• PartQuest and PADS VX.2.7

    We have improved the process to import parts into PADS for PartQuest for VX.2.7   There is now a new setup command in Designer Schematic Tools >PartQuest Settings.   Then just import the part with Des...
    created by Gary_Lameris
  • PADS VX.2.1 Could not update the Central library

    I am using PADS VX.2.1, and created library parts, but could not write into the central library using the PADS Library Tools. But when I edit a PCB decal, it shows up the parts that are associated with the decal. Ye...
    created by jacktan
  • Are you using PADS Professional?

    This video describes how to setup and install PADS Professional with PartQuest.  Xpedition uses a similar method as PADS Professional when working with PartQuest.   https://communities.mentor.com/videos/1438
    last modified by Gary_Lameris