• How to access active PCB layer information in script file

    Hello all,   How to access active PCB layer information in script file. If anyone did this then please share me.
  • Zip Project and get log file

    Hi everyone,   I want to zip my whole project, using 7zip; Zipping works fine, but I want to get a log file from the 7zip-console-application so I can see, whether everything was OK. This is my vbs-code:  O...
    created by gw@byk
  • How to update or refresh AppendOutput display text?

    The AppendOutput text to the Output window does not immediately update or refresh.  Output from StatusBarText updates immediately while output from AppendOutput lags way behind.  Is there a way to refresh it...
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  • Exporting Gerber Automation

    Is there any possibility to create a new ".gdo" layer  and assigning a particular User defined Layer to it while exporting the Gerber Output.
    created by akshayku
  • Automation Pro license not avilable

    I have this simple script written in C# Visual Studio:         static void Main(string[] args)         {        ...
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  • Close variant manager by script

    Hello    i am trying to exit the variant manager at the end of a script (vbs) the script run by the dxdesigner, opens the variant manager, load some data and need to be closed (not the designer, only the&#...
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  • Attribute Object query in DxD is not working

    I have an schematic and i would like to run the Attribute query (without any selection) to get all attributes and change it as per my requirement. But Activeview.Query for Attributes is not working.   For Each o...
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  • HowTo set xDxDatabook DBC-File Path

    Hello,   how do I set xDxDatabook dbc File (see #2 in img below) via script / automation ?     I know that I can set CentralLibrary Path *.lmc File for example like this, which is stored under (#3) ...
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  • Problem in setting Variant Manager settings - ConfigFile - if the existing ConfigFile is invalid

    I'm following an example in the Variant Manager Automation manual; under VMSettings Object, Example 2-1 Settings Example.   Among other things I'm try to set ConfigFile to a certain filename.  But I've foun...
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  • How to find the Component Pin Length (x, y) in DxD

    My purpose is to get the pin length where pin is associated with any component symbol. I am trying to get the location of pin in X, Y coordinates at both side of the pin and then by subtracting them to get the pin len...
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  • Expedition OUTPUT Files- Script

    Does anyone have a script or could they make one for me that runs all the output files for instance.   Silkscreen Generator Gerbers IPC356 netlist GenCad Drill files PDF Drawings   I would like to do ...
    last modified by erik.Wainwright
  • How to Set Label Font From Available System Fonts?

    I have some automation that automatically generates annotations and labels, and I am only using the Designer fonts, right now. Specifically, the fonts available using the VdFont types (e.g., VDFONT_ROMAN). I want to m...
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  • ExpeditionPCB: How to get rid of the surprising user layer "Bad user layer"?

    Hello all. Once after the crash of my computer when working on the PCB in ExpeditionPCB, I have noticed the new user layer with the surprising name "Bad user layer". This layer has some graphics that was contained in...
    last modified by olsmir
  • get all Variants that contains changes

    Hello   I am searching for a way that i could filter variants that does not include any difference from the master in the dxdesigner  for example lets say i have BV1, BV2 and BV3   BV3 does not inclu...
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  • Question about SameNetViaClearanceOverride Property

    When I use this Scripts to Batch Setup Same Net Via to Via Clearance,     If there is no " (net class) " value in the setting dialog, this scripts runs ok, but it's hard to clean all the "(net class)", th...
    last modified by ziyu.wang
  • How to get Variant Informations with vbs?

    Hi all   I'm a beginner in vbs and want do write a script for output bom and pick&place in one file and this for each variant in the variant manager.   I tried the example AIS.vbs but with this it...
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  • Get all var names of prj without Variant Manager

    hello   I need to run PartLister outside the dxdesigner application to generate some bom files each prj has its own variant names  PartLister can get argument for the variant name to execute on icdb...
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  • How to revert the changes done after Automation in DxD

    I have automation script which changes/add Comp/Net property like Name, color, orientation etc. And i would like to revert all the changes done after automation giving user control to click on button say "Clear c...
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  • DxDesigner Hang up issue

    If we implement any automation activity on schematic designer for adding the Net attribute for lets say 1, 5, 10 nets then it is pretty fast (1-2 sec) but when we select the 50 or more nets then results should di...
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  • Report a trace segment width

    Hi, Newbie with VB. I've got a script that reports trace segment length and layers (PCB). I'm looking for an object to  report the width of the segment. Any hints?   Thanks Paul
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