• Function SelectObject not working?

    Hello all Seems to me that the function Function SelectObject(ObjectType As VdObjectType, Expression As String, SelectOwner As Boolean, RegExp As Boolean, AddSelect As Boolean) As Long   is not working. Reply ...
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  • ListThermalTieOverrides.vbs

    This will List Thermal Overrides in a design.
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  • Expedition: Import Txt

    This script (ImportTxt.efm) will import an unformatted text file (txt - although the txt extension is not required). This will create each line of text as one text draw object in Expedition on a user defined layer. Al...
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  • Bulk Modification of Library Cells using Visual Basic

    Author : Scott Williams   Platform/Format: Windows, Visual Studio 2015   Use case description: This was developed to clean up cells after translation from other tools.  It is a good example of using ...
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  • Program: Dx / xDx - Textwriter

    Hi all,   for all of you who like to add text / documentation / comments on an easy way to a schematic, you can use the tool I have attched below. Manual and Example is included in the Excel-File.   Maybe...
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  • Expedition PCB: Find Missing Pads

    Platform/Format: VBScript Use case description: The script will list all components, fiducials, vias, and plated mounting holes that are missing all pads, regardless if the user intended for them to be removed or not...
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  • Expedition PCB: Bill Of Materials - Just another BOM script

    The script creates a Bill Of Materials file ..\PCB\pcb_design_name_bom.txt Sorted first by Part Number then by Reference Name. The content will look like the following lines:   ITEM_NUMBER   ...
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  • Create a new part in Library Manager with Automation

    Author (required):  Toby Rimes      Platform/Format: VBScript   Use case description (required) This sample script demonstrates how to create a new part from scratch via Automation in ...
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  • Program: Batch TCL to NSE

    I was creating TCL scripts to feed into NSE for building symbols. I found that running the code from within the editor took too long, so I wrote them outside in a text file and used this program to feed it into the ed...
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  • xDxDesigner: Renumbering RefDes of components in active schematic sheet

    This script is made in efm form referring to Nick's script in below link - added some options for newly placed components.   DxDesigner: Renumbering RefDes of components in active schematic sheet https://communit...
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  • Automation: DxDesigner change property name

    This is an utility which renames wanted properties in the active DxDesigner project.   ' 'Remove the defined property name and add the new one with the original's value and coordinate locations. ' 'Warning! ...
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  • PDBDumpPartProps.vbs ; Script to extract Partition Data; Symbol; Part Number; other properties

    This script will create a set files from the Expedition Central Library which are suitable for creating database tables for usage with DxDataBook.  Anyone transitioning from DC/Expedition to DxDesigner/Expeditio...
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  • Script Upload Template

    To upload your scripts, please follow these guidelines: 1. Copy all of the information below the double lines below, including the Disclaimer. 2. Choose "Create a document" in the Actions box to the right. 3. At th...
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  • Generate and postprocess DxD Parts Lister output files

    Warning! Scripts obtained through TechNotes, the Mentor Communities Site, or any resource not the Mentor Graphics Installer, are not supported software. Use with caution. Backup your data before executing any such scr...
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  • Ref Des Clean Up

    This application will help you standardize and clean up your assembly and silk screen reference designators in Xpedition.  My layout designers love me for this application. Check boxes enable or disable a featur...
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  • Via Finder

    This application will enable you to audit your via usage across your Xpedition layout.  The top window will list the types of vias used in the project and their quantities, different spans will be listed as their...
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  • Expedition PCB: Copy Assembly to Silkscreen

    During translation, the Migration team has noticed that sometimes the silkscreen layer is not created or the user never had a silkscreen layer in the first place. This script will copy the assembly layer's graphics/te...
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  • Trace Width Changer Application

    Hi all,   I have written a little Trace Width Changer application which has been well recieved on the Mentor Ideas Forum, so I thought I would post here too. It allows you to set 5-10 different trace widths and ...
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  • DxDesigner: Renumbering RefDes of components in active schematic sheet

    Attached Automation code is to renumber RefDes of components in active sheet of DxDesigner.   When nothing is selected - RefDes of all components are renumbered When one or more components are selected - RefDes...
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  • Automation - Change the  measure distance units on the fly for stdout by using a hotkey

    Occasionally there are cases that the measure distance value should be seen in a different unit as the general setup defines. This is an example of showing mil as mm by using a hotkey. Open the attached zip file for ...
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