• Generic CES Import

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System has extensive capabilities for importing and exporting constraint data, as well as reusing constraint data. However, in recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • Xpedition Automation License Validation

    Hi, Folks.  Sometime in the distant past, Mentor decided that, in order to run Automation in Xpedition, every script needed to validate the existence of an Automation license.  Then, some Ment...
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  • Gerber Generation from PCB in VX2.4 throws error in VB6

    Hi, When Generating gerber in vb6.0 in mentor VX2.4 throws an error please find the below code .Kindly help in executing  Dim oGerberEngine As MGCPCBEngines.Gerber Set oGerberEngine = CreateObject("MGCPCBEngin...
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  • Open Block Schematics (Sub Blocks / Building Blocks) from Board Schematic

    Hello out there,   I have an application running over all sheets in a schematic, scanning each sheet for electrical components, and extracting attributes, and much more. On a few designs we use Blocks (sub Sche...
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  • VX2.4 Automation error for CellEditor and MGCPCBEngine

    Hi All,   This is regarding the automation issue when script updated to support VX2.4 we came across some issues with reference to Dlls (MGCPCBEngines[for Gerber] , CellEditorAddinLib[for Cell Verfication]).Ple...
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  • Cell Editor Dialog

    If you have voted for Idea D1521 or Idea D2327 in the past, or have any interest in them now, please go to Idea D8291, read the discussion, and if you agree, please vote up.  Thanks in advance.
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  • PutTrace to Component

    Hi,   It has been a LONG time since I have done anything with automation. So I am going through the tutorials looking at the example scripts to refresh my memory. I came across the script "PutTraceTransac.vbs" a...
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  • Getting "hyperlinks" into the DxDesigner Output Window

    I have a utility that scans a schematic extracting Bill of Material information. As part of the extraction process component attributes are checked against our internal company standards. If any components are found t...
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  • Debugging using Visual Studio

    I've been working on an Addin for xPCB Layout using a presentation and example from an August 2010 presentation that John Dube gave called "Developing Custom Applications with Expedition Automation." This presentation...
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  • Extrema of board outline object is reported incorrectly when the most extreme object is an arc.

    FYI, in case you use the Extrema function of polygon objects:   I have a board outline with an arc at its lowest point. I have code that reports the MinY value of extrema of the board outline. The code also cycl...
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  • Merging Shapes Using Mask Engine

    Hi,   We're trying to merge shapes using the mask engine. We need to automatically create cells and calculate the assembly outline.     We're able to draw the red and green outlines but need sugge...
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  • Generated Silkscreen and the method FabricationLayerGfxs

    Just to make everyone aware   This call Set shapesColl = pcbDoc.FabricationLayerGfxs(epcbFabGeneratedSilkscreen,epcbSelectAll, epcbSideTopOrBottom, True)   will result in an empty collection, unless you...
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  • IDE order of execution

    Intuitively, I would expect the code in a form to get executed in this order   1) Form Init (e.g. Run Sub Eventinitialize) 2) Execute Main Code   But with this simple example :   I see that the...
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  • .ocx  Symbol preview ActiveX object?

    I need a possibility for an easy preview of our thousands of symbols. Like in a new Scripting Form .efm. For Cells are existing preview Controls. But I found nothing for Symbols. Are there none?   like that:
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  • How to change "Number of physical layers"

    Hi   By Automation, I want to add some layers.(not User defined layers) So I tried to do such: "Setup > Setup Parameters > Number of physical layers : n → n+1" I found "pcbDoc.setupParameter", but I...
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  • AATK_1861  Released

      AATK_1861 Released                                 &#...
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  • Setup Templates for constraints reuse

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System delivers robust way of reusing constraint data in form of exporting and importing data stored in encrypted xml file. In recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • Expedition layout backups...

    Guys,   Is there a way to keep three different backups of layout data?   In BS we were able to keep three different copies of layout data.   It will roll the copies on each saves.   This allow...
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  • Detect Pin Thermal Overrides

    There are a few other threads regarding handling (reset) of Pin Thermal Overrides - as an example look at https://communities.mentor.com/message/69457#comment-69457   I decided to try and see if I could write s...
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  • Documentation for IDE Forms

    In case you missed it, I put this issue (Documentation for IDE Forms ) out on the Xpedition Ideas site, and then provided a home-grown solution in the same location.
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