• Update Mounting Holes and Vias

    Used in Cadence Allegro library translation for EE7.9.5 and VX.0. ONLY.  Not needed in EEVX.1 and beyond because the translator was fixed.   Allegro geometries can use the same padstack as a mechanical item ...
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  • DxD Get the flatnet name.

    How to automatically find the selected net's flatnet name from QuickConnectionView file Select single net and get the flatnet name Place the tky_flatnet.vbs for example to C:\tmp Select the net and type to the D...
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  • Expedition : Back annotate component side and coordinates to DxDesigner

    This script returns the component side and coordinates of Expedition to DxDesigner as symbol properties.   - DxDesigner is started in the background and a property is added. - Three properties (Side, X, Y) are ...
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  • Loading a DxDesigner color scheme file

    The attached script loads a DxDesigner color scheme (dxc) file and sets the object colors accordingly.   The dxc file is an xml file with the format described in this tech note: http://supportnet.mentor.com/refe...
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  • Cell Editor: Pattern Place from Excel

    This program is a standalone program, based off of ALE's BGA creator. The intent of this program is to place pads based off of cordinates found in an excel spreadsheet.     To run the program:   Cre...
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  • Create Cell Automation through .csv file

    This sample script demonstrates, how to create a new cell in the cell editor via Automation with pins coordinates and rotation in a ".csv" file.     Base script: #https://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-2243
  • Expedition - Export ODB++, HLDRC6.0 and Layer Stackup Data

    Here are two examples of how to export ODB++, HLDRC6.9 and Layer Stackup data in one go from Expedition.   The attached zip file contains two files plus a screenshot. ODBppOut.vbs is a script that can be used t...
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  • Verify Central Library Parts Database by generating schematic and running Packager

    In order to validate the logical to physical pin mapping configuration in the Central Library parts database, it is useful to create a test schematic and run the Packager to ensure that the logic gates can be packaged...
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  • verifyparts_3264_V2_3.zip

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  • test.vbs

    Just a test
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  • Update timestamps in Symbol Files without Library Manager or ALE

    Sometimes there is a need to modify the INTERNAL timestamp in one or more of the collections of symbols in symbol libraries. One example is to force an update of all symbols in a design (typically after a migration). ...
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  • Expedition PCB : Delete Duplicate Vias

    The DelDuplicateVias.vbs script will remove duplicate vias in an Expedition Layout. The script will prompt the user to "Delete Duplicates" (Answer Yes). A No will only report. In either case the script will generate a...
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  • Expedition DR/WA: Report Missing Cells

    The Purpose of these scripts is to highlight the Missing Cells reported in the PCB\LogFiles\ForwardAnnotation.txt file, in such a way as to bring their attention to the user. This "Kit" exists in the form of two vbscr...
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  • Reference Designator Assignment based on schematic location

    Assignments of reference designators (refdes) are typically performed somewhat randomly in the Packager engine, and updating based on board placement in the layout application. Many companies would like to assign ref...
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  • DxDesigner: Swap Schematic Properties

    During translations, sometimes it is decided that a property's values should be mapped to a new property in DxDesigner. A good example is copying a corporate part number to Part Number.   This script will loop t...
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  • Expedition: Testpoint Report

    This script will generate a tp_report.txt in the pcb/LogFiles directory of the Expedition pcb design allowing access through Expedition's FileViewer.  It reports the total number of testpoints used, Net Name, Num...
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  • How to to include .efm forms in your Windows search results

    If you are like me, you need examples to figure out how to write your scripts but much of the code is in a .efm form and by default, Windows thinks the .efm is compiled and does not search the files.   To enable...
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  • Function SelectObject not working?

    Hello all Seems to me that the function Function SelectObject(ObjectType As VdObjectType, Expression As String, SelectOwner As Boolean, RegExp As Boolean, AddSelect As Boolean) As Long   is not working. Reply ...
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  • ListThermalTieOverrides.vbs

    This will List Thermal Overrides in a design.
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  • Expedition: Import Txt

    This script (ImportTxt.efm) will import an unformatted text file (txt - although the txt extension is not required). This will create each line of text as one text draw object in Expedition on a user defined layer. Al...
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