• Find who are the users that are connected to the design - DX

    Hey   Is there a way i can find who are the users that are currently working on a project database via a script?   I know that i can use the icdb server manager manually to find this information  ...
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  • How to update or refresh AppendOutput display text?

    The AppendOutput text to the Output window does not immediately update or refresh.  Output from StatusBarText updates immediately while output from AppendOutput lags way behind.  Is there a way to refresh it...
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  • Custom menu or buttons in Variant Manager?

    Hello everyone,   I didn't find anything in the Variant Manager Automation Reference, but is it actually possible to add menus or buttons to the variant manager?   Thanks!   Regards Ferdinand
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  • Launching a script from a Message Window html link

    Is there a way to run a Script, Sub or Function from an html link or image onclick within the PCB Layout Message Window? If I appendHTML to the MessageWindow and include a link or image with onclick, I would like to ...
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  • Generic CES Import

    Mentor Graphics’ Constraint Editor System has extensive capabilities for importing and exporting constraint data, as well as reusing constraint data. However, in recent discussion with customers, we’ve fou...
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  • Remove Pad Assignments with Automation

    How to Remove Pad Assignments on user layer with Automation similar to Padstack Editor, see picture. I tried a lot with the padstack object but cannot find a function or method to remove the assignment on user layer....
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  • Cell Editor: Pattern Place from Excel

    This program is a standalone program, based off of ALE's BGA creator. The intent of this program is to place pads based off of cordinates found in an excel spreadsheet.     To run the program:   Cre...
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  • Sweep all schematic sheets

    Hello folks! I'm trying to create my own sort of BOM, so it's all about get component data from each sheet. I'm writing on C#, have seen lots of similar vb scripts, but in my code I have problem with schematic sheets....
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  • Vertex (solid dot) on net trigger Net pop up menu but this is not a object in DxD

    Solid dot joining the nets in DxD when select and right click, showing Net pop up menu but not functioning as Net Object. Whether this is a bug in Mentor because this is not an object.   How to track the Dot? &...
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  • Manage DxD sheet numbers programmatically

    Hello,   I have a hierarchical schematic and I need to organize the sheets in a more meaningful manner than what is allowed through the "setup->settings" approach.  I can see through the navigator that t...
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  • How do I get the drill table and drill chart when using the NC Drill Engine in a vbscript?

    Hello,   I am trying to use the NC Drill Engine in a vbscript. I manage to create the output files but I can't get the drill chart and the drill table in the "Drill Drawing -Through" fabrication layer. I use th...
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  • Report Diff Pairs

    Author (required): Al Layson   Platform/Format: VBScript   Use case description (required) This script will generate a tp_report.txt in the pcb/LogFiles directory of the Expedition pcb design allowing acc...
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  • Lock Dx Designer from changes

    Hey,   I remember that in design capture it used to be a button that locks the design from changes Does the dx include this ability? if not, does anyone know how can i do it? After the manufacturing process i...
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  • Integrated Symbol Editor (ISE) Automation

    From EEVX2.0, there is a new 'builtin' Symbol Editor, that shares the GUI with DxDesigner (now Xpedition Designer). It is called Integrated Symbol Editor (ISE) One of the benefits is that the Settings for the tool ar...
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  • Get unplaced components by C#

    Hello, comrades!   I need to get list of unplaced components for schematic variants, but can't understand how to call variant manager Could someone provide any example? I'm trying to create variant manager obj...
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  • CCE / CCZ export layout via exe VX2.4

    Hey    I am searching for the exe and its args in the SDD_HOME that is in charge on the export of the ccz/cce out of layout  for dx i am using icdb2ccz.exe like this:   <path_to_icdb2ccz.exe&...
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  • How to add custom symbol in special components in DxD and also fetch this comp in design through automation?

    How can i add my own special component/symbol (lets say the symbol of Voltage source with one pin)  within any Menu bar or Special Components menu through automation?   If i create a custom symbol then...
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  • How to delete unwanted properties in part editor and symbols by easy method

    I did DC library translation to DX. We are going to use Dxdatabook now, So we decided to remove the properties in part editor and Symbol. Can anybody help on this how to remove the properties by automation method. ...
  • How to get the mouse coordinates to place the symbol in DxD

    i have a custom symbol which i would like to place according to user mouse coordinates. I do not know how to use MouseMoved function. Please advise.
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  • How to get mouse position in DxD / xDx?

    I am trying to write some automation that either attaches things to the mouse pointer, or drops them down at the current mouse location. Anyone know how to do either of these? I see some events related to the mouse mo...
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