a downloaded symbol to my library folder (SYM folder) but It never shows up in VX. I have tested for and hour or so but nothing helps (refresh libs, restarting and so on).   I'm looking PADS Databoo...
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  • How Do I Deal With Libraries?

    I am able to edit single schematic library symbols by right-clicking then selecting Symbol> Edit Library Symbol. It seems I can edit individual symbols via an end-around but not open, edit or manage any library, it...
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  • New Parts partition not seen in Databook

    Hi all,   I created a new Parts partition in my Central Library, but when I open the PADS Databook I don't see that partition. I tried all of the Updates in the Tools menu, but I still don't see the new partitio...
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  • How To Assign Reference Designators

    How does one assign reference designators to schematic symbols with un-assigned reference designators (C? for example)?
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  • PADS PRO VX.2 "Support only scripts without GUI" ERROR

    In PADS PRO VX.2 when i try to open a script  i receive this messsage:   Also when i right-click on symbol i receive:   Can you help me?
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  • RefDes assignment based on schematic page number

    Hello, I need to assign to all my refdes a prefix showing the page number and i want to reset the increment on each page (R1001, R1002, R2001, ecc...). Is it possible to do this in PADS Professional VX2.0?   T...
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  • xDxDesigner VX.2.1 - Symbol editor problem

    When i save a new symbol starting from an old symbol (e.g. Save As.. and then change the file name) and select a pin from the Pins table a new tab is automatically opened.   This is the correct symbol with path...
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  • Symbol Editor not starting

    Have a situation that is perplexing. We are setting up PADS VX2.4 Netlist flow.  Everything seems fine expect now when I try to launch symbol editor, it attempts to start, never displays, and the Output window in...
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  • xDx VX1.2 - Part list (crashing)

    Hello all, I have a problem with the "Part Lister" invoking in DxDesigner version VX1.2 When I try to open it the DxDesigner crash/fall down without any report on display. I have to generate a BOM in command line. ...
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  • Unable to edit symbol properties from imported parts.

    Hi, I am using PADS vX.1.1. I've imported an schematic from altium to PADS, there are some symbols is imported with a new partition created automatically. A few components can be reuse and i would like to edit it's...
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  • Error: while parsing IGRPHSTL -1-1-11, when editing PartQuest imported symbol

    Halo,   I've been getting this error message when i edit the symbol imported from PartQuest.  syntax error in file <Lib Path>wrong line style at line 9while parsing IGRPHSTL -1-1-11import process com...
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  • List of Most Recently Used Projects shows only 6 projects

    Hi,  when I open PADS Designer, the "Start Page" shows 6 "most Recently used" projects. When I look into the DxDesigner.xml, there are 10 projects listed. Can anyone tell me, how I can show more than 6 projects ...
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  • scout obsolete commands

    We are setting up PADS VX2.4 (Netlist). I had created a scout.ini file that populated a titleblock property with the page number. Had to do this as DxD won't allow for duplicate properties. Well we now find out t...
    created by gedeakins
  • Settings -> Border listing

    I'm going thru the VX2.4 release and notice in the Settings -> Borders listing seems to be concatenating what's in the project based borders.ini with some other list/file. Example, I only have the D size sheet list...
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  • How to delete parts from PADS Databook?

    After 20+ years of being happy with Logic, I am trying to switch to DxDesigner.  (Not Fun)   How do I delete parts from PADS Databook that were made in error?
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  • Schematic Verification

    When I run a verification on my schematic, I get multiple errors like this one:   drc-105 - [flatnet : $1N69, net: DIGITAL_CONTROLLER\$1N69] Un-driven net   However, I have one pin on this net with prope...
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  • How to add Documentation to Schematics

    Hi all, I'd like to ask all of you to share your experience and best practices on how do you add documentation to schematics. For example, when I set a pull-up and a pull-down Resistor to an IC (one of them is not...
    created by gw@byk