• Editing local symbol

    If I use the drag and drop method of importing parts into a design on VX2.7 I can't seem to edit the local symbol to put the pins in a better order as it is greyed out?  Is there something else I need to do?
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  • pqz extractor not working

    The pqz extractor is not working. The pqz file opens in WordPad when I download a part. How do I redefine what app/tool on my PC recognizes the pqz file? I do not see PartQuest listed in the Appdata to redirect the pq...
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  • Extracting PCB Footprint from ODB+ file

    Hello,   Is it possible to extract the land pattern of an integrated circuit directly from an odb++ file and then re-use this cell in other Expedition projects?   Thank you, Rajan
    created by louise
  • Selecting multiple component values at one time

    Is there a way to select multiple component values at one time, such as a range of inductor values, without having to click on each and every value in that range? Possibly do the standard (1) select the first item in ...
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  • The menu(Tools > Import PartQuest Parts) isn't indicated

    I'm Japanese Engineer.In Japanese version "the Import PartQuest Parts command (Tools > Import PartQuest Parts)". But, I can import PartQuest information by xDM Library Tools. Furthermore, import_partQuest_Parts me...
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  • Trying PartQuest - .pqz extractor does not work

    Hi all, I am trying to get PartQuest to work with VX1.1 on a windows platform, with DX front end.  I have followed al the instructions in the PartQuest_Workshop.pdf file and everything worked until the pint whe...
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