• Is it possible to move a drawing using scripting?

    I am using Pads X.0. I have a shape that I want to relative move. The usual method of using the "SR" commend does not work as the shape "jumps" to a new location when I use the "Ctrl-E" move shortcut key. I wanted to ...
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  • Is Automation for Central Library possible in PADS?

    Is it possible to use automation to create a list of parts in the central library. I have a long list of resistor parts I need to create....I have an excel file with part number, parametric information, name of s...
    created by briang
  • Assign RefDes with page number prefix

    Hello, I'm currently using PADS DX Designer VX.2 and I'm struggling with assign a page number prefix to all the parts ref des. Is there a way to do it automatically? a script maybe? Thanks for help.
    created by francesco_saitec
  • Can you generate a parttype via automation?

    Is there a way to create a parttype via automation? For example, I will read a csv or excel worksheet that has ball names and locations, and generate a component based on that.
    created by smcninch
  • Pads logic BOM script incl. grouping of the reference designators??

    Pads logic BOM script incl. grouping of the reference designators?? Is this possible. I tried changing the existing "Bill of materials to excel" script but I'm not much of Vb script wizard. I cannot be the first in th...
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  • Generating layer stackup in drill drawing in PADS Layout

    This script generates layer stackup  graphics in 2D library, which shall be imported in drill drawing through Drafting Toolbar > From library command Thanks for Mentor team in writing the script.  
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  • Finding smallest clearance through script

    I want to write a script for PADS Layout (VX2.3 at the time of writing this) that locates (or measures) the smallest clearance between two items or nets. I.e. a way to call and iterate View -> Clearance   &...
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  • Run vbs-script selected from efm-form

    Hi all,   I have the following problem: I want to build an EFM (Form) with a number of buttons. Each button shall be connected to a specific vbs-Script with specified file path.   Reason for this is, that ...
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  • Layout version

    After Mentor released PADS V2.4 our script is not working anymore. Is there a command to retrieve the PADS Layout version?
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  • Switching from Pads Layout to Pads Router with startup Script/Macro

    Hello Community, If I press the switch icon in Pads Layout. Pads Router should open and a startup script should start automatically. At the moment I have to start a Macro, this should be automated. Is there any kn...
  • Script to place CBP using csv

    Hello, I am designing a wire bond die and wonder if there is a script that allows importing the CBP (component bond pads) locations from a csv file? Since the die is symmetrical so this would help me a lot. Any other...
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  • Dialog.Focus

    I am trying to set the focus of a dialog box and I'm not having any luck with the syntax. Running a Macro...   Application.ExecuteCommand("Menu VB Manager") When the Basic Scripts dialog opens I want to click ...
    created by cbedard
  • Script to automate the creation of design rules?

    I'm working in a mixed circuit, which consist in a Inpur power section (EMI Filter, PFC, DC-DC Converter), and a SELV Section. each part has their own control circuits (Analog/Discrete).   Usually to set up the ...
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  • Script Launch on PADS Layout Start Up

    Can an option be added to the command line to launch PADS Layout such that a VB Script will launch on Layout start up?   I know I can run a Macro in this way, but will a VB Script run like that?   Such as ...
    created by cbedard
  • TestPoint script not working after Microsoft Office upgrade

    Can any of the scripting experts tell me why the attached script stopped working with Excel 2016? Worked ok with Excel2007.
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  • Scriping with multiple instances

    Hi everyone,   I recently fell over a possible flaw in scripting, or I just don't know how to get my scripts right: I had two instances of dxdesigner open, working with both schematics. When I ran one of my scr...
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  • How to access objects on the output window of Pads Designer?

    Quick connection View generates an output to the output Window. Crossprobe from output Window to the Design Area works well.   Selecting a component/net will not select the result in the output Window. I want ...
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  • Changing PartType problems

    Can anyone help with using VB/Sax to change PartType for parts/components on a schematic?   I have some code that attempts to update the PartType for certain parts on a schematic. I have an Excel spreadsheet tha...
  • Call script from a script

    In the documentation I found the note below. I would like to do some thing similar, but I get the error: "Identifier is already in use" Probably because both my master script and the call script contains "Sub Main" ...
    created by pbauerlund
  • Script for gerber generation

    I am writing a script for automatic gerber generation.   Since there is no script function (?) to start the gerber generation, I am doing it by a macro. I would like the script to generate all defined CAM docu...
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