• PowerNET.zip

    OrCAD netlister for PADS.
    last modified by chuckt
  • IPC-D-356_Netlist_Extractor5_00.bas

    PADS Layout script to generate an IPC-D-356 Netlist.  This script is known to work with V9.3 through VX.2.3 so far. 
    last modified by johnduquette
  • Program to Automatically swap decal in PADS when a part is Flipped to Top or Bottom of the Board

    A small VB6 program that runs concurrently with PADS Layout to monitor when you move a part within the board outline, and if Flipped (mirrored) to the other side then it will automatically swap the Decal to another wi...
    last modified by bob_sadowski
  • PADS_SMTAssistant. Pick-n-Place Coordinates Excel file

    This scripts run from PADS Layout generates a Pick-n-Place Excel file. It was written for use with SMT Assistant which is a nifty software tool for hand placement.  If you pull in a nice picture of an Assy Dwg o...
    last modified by daraius1
  • NEW IDF File Hole Exchange Utility.BAS

    This script will output hole sizes.
    last modified by vinayarora
  • V1.1

    Little adjustment.   Michel D.
    last modified by md.direct
  • Drill Table Utility

    This utility draws the Drill Table as 2D-Line objects in PADS Layout so you can see the table before running CAM.  As of April 2015 it works with PADS 9.5 (VX.# has yet to be checked). 
    last modified by jduquette
  • PCB_ComponentMover

    Move components based on Coordinates in a text(CSV) file.   I suggest creating the list in Excel, and then copy/pasting the columns over to a text file.   PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS AT THE TOP OF THE .BAS fi...
    last modified by daraius1
  • Pan to selection.zip

    Script to implement Pan to selection in PADS Logic and PADS Layout.
    last modified by benradu
  • Excel High Speed Rules Report for PADS Layout

    Generates a list of nets in Excel that have min/max length rules set. It also reports the routed length of these nets, the value of which is automatically colourised red if it falls outside the max length rule and blu...
    last modified by Ed_Goldman
  • PCB_ComponentMoverRotation

    Same as previous - but adds a 4th column to specify Rotation.   Daraius TenX Precision
    last modified by daraius1
  • False Composite type symbols to Module type  conversion script PADS2005 or EE2005

    This is useful when moving from PADS2005 to PADS2007. Libraries can often have many parts which are set to type composite when they should be type module. This script will fix all false composite symbols in a project ...
    last modified by Ed_Goldman
  • Utility program to view all Fields defined in a PADS Logic schematic sheet

    A small VB6 application to run concurrently with PADS Logic that displays a list of all the Field Names and Values in the current sheet
    last modified by bob_sadowski
  • PADS Layout Script to locate 'Long' routed nets

    A VB script for PADS Layout that checks all nets to compare the totoal Routed length against the sum of the Manhattan distance (the sum of the X plus Y distance), to locate long nets that should be considered for re-r...
    last modified by bob_sadowski