• Script to automate the creation of design rules?

    I'm working in a mixed circuit, which consist in a Inpur power section (EMI Filter, PFC, DC-DC Converter), and a SELV Section. each part has their own control circuits (Analog/Discrete).   Usually to set up the ...
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  • Script Launch on PADS Layout Start Up

    Can an option be added to the command line to launch PADS Layout such that a VB Script will launch on Layout start up?   I know I can run a Macro in this way, but will a VB Script run like that?   Such as ...
    created by cbedard
  • TestPoint script not working after Microsoft Office upgrade

    Can any of the scripting experts tell me why the attached script stopped working with Excel 2016? Worked ok with Excel2007.
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  • Scriping with multiple instances

    Hi everyone,   I recently fell over a possible flaw in scripting, or I just don't know how to get my scripts right: I had two instances of dxdesigner open, working with both schematics. When I ran one of my scr...
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  • How to access objects on the output window of Pads Designer?

    Quick connection View generates an output to the output Window. Crossprobe from output Window to the Design Area works well.   Selecting a component/net will not select the result in the output Window. I want ...
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  • Changing PartType problems

    Can anyone help with using VB/Sax to change PartType for parts/components on a schematic?   I have some code that attempts to update the PartType for certain parts on a schematic. I have an Excel spreadsheet tha...
  • Call script from a script

    In the documentation I found the note below. I would like to do some thing similar, but I get the error: "Identifier is already in use" Probably because both my master script and the call script contains "Sub Main" ...
    created by pbauerlund
  • Script for gerber generation

    I am writing a script for automatic gerber generation.   Since there is no script function (?) to start the gerber generation, I am doing it by a macro. I would like the script to generate all defined CAM docu...
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  • VBS and EFM interaction

    Hi everyone,   I got one problem with automation and would appreciate any help. I wrote a vbs-script that calls an efm-script (or GUI), both the vbs and the efm work fine in general terms. My problem is that the...
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  • Copy a shape

    Is it possible in Pads basic to copy a shape (copper shape or 2d line), and put a copied version of that shape on a different layer. Is the only way to go through all the points of the shape and write out an ascii wi...
    created by daniel.nicholson
  • Renaming a Schematic

    Hallo I'm trying to rename a Board and a underlying Schematic via Automation. I found the Function to rename the Board, but i didn't found a Function for renaming the Schematic:   Is there a Function or a w...
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  • Select unroutes with script

    I need help from some one. Want to select unroutes by scripting. Using PADS VX 2.1. Wanting end points of unroutes for selected nets. Looked thru help screens under nets, pin-pairs and routes. Could not find unroutes...
    created by wcowles2
  • Unprotect routes via script

    I need to rotate a couple designs to make them consistent with other boards in a stack which means I need to un-glue and protect all objects. I am using a bit of scripting that I found on the forums here to find all p...
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  • How do you access design rules using macros

    I am using PADS Logic and Layout vX.0   In either Logic or Layout, it is possible to access or manipulate the design rules using scripts? The only command I have found so far is to export or dump the entire rule...
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  • Disable warnings and confirmation messages in a script or in a Macro or confirm them all dynamically [ DlgPrompt.Answer(mbYes) ]

    I am writing a script in pads layout VX.2.1 to define and generate automatically and "SILENTLY" the Gerbers files. To do this I'm using dynamic macros in my script. My script open the CAM dialog box, then open each ...
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  • Hide a dialog box while making a selection?

    If I have a dialog box that is open with a "select component" button, and a text box for the x-y location, how can I make it where the dialog box is hidden after they hit the button and while they make a selection? T...
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  • location of the osnap cursor?

    Is there a way to programmatically get the x and y location for the osnap cross? Or even a way to programmatically identify what is under a mouse-click, or cursor position (pad, corner, tack, etc.) without actually s...
    created by daniel.nicholson
  • Add part to schematic - from Excel?

    Hi   Anyone know how to select a parttype name in Excel - and then add the part to a PADS Logic schematic?   I am considering this process: 1) Selecting a parttype name in an Excel spreadsheet. 2) Click ...
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  • Any description about _3DAdapterLib

    Hi,   with PADS 2.1 there is a COM object _3DAdapterLib. Is there any example and/or description available?   There is the function: Property Visible(ByVal Type As ESystem3DObjectType, ByVal uniqueID) As ...
    created by m.seitz
  • Get Active Part Type in Pads Layout script

    I trying to get the substituted part from within a VB script in Pads Layout (the Active column)   If I list all parts in an assembly variant it possible to see if a specific part is substituted but how do I get ...
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