• PartQuest Release August 2020

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  • Problem with Drag and Drop PartQuest - VX.2.7

    Hi, I am new in this forum and also new in the Mentor PADS Professional Environment, so please forgive me if I place the question about my problem in the wrong place.   I want to use the drag-and-drop from PartQ...
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  • Finding om PartQuest

    Hi,   I am wondering how to find part "545BAA250M000BAG" on PartQuest. I have found on the Digi-key but it's symbol and footprint are not available on Part Quest. I don't fine the option of request symbol or...
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  • error occurred during EDX import.

    i'm using DxDesigner VX2.3. i created a layout cell for ICS41352 (DigiKey part number ICS-41352-ND), but after downloading i received "Error(s) occurred during EDX import. Please review log file at C:\WDIR\EEVX.2.3\ED...
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  • SQLite or various db instead Access for Partquest

    Hello Dear Team, Happy winter holidays to your, Team, can i use sqlite or various db instead mdb (access) ? thank you!
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  • Part Type Doesn't Exist

    OVERVIEW: I can view/place symbols and footprints for downloaded PartQuest parts, but cannot get them to port over from a schematic in Designer to Layout. This seems to be due to a missing Part Type file/association....
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  • Manufacturer p/n instead of Digkey p/n

    When I downloaded parts from PartQuest it cames in with Digikey p/n. I understand that Digikey p/n is unique, but during design it is not very easy to identify that for example DIGIKEY_311_100KLRCT_ND is a 0402 100k ...
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  • can't find PQ part in Library

    I am using Pad Designer for schematic capture and using the Netlist flow. I get the part from PQ and it seems to download the part. I get this message below. Problem is I can't find the part. It doesn't show in m...
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  • partquest Part TCK-051 not match with Datasheet, Please check and confirm?

    TCK-051 Partquest Symbol and footprint mismatch with datasheet.
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  • New Features in PartQuest VX.2.5

    On 5 September an update to the PartQuest website occurred.  Some of the highlights include! You can now access your projects directly by clicking your name, you no longer have to search for a part first! You ...
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  • Select an appropiate folder

    I'm using Expedition VX.2.3, when I go to Tools open partquest part I get this message. Select an appropriate folder. the folder should be named after your flow and will be available after downloading parts from Partq...
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  • How to import footprint cells created by PartsQuest

    Hello,   Parts Quest has emailed me an EDX and STP file of an FPGA package which I want to place on a PCB. The cell editor only accepts DXF files.   Can anyone help with this?   Kind regards
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  • Default Cells library

    Hi Dear Team! Where is get a default Cells for Surface mount and Through Hole components, i meant about TO-92 transistor body or TO-220 or K50-35 for capacitor and so on and so on Thank you!
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  • Using one partition allowed or not?

    We thought to be smart to allow the customer to download all components into one partition, something like “new_partquest”.     But when you try to download these 3 components into one and the s...
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  • Getting Started with PartQuest: Introduction/Tour

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  • Getting Started with PartQuest: Interfacing to Xpedition

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  • Change new "destination" folder for Netlist

    I am new to part-quest and was following the setup directions for netlist.  step 5 for direct download asks where you wish to make the destination folder. I specified a non-defualt directory however the next wido...
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  • Partquest 3D models not showing up in Layout

    I just switched from Logic to DxDesigner to take advantage of all these great features like Partquest.  :-( It has taken forever to finally get all the configurations to the point where it works.  Except fo...
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  • Getting Started with PartQuest: Searching For and Downloading Library Content

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  • Getting Started with PartQuest: Requesting Symbols, Footprints, and 3D STEP Library Content

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