• Expedition OUTPUT Files- Script

    Does anyone have a script or could they make one for me that runs all the output files for instance.   Silkscreen Generator Gerbers IPC356 netlist GenCad Drill files PDF Drawings   I would like to do ...
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  • Script for duplicate / copy plane shape to other layers in one shot

    I need to duplicate/copy one plane (rule areas, route obstruct, plane shape) from Layer2 to others multi-layers (Layer5...Layer9...etc) on shot at the exactly same location. I'm looking for a script that can pop a me...
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  • CreateDxDatabook Utility overview

    The Create DxDatabook utility helps users to build an mdb and dbc file, based on parts data in the Central Library.   Important note: I did NOT write this brilliant piece of software. Over the last many years, i...
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  • DxDesigner: How to get the full Symbol Name e.g. Resi.1 via Automation and the "Forward To PCB" Attribute

    Hi,   is there a possibility to get the full symbol name with the version via automation ? CompObj.SymbolBlock.GetName(LONG_NAME) returns only the name without the version.. Also there is no attribute where thi...
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  • Read out Cell-Descrition from local Cell-Lib

    I trying to read out the Cell-description from a local Cell-Library. I used the following Code, it works, but only if the cell-editor is allready open!? Cant' find a way without open the cell-editor and can't find a...
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  • xDx Designer script to automatically propagate block name as Cluster property to components

    The add_cluster scripts add cluster properties to all components of a hierarchical design. The script uses the block "Name" of a hierarchical block symbol and puts that name to all componens underneath. It works...
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  • Viewlogic.Exec Run STDOUT

    How can I get to the StdOut from a  ViewLogic.Exec .Run command?   For example on Linux I'm running with automation in Layout Dim ExecObj Set ExecObj = CreateObject("ViewLogic.Exec") Call ExecObj.Run("st...
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  • Constraint Manager Delays and Lengths - Script

    Here is a script that will make a report of the delays and lengths constraints in the Constraint Manager.  Open the script from Layout.    Generating the report will give you an Excel spreadsheet sim...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • ALE: Source Code on GitHub

    All,   I have been the proud owner and developer of the Advanced Library Editor (ALE) for the past 8 years. ALE has went through many changes and has improved in ways I never could have thought when I was origin...
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  • CM Automation examples

    This discussion thread deals with CM Automation (as opposed to Automation for CES, the ‚old‘ API)   This thread is mainly started to trigger the discussion about how to start, connect to, and close ...
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  • Launching the PCBBrowser in DxDesigner

    Hi,   It happens very often that developers open the layout for viewing issues by the expedition icon. But thats allocate one of the "editing" licenses.   It would be great to have a button in DxDesigner t...
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  • Layout - Find and Replace Text Script

    A user was going through several revisions of a board and it was a nuisance to find and replace the board name on the user layers. This script should find and replace text in Xpedition Layout.    Before:...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • Add Links and Cross Reference Script

    I strongly dislike having to add links to dangling nets. This script should automate adding links to dangling nets in a design.    Upon opening the form, the "Link" section of the special componen...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • Non-Common Properties Report

    The properties available to edit in Designer are set in the properties definition file (.prp) in the Central Library folder. Either through Databook or translations, non-common properties can enter a schematic. Given ...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • Read and Set WDIR Script

    Hi Everyone,    I made a script that may help in understanding WDIR settings. For new users the WDIR or working directory is often a foreign concept. It is not set in DxDesigner's settings menu. Knowing to ...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • DxDesigner Table of Contents Script

    Hi Everyone,    I made a form that should help in adding a table of contents to a schematic.  It has a few major sections.    To run the script, first select the "Read Design" button,  ...
    created by ben_dahljelm
  • Connect to second dxdesigner?

    Hi,   Is there a way to check if an other Dxdesigner application is running and to connect to it? With expedition PCB this is possible with PcbApp.Utility.FindApplication(cnt) but I couldn't find anything like ...
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  • Automation Template for VX.2.x is available

    I've updated my Automation Template for use with VX.2.x.  I'm currently on VX.2.1 Update 6.  You can download the file from here.   All the startups are working ok.  I've verified that DxDesigner,...
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  • Automation using C or C++

    Is anyone using c or c++ for automation? It would be nice to see some examples of accessing the database.   Thanks!
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  • VBScript regex in Linux?

    I'm trying to write a cross-platform script that uses the regex object type.  This is easy in Windows vbscripts:   Dim myregex Set myregex = New Regexp   However, the same code does not work in Linux...
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