• Automation Template troubles

    Hi,   I opened Patrick Cashman's Automation Template in Visual Studio 2019 (the free community version).   Immediately I noticed a list of errors:   These are the references that came with the...
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  • Padstackeditor Automation in VX2.4

    Hi All,   I previously used padstackeditor in VB6 it works fine in 795, as i migrated to VX the same script is not working i tried all the possibilities .Mentor even provided AATK_1861(We have a C# applicat...
  • Padstack Editor Automation

    EE7.9.4   How do I find out what hole a padstack is using if it is using one?   PadstackEditorLib.Padstack does not have a get_hole accesor and it seems strange to me that it is missing.  What gives?
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  • Export QuickConnectionView by Automation

    The attached script is only verified with EEVX.2.2 With Automation, there is no direct command to run "Export Quick Connection View" Instead, the command needs to be executed by a wrapper, that is then executed via "V...
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  • How to set DisplayControl of status with Python

    Hi All,   I want to use python to control DisplayControl options to update the display of objects. I saw help file example as below doc.ActiveViewEx.DisplayControl.Option("Option.PlaceObjects")= epcbGraphics...
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  • Databook events for "Annotate Properties to Selected Components"

    Hello everyone,   I noticed that the "Annotate Properties to Selected Components" function in the databook adds _all_ properties to a component whether they have a value or not. When adding components the...
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  • Electrical Net Name

    Is there a way to get the Electrical net name (Not the net name) in Xpedition through automation (VBSCRIPT)? 
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  • AATK poll

    What OS are you running?  We have had people ask to support Linux in AATK and I am not opposed to it, in fact the majority of the script should work in Linux.  We have issues with some of the menus and forms...
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  • Events that use RegisterCommand stop to work after mode change. Why is that ?

    This question is regarding the behavior of the Event Handling when changing modes in Xpedition (Draw/Place/Route).  It appears that what I call the built-in events like doc_OnRButtonClk, it will work even after...
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  • Locate vias on Xpedition board design layouts from DXF Files??

    This has been asked before... but I am not sure of the possible solution.  Is there a script available for Xpedition that will place vias from a dxf file containing the circle graphic locations or even an ascii X...
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  • ALE: Source Code on GitHub

    All,   I have been the proud owner and developer of the Advanced Library Editor (ALE) for the past 8 years. ALE has went through many changes and has improved in ways I never could have thought when I was origin...
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  • Get DxDatabook Property for Selected Component

    Is there a way with automation to lookup a property in dxdatabook based on a selected component in the schematic?  I'm looking for a way to validate component state information that is living data that we don't w...
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  • Automatically net assign from ASCII or Ecxel File

    Hi All,   we have an Excel Sheet or an ASCII File with Pin names. Also there a listed net names corresponding to this pins.   Do you have an script to automatically assign net names from ASCII/Ecxel Files ...
  • In DxDesigner script, list all symbols attached to a net/symbol?

    Does anyone have a code snippet of how to generate a list of all the components attached to a given net/symbol?    Specifically, what I am trying to do is ... On a schematic sheet that contains on/off sheet...
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  • How to start MGC BCD CMD shell from inside Xpedition

    Hi - I have the need to be able to start a MGC version specific shell (the MGC BCD CMD or MGC EBS CMD (for EEVX.2.6)) from an efm that is triggered from Xpeditition.    My test case is as follows (in case y...
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  • VX.2.6 System Designer Automation ?

    Hello,   I would like to write an Automation code to collect design information from System Designer design, like connector mates, frame boards… There is “dxsystems_auto.pdf” enclosed in the d...
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  • Generic CES Import

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System has extensive capabilities for importing and exporting constraint data, as well as reusing constraint data. However, in recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • Why Display Control become slow after scripts run

    Hello All,   In Xpedition VX, does anybody know why Display Control dialog become very slow to the pcb view after I have run the scripts down there? The Script is simply used for the display layer change.  ...
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  • Get selected traces in design using python.

    Hi, I've been developing several tools  using VB, now I've decided to create the new tools in python.   I'm stucked trying to get the selected nets o vias in python. For instance regarding vias, I using th...
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  • How do you add a net and attach it to a pin on a symbol?

    We often get Excel spreadsheets with a list of connector pins and signal names that are connected to those pins.  We then have to manually place a connector symbol (which represents a single pin on the connector)...
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