• Access Permissions Control on each Schematic Sheet in XDx Designer

    We are having issues with tracking - who made the changes in the schematics sheet. We have a kind of common-work space environment from Mentor – where we cannot track the changes made by each DE from the specifi...
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  • Library Manager, GUI?

    Is the Gui available in the automation of the Library Manager? I find nothing in the documentation. I want doing two things... output some text in the statusbar of the LM. (like "Application.Gui.StatusBarText ..." i...
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  • how to link DxDatabook to Tab-seperatet sheet

    we have a .psf wich we "merge" witch "Create DxDatabook" (CrDxDb). the psf-Textfile is Tab-Seperated and have an ID in the first row the .mdb is ODBC-alias in the DSN   i write the .psf into the CrDxDb into th...
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  • Help on download advanced library editor

    Dear all How can I get the permission to download advanced library editor 3.3 from https://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-2383. Thank you very much. I had got an account mailto:parfenov@kalugapribor.ru tasman
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  • DxDesigner Visual Basic Studio 2015 Example.

    Hello All,   I am new to DxDesigner (did support design architect at one time) and windows so I am at a big disadvantage now. I have been able to get some scripts developed using VBscript however it seem a littl...
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  • How can I select parts by 'MNTG TECH' property in Variant Manager

    Hi, I managed to write a VB script for DxDesigner (thanks to one of you, from where I copied a big portion of the code), which automatically sets specific parts to "unplaced" in all variants of a design. Currently it...
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  • Replacement script for PDB2HKP ASCII output

    Hi all,   We are using a self made netlist conversion program which uses the "old" PDB2HKP ASCII output. We are now on EE7.9.5. and the software is not working anymore. Does anybody has a "new" script that can...
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